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The town of Köycegiz lies at the northern end of a lake of the same name (Köycegiz Lake) which is joined to the Mediterranean Sea by a natural channel called the Dalyan River which runs through reed beds on it's way to the sea. Its unique environment is being preserved as a nature and wildlife sanctuary. A road shaded with trees leads to the township that carries the same name as the delta, Dalyan, which is situated on the inland waterway.

Koycegiz is less touched by the tourism surrounding it and retains more of it's Turkish flavor. It is a delightful place to visit and have lunch along the dock and look out across the lake. It's weekly market on Monday is much better than the markets in Dalyan and Ortaca who have raised prices due to all the tourists. But, Dalyan is only a short boat trip across the lake, and Ortaca is just a quick drive away for those who are vacationing in the area.

Dalyan is highly popular with visitors and its maze of channels is explored by boat. The restaurants which line the waterways specialize in fresh fish. High on the cliff face, at a bend in the river, above the ancient harbor city of Kaunos, tombs were carved into the rocks by the Lykians in about 400BC. The Dalyan Delta, with a long, golden sandy beach at its mouth called Iztuzu Beach, is a nature conservation area and a refuge for rare loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) and blue crabs.

On the edge of town in Koycegiz is a palm tree arboratorium started by a Turkish doctor who had a fondness for palms. His arboratorium now houses over 900 species of palms and hundreds of other plants and trees native to the area.

The Palm Arboratorium in Koycegiz:

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