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Cayo Las Brujas is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Cuba. Located about an hour drive north of Santa Clara in a pure tropical setting.

It's beach has exceptionally fine sand and a glassy sea which stretches for almost 2 kilometers. The beautiful beach at Villas Las Brujas combines the best of tourism with the best of nature. It takes its name from a popular legend which tells the story of a young couple whose love was thwarted by the jealousy of the girl’s uncle - who, by the way, also has an islet named after him: Borracho (drunkard).

At present, Las Brujas has an airport capable of holding small to mid-sized planes, 24 comfortable bungalows and a large, modern petrol station. A few minutes away by boat there is a stranded vessel that has been made into a little floating hotel, the Barco San Pascual.

This relic of marine engineering, launched from San Francisco’s shipyards in 1919 for the transport of molasses, has been stranded since 1933. In this ship they have mementoes of Ernest Hemingway’s voyages through these waters and of the Cuban painter Leopoldo Romañach who while on the ship’s deck felt inspired to create some of his seascapes. After being converted into a floating hotel it offers 10 cozy rooms, a restaurant-bar and a spectacular location for visitors to look at the natural beauties surrounding it.

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