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In the green mountains of the Datca Peninsula, Bozburun is a peaceful place to stroll among shops by the water and to enjoy the beautiful movements of the sea, all in a traditional seaside village. While it is possible to swim, there is no official beach in Bozburun. However, a pleasent day can still be spent watching the ship builders on the waterfront assemble the wooden skeletons of embryonic boats in the shadows of the towering cliffs that stand guard over the bay.

Bozburun is the home of the gulet, the small seafaring craft so popular with tourists. Production is concentrated in this small village, and there is an annual festival each year in October which aims to demonstrate both the construction process itself and to market the gulet on an international level.

Bozburun and Datas mountains, woodland and coastal scenery have been heavily protected by conservation laws.

The entire region is a living museum, providing an insight into life in rural Turkey much as it was 50 to 100 years ago. Even in the peak of summer, its beaches and interiors remain devoid of tourist hordes.

Heavily wooded mountains ideal for trekking plunge down to a scattering of coastal villages and beaches. Remote ancient sites such as Amos, Loryma and Knidos Hydas wait to be explored, all in glorious settings that you may well have completely to yourself.

Village life is geared around agriculture, fishing and the building of the traditional gulet still handmade in the boatyards of Sgt, Selimiye and Bozburun.

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