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Amalfi is a picturesque seaside resort that has the most vibrant, typical Italian atmosphere, an ideal climate, breath taking views and unique natural beauties. There are many modern hotels located in Amalfi, as well as some of the eldest hotels in all of Italy. In the past, Amalfi was the first Sea Republic, from four in total. The other three Sea Republicís in Italy were Pisa, Venice and Genova. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Amalfi was the first city to restore a relationship between the East and the West. The people from Amalfi transported and introduced merchandise such as coffee, paper and carpets, in Italy. Also in the past, Amalfi founded a magnificent hospital that was situated in Jerusalem, Israel. It had its own coinage and was also the home of the inventor of the compass, named Flavio Gioia.

Amalfi was founded by the Romans in the fourth century AD. After winning independence from the Byzantine Empire in 893, Amalfi was the first of the four Marine Republics and its trade with the Orient was the basis of its wealth. Amalfi had a powerful and agile fleet with berths in the mayor ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Amalfi was able to establish itself as a maritime power in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Only two galleries separated by 10 pillars remain of the ancient stone arsenal, where the hulls of the battle-galleys were built. The rest of the works and the ancient Amalfi port were destroyed after an earthquake below sea level, caused by tidal waves in November 1343.

The centre of the city lies partly on a slope and is distinguished by white houses that are partly terraced. The most important monument is the cathedral, dating back to the ninth century with Arabic-Norman reconstructions in 1203. It has a remarkable bell tower and the Chiosto del Paradiso (Cloister of Paradise) with narrow ornamental arcs. The bronze portal was made in Constantinople in the sixth century.

In 1112, Brother Gerardo Sasso, from Scala which is a village located just behind Amalfi, embarked upon the first Military and religious Order named The Knights of St. John. This Order later changed to The Knights of Cyprus, and then to The Knights of Rhodes and in 1530, to The Knights of Malta, which still exists today. The Knights from these Orders fought constantly in battles against the Saracens and in 1849 they defended Rome and the Church in the famous battle of Ostia. However, today Amalfi is a peaceful and picturesque seaside resort, surrounded in natural beauties with beautiful weather conditions.

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