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Birnur Siren grew up in Istanbul , Turkey , and has been living in New York for the past 10 years. She's been studying various styles of dance since childhood. She started her journey with classic ballet, and found her passion in the Middle Eastern Dance, also called Belly Dancing.

As a performer, Birnur continuously develops herself and her own expression. As a teacher and choreographer, she thrives on working with serious dancers determined by their specific body type and physiological make-up. As a writer, Birnur is currently working on a play; the wonderful dancers she works with are her inspiration.

Dance is the oldest form of art, and Belly Dancing is one of the oldest dances known to civilization. It was originated in the Middle East , a ritual practiced among women, as a celebration of the power and sanctity of life in a woman's body. It then evolved into folk art. Finally it was refined into artistic entertainment in the 20th Century.

Birnur is also the Organizer of the Jersey City - Hoboken Bellydance Meetup, which is listed amongst the Largest Bellydance Meetup Groups Worldwide! If you are not yet a member of their group, you can join by clicking here. They share Middle Eastern Dance, dance classes, fitness, style, culture, costumes, Halflas, music and more.

When it comes to connecting the word exotic to dance, Belly Dancing is usually the first image that pops into the mind. The enchantment of Belly Dancing has persevered over many centuries. Birnur is a Turkish dancer who believes that this has endured for so long is because it represents the embodiment of the sacredness of the female to birth the next generation. Women all over the world are embracing this both as celebration of their free expression, and femaleness; and as a healthy and exciting exercise routine. The art of Belly Dancing is no longer limited to dimly lit clubs, but has expanded into fully developed stage and screen theatrical productions.

Performer, teacher, and choreographer, Birnur studied classic ballet in her hometown of Istanbul, but found her passion in Belly Dancing in New York City, and is now dedicated to the sensual art of Belly Dancing. A versatile performer who incorporates a variety of styles, with the ability to entice her audience into the realm of her dance. Her performances have been described as “mesmerizing”. She also writes and produces theatrical shows with her Istan Belly Dance Ensemble.

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