On the Lycian coast along the south coast of the vast country are ancient sites located in Ephesus, Dalyan, Patara, Fethiye and Kas surrounded by unparalleled nature. A labyrinth of mountains, beaches and rivers in a unique ecosystem that combines sunshine and sea breezes amid the ruins ancient cultures from the Hittite, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. All this combined with beautiful blue skies, pristine beaches and the charm of the Mediterraean lifestyle...

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1000 Continual Days at Sea

Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll left their secure jobs and comfortable lifestyle in Prague, Czech Republic for a creative sabbatical: traveling the world, taking photographs and sharing stories about people from all walks of life. . Their Blog - is all about human stories, engaging travel photography, street food reportage, and insights into personal growth. Their aim is to humanize the places they visit - drawing readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.

They seek to alter the view of America that people get from watching the news, movies, or television. More than four years and 65 countries later, they are still traveling around the world… and are still married.

Dan took his first trip abroad at the ripe old age of 26 when he went to India by himself, discovered another planet located on Earth, and fell terribly ill with dengue fever. He eventually recovered and has struggled with various bouts of the travel bug ever since. His prior professional experience is concentrated in management consulting, technology, and large-scale project management. He values integrity, freedom, curiosity, and creativity and believes in trying to maintain a sense of stewardship towards those around us.

Audrey has a natural ability to build rapport in diverse settings and gain trust at all levels of an organization. She has successfully managed projects in over twenty countries – often remotely – but prefers to be on the ground working directly with the people affected. Coming from a family which has roots in international work that goes back three generations, her international focus in life is not a surprise to those who know her well. She looks for everyday universal experiences when she travels and aims to make personal connections with people and cultures in varied environments.

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