On the Lycian coast along the south coast of the vast country are ancient sites located in Ephesus, Dalyan, Patara, Fethiye and Kas surrounded by unparalleled nature. A labyrinth of mountains, beaches and rivers in a unique ecosystem that combines sunshine and sea breezes amid the ruins ancient cultures from the Hittite, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. All this combined with beautiful blue skies, pristine beaches and the charm of the Mediterraean lifestyle...

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Mark Moxon
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Googles Favorite Travel Writer

Mark Moxon is a British travel writer and web-developer who has traveled the world extensively over the last decade. His writing style is often a humorous look at day to day situations that travelers often find themselves contending with while away from familiar surroundings. In his own words...

"I am a traveller, or I am when I'm trying to avoid a proper career, anyway. In 1998 I came back from a three-year trip through Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal. When I got home I drew a big, black line on the map to show where I went, and it was quite depressing to see how small it looked, so from October 2002 to February 2003 I went off to explore West Africa, passing through Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. I've also managed to slot in trips to Morocco, Cyprus and Cuba."

"I am a long-distance walker, not just when I'm on my travels, but back home too. In 2003 I completed a three-month, 1111-mile walk from Land's End to John o'Groats, which was one of the most rewarding walks I've ever done; I've also done an awful lot of long-distance walking in places like Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal."

"I'm fascinated by technology - though not enough to qualify as a fully fledged geek, I'm afraid). Because of this I tend to incorporate a computer into my travels, so I can write articles for this web site while on location. I love music. Actually, this is an understatement: I live on music. But I'm not anal enough to preach about what I think constitutes good music, because there's already plenty of that sort of stuff on the Internet. I'll just sit back, slide in another CD and enjoy it, smug in the knowledge that I have far better taste than anyone else I know. Honestly, it's true..."

"In early 1995 I visited a friend who had just bought a new house. I remember it quite clearly: at the top of the stairs he had a perfectly formed bathroom in which I had what can only be described as a religious experience. The bathroom was one hundred per cent peach. It had a peach-coloured bath, a peach toilet, peach tiles on the wall and a peach basin on which sat a bar of peach-scented soap."

"Hanging on the racks were fluffy peach hand towels that neatly matched the peach carpet below, and sitting on the windowsill was a bowl full of peach-coloured potpourri. I realised then and there that if I did not do something pretty radical, I was going to end up with a peach bathroom all of my own, and the thought filled me with dread."

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