Hotel ContinentalLocated on the famous Ramblas, next to Plaça Catalunya, the Hotel Continental provides you with an unbeatable location from which to explore Barcelona.The Single room is equipped with Air conditioning, Safe, Television, and Iron Self-service, a well equipped Bathroom, Microwave and a basket of crockery if you wish to prepare a picnic in your room. The fridge is empty and can be filled up with food from our Free Continental Buffet, which is always open Night and Day. Free Wireless Internet.
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Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, with a population of 1.5 million people, and the capital of Catalonia. The city is on the Mediterranean coast, and has a wealth of unique historic architecture. Barcelona emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe during the 1990s.

It's a beautiful city, full of markets, shops, museums and churches, and great for walking around. There’s an area called “La Rambla” where people like walking. It’s a favorite tourist attraction because there are flower sellers, street performers, paintings and restaurants. However, you can go to the beach, which is near, or you can walk around. In 1992 Barcelona hosted the Olympics and the Games were very well organized. However, some time before the city was prepared for that, and the transformation was very important; new areas were made and the city was opened to the sea. This transformation and the games made the city known all over the world, and increased the tourist flow, as well as the naval traffic, with numerous ships docking in Barcelona's port. On the other hand, Barcelona has lost its 90's leadership in terms of international business headquarters, to Madrid.

August is probably the busiest time in Barcelona; at the same time about 10% of shops and restaurants can be found closed from mid-August to early September, when the owners go on vacations. You'll find cheap accommodation and a much quieter city as a vast majority of Spaniards go on vacation in August. Business is low, people from Barcelona tend to be on vacation, hotels that remain open but don't have their business customers tend to lower prices and make offers. However there will still be plenty of tourists. Barcelona has decent enough beaches but the locals will really appreciate it if visitors do not consider it a beach resort and don't wear beachwear when visiting churches and other public places.

Barcelona is great off-season and is a lovely city even in winter months of January and February as long as the possibility of rain is low. Given the high humidity, 19-23°C is considered comfortable weather, which is normally the temperature between April and June and between late September-November. This is the best time to visit the city. Anything warmer than this can feel too hot. Barcelona International Airport - also known as El Prat, is a major transport hub and fields flights from all over Europe and beyond.

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