On the Lycian coast along the south coast of the vast country are ancient sites located in Ephesus, Dalyan, Patara, Fethiye and Kas surrounded by unparalleled nature. A labyrinth of mountains, beaches and rivers in a unique ecosystem that combines sunshine and sea breezes amid the ruins ancient cultures from the Hittite, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. All this combined with beautiful blue skies, pristine beaches and the charm of the Mediterraean lifestyle...

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Alex and Taru
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Sailing the Globe with Alex and Taru

After they had been dating for about a month Alex and Taru decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime on a Hallberg Rassy 352 sailboat named Caos. (Chaos in Spanish) They departed in October 2010 and are now in the Caribbean after departing the southeastern coast of Spain with a plan to tour the world by sea. Track their journey via their website at:

When people asked Alex and Taru: "Are you doing this to run away from the reality?" Here is the reponse in their own words: "Yes, of course we are. We are utterly convinced that a detachment from the society is what we need, to reach those new insights which we're so desperately longing for - as the thing you might call the normality or the reality, aren't enough for us any longer. With our life experiences and insight in different worlds, we can truthfully proclaim that we're no longer interested in the normal way of living. Though I know I do it damn good, I do no longer want to be a part of the consumer society where the image you convey of yourself is more important than the real things: love, being true to oneself and the pure happiness you get from simple things. Don't get me wrong: money have to always be made and we will both always appreciate well made craftsmanship and quality in the things that we use, wear, eat and live on, just have a look at our boat - we just believe that there is a far greater meaning with life than the world we have seen so far, and we can't find a better way to put our philosophy into practice, than to sail away. To only have enough material for what we actually need, that the things we use are perfectly efficient for our lifestyle and not to live in abundance, is what we're striving for. And with the love for one another, the nature, the sea and the like minded people we will meet on our journey, we believe that we'll find a more pure and truthful happiness which we cannot find in this normal world."

"The most fantastic part with it all, with this beautiful thing called life, is that we actually have found someone who's the copy of ourselves in the philosophical aspect and who completely understands, what we both always thought that no one could adapt to. We've both, unconsciously, been searching for that someone who would be able to, not only comprehend with our philosophies and existential questions, but also being able to physically act on the desires of reaching a new level in life. That new something which requires the detachment we're now about to execute together."

"The ones who knows us for real, our families and childhood friends, they know that we are two individuals who always have had the need to get out there in the unknown - yet when we feel that the time is right, we'll get back to collect some new energy from our loved ones. New acquaintances might take this type of disappearance personally, but most of them gets the point after a while. This is how we are and have always been. Although individually until now."

"I can totally understand that it can sound provocative for some people that we're choosing to step outside of the norm to get even closer to each other and far away from it all. But this is what drives us, this is what is have to get done and this is what we have been waiting for for almost a year now. Or even a lifetime. Very soon we will finally be able to say: We made it, no matter where the journey will take us, how long it will last or how long it will be the two of us, we made it through to the other side. Mentally and spiritually we're already there - now only remaining is the physical part of ourselves, to reach to that next level where we believe that our souls will find a new, greater meaning of life."

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