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Vladimir Sorokin - Russia
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Vladimir Georgievich Sorokin (Russian: Владимир Георгиевич Сорокин) was born on August 7th, 1955 in the suburban town of Bykovo. In 1977 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin, a mechanical engineer. After graduating, Sorokin worked for the magazine "Smena", where he was fired for refusing to join the Komsomol after only working there for a year. He then turned to book illustration, painting and conceptual art, participating in many exhibitions. He has designed and illustrated 50 books. The first literary works date from the beginning of 1970 and in 1972 he made ​​his debut as a poet in the newspaper of footage for oil. As a writer, he emerged among artists and writers of the Moscow underground 80.

In 1985, the Paris AZ Magazine published a compilation of six short stories by Sorokin. In the same year the publishing house Syntax in France released his novel "Queue". The works of Sorokin - bright samples of underground culture - in Soviet times, of course, could not be printed in his homeland, the first publication in the Soviet Union accounted for was in 1989. A publication in Riga called Spring Magazine published in their November issue several stories. A little later, the stories of Sorokin appear in Russian journals and anthologies, "The Third Modernization", "Mitin Journal", "Film Art", "End of the Century" and "Journal of modern literature."

In March 1992, Vladimir Sorokin goes to the general reader - in the magazine "Cinema Art" which published his novel "Queue", as well as publishing "Rousselet" (Moscow) - a collection of short stories by Vladimir Sorokin, which entered the short-list of the Booker Prize. The manuscript of the novel "Four Hearts" presented at the Booker Prize and got onto the shortlist.

Vladimir Sorokin's books have been translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Japanese and Korean. In the West, his novels have been published by such major publishers as Gallimard, Fischer, DuMont, BV Berlin, Haffman, Verlag Der Autoren.

In September 2001, Vladimir Sorokin was awarded the "People's Booker," and two months later the Andrei Bely Prize for Outstanding Service to Russian Literature. Vladimir Sorokin was also awarded the German Ministry of Culture - Prize Liberty in 2005.

One of his recent novels, Day of the Oprichnik, describes dystopian Russia in the year 2028, with a Tzar in the Kremlin, the Russian language with numerous Chinese expressions, and a new great Russian wall separating the country from its neighbors. Sorokin is a member of the Russian PEN-Club and lives in Moscow with his wife and two daughters who are twins.

Vladimir Sorokin Work

  • Day of the Guardsmen (2006) - published by Zakharov - Moscow - 2006
  • 23,000 (2005) - published in the Trilogy - published by Zakharov - Moscow - 2005
  • The Way Bro (2004) - first published by Zakharov - Moscow - 2004
  • Ice (2002) - first published by Hell Marginem - Moscow - 2002
  • Feast (2000) - published by Hell Marginem - Moscow - 2000
  • Blue Lard (1999) - first published by Hell Marginem - Moscow - 1999
  • First Cleaning Up (1979-1984) - a collection of short stories in two volumes published by Hell Marginem - Moscow - 1998
  • Four Hearts (1991), first published in the anthology The End of the Century in Moscow in 1994
  • Thirtieth Love Marina - (1982-1984) first published by Edition Elinina R. - Moscow - 1995
  • Novel (1985-1989) - first published by Tri Kita with Obscuri Viri - Moscow - 1994
  • Norm (1979-1983) - first published by Tri Kita with Obscuri Viri - Moscow - 1994
  • Queue (1983) - first published by Syntax - Paris - 1985


published at different times at home and abroad:

  • Trust (1989)
  • Hochzeitreise (1994-1995)
  • Dismorfomaniya (1990)
  • Dumplings (1984-1997)
  • Dostoevsky-Trip (1997)
  • Russian grandmother (1988)
  • Soup (1995-1996)
  • Happy New Year (1998)
  • Jubilee (1993)
  • Dugout (1985)

Screenplays for the films

  • Mad Fritz - 1994, dir. Tatyana Didenko, Alexander Shamaysky
  • Moscow - 2001, dir. Zeldovich, Alexander; main prize at the festival in Bonn, the Federation of Film Clubs Award for Best Russian Russian film of the year
  • Kopek - 2001, dir. Dykhovichniy Ivan; nominated for the award" Golden Aries "for best screenplay
  • 4 - 2004 - dir. Ilya Khrzhanovsky, the grand prize of Rotterdam Film Festival
  • Thing - directed by Ivan Dykhovichniy
  • Cashfire - directed by Alexander Zeldovich
  • Mishen - Target - 2011 - directed by Alexander Zeldovich

Photography Album

  • In the depths of Russia" - with artist Oleg Kulik

Music Lyrics

  • The libretto for the opera Rosenthal's Children to the music Desyatnikov commissioned by the Bolshoi Theatre

Short Stories

  • Numerous short stories published in Russian and the foreign press.

Conversation with Vladimir Sorokin

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