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With a history that stretches back over 100 years, Carnaval Loulé is the most important event on the city's calendar and each year attracts thousands of visitors from across the Algarve. The carnival has religious origins but the modern day event is more concerned with ensuring that everybody has a good time during the three days of parades and partying. Among the many highlights of this colourful festival is the Battle of the Flowers and the parade including brightly-costumed dancers, decorated floats and papier-mache models.

Carnaval Loulé is 3 days of parades, music and dancing, the 3rd day being Shrove Tuesday. The centre of Loulé - Avenida José da Costa Mealha is shut off for the carnival. It is worth arriving early - the procession starts at 3.00pm but you will need time to find parking, especially if you haven't been to Loulé before.

Excellent photographs of this years Carnaval Loulé 2010 can be seen on the web at Algarvae resident and professional photographer Sandy Lunitz' website at: www.algarve-photo.com

More about Loulé at: www.louleuncovered.com

All photos by Jean-Marie Hullot