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Annabelle Bond
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Fast woman on large mountains

Annabelle Bond, born in 1969, is an international adventurer and activist, who came to prominence after climbing the summit of Mount Everest on 15 May 2004, making her the fourth British woman to do so. Annabelle Bond was born in Singapore, and moved to Hong Kong when she was 3 years old. Apart from 2 years living in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she actually learned to speak Bahasa, she stayed in Hong Kong until she was 17 years old, when her family moved to New York for two years. Her whole family shares a love of America, and now spends as much time as possible at their house in Aspen, Colorado. The athleticism she encountered in the States is humbling to Annabelle and one of her favourite incidents was when her 26 year old brother got overtaken by a 70 year old man while out jogging in Aspen!

Annabelle was 8 years old when she started the long commute alone from Hong Kong to England to go to boarding school. This went on for 10 years while she completed her education, and Hong Kong felt like home to her. After A levels she spent a year at school in Switzerland where she fell in love with the mountains before heading back to London to search for a job. After a few false starts her father convinced her to move back to Hong Kong and work there and that was the best decision Annabelle feels she has made. In 1991 she began a real estate career in Hong kong with FPDSavills where she remained moving progressively up the ranks until she got made a director in 1999. At the end of 2000 Annabelle resigned and moved to live in Sun Valley, Idaho.

While she was in Hong Kong in 1997 she began running long distance and for 4 consecutive years competed in The MacLehose Trail, an understated name for the 103 kilometer mountain marathon which covered some 23,000ft of vertical in steambath conditions. Annabelle's best finish was second woman out of 4,000 competitors in a completion time of 16 hours and 50 minutes. She also competed in a couple of mountain half marathons and held the womans record for 3 years on one of the courses. Annabelle trained whenever she had free time from her busy schedule, and her clients would often wonder why she was deep breathing on the phone at 4 pm in the afternoon.

When she arrived in Sun Valley, sports was her primary focus and as soon as the ski season ended she went to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp and over the Chola Pass into Gokio. Annabelle fell madly in love with the dramatic scenery, the spirituality of the country and the sherpa people and vowed to come back again. She then headed to Peru to run the Inca Trail and the Ausangate circuit, even back then her preferred brand of sports clothes was Arcteryx so is delighted that they are sponsoring her.

Her adventure wonderlust took her climbing in New Zealand, home of the adrenalin junkie, and then onto climb Aconcagua in Argentina, at 22,880 feet it is the highest peak in the southern hemisphere and one of the seven summits. South America, fascinated her and she went on to climb in Bolivia, rode across Ecuador on horseback and went to Argentina to learn to play polo. Her love for Chile grew in her training for Everest. Annabelle feels that Chile is the most diverse and beautiful country she has vistited with Mountains, beach, skiing and desert all within a couple hours radius of Santiago. She says that if you havent been to Chile it is a "must do"!!

In 2005 she became the fastest woman and fourth fastest person to ever climb all Seven Summits, when she climbed them in 360 days. Her televised climb of Everest portrayed her as the glamorous blonde who brought her lipstick to the summit of Everest. She has also held the title of second fastest woman to complete the 103 kilometre MacLehose Trail marathon in Hong Kong. Despite her mountain climbing feats, she devotes much of her time to charity fundraising and heads the Eve Appeal to raise money for Ovarian Cancer. She is one of the few women to have publicly spoken about her ovarian tumor, in a brave attempt to get more women to seek treatment, as well as to raise awareness and increase funding. She is the daughter of British banker Sir John Bond, former Chairman of HSBC and current Chairman of Vodafone.

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