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Leslie Porterfield
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Motorcycle World Land Speed Record Holder

Leslie Porterfield has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in motorcycle land speed racing. She has set Bonneville SCTA, AMA and FIM World Records on both her 2002 Suzuki turbo charged Hayabusa and her 2008 Honda CBR 1000. Leslie became the first woman to earn exclusion into the prestegious Bonneville 200 MPH Club on a conventional street motorcycle. At Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover Utah on Aug 21st, 2008 - Leslie Porterfield of Dallas, Texas, set a motorcycle land speed record with a 2-way average of 206.75 mph at the 60th annual Southern California Tomong Association (SCTA) Speedweek event held August 18-24. Leslie became the first woman to enter the 200 MPH Club on a conventional motorcycle in the 60 plus year history of Bonneville Land Speed Record racing To make it more impressive, Leslie ran a motorcycle without a fairing or aerodynamic aid in front of the rider.

In 2008, Leslies versatility was been key to her success. On her record runs at Bonneville she ran 213 mph on her "naked" unfaired Hayabusa, 234 mph on her faired Hayabusa, and over 193 mph on her Production Class CBR 1000 RR The AMA recigized her outstanding achievements and awarded her with their 2008 Female Ride of the Year award.

While her skills behind the bars have earned her praise, Leslie was quick to acknowledge her bike builders, Scott Horner of Heads Up Performance and Rhys Griffiths of APEX Speed Technology for all their hard work. Horner not only supports both bikes, he built the bike, the engines and the turbo system on the Hayabusa. Griffiths assists Horner with the bikes and is responsible for tuning and data acquisition on the bikes.

Leslie's goals for the future are simple - go faster! With the help of sponsors including WPS, Fieldsheer, World Wide Bearings, Falicon, Air Tech, Arai Helmets, PMR Components, Spider grips, PMP Sprockets, Calendars and support from Heads Up andAPEX, Leslie returns to Bonneville in 2009 where she expects to better her previous record setting performances.

Leslie's dedication to two wheels is not limited to racing. She bought her first motorcycle,a used and disassembled "basketcase" in a box from a neighbor when she was just 16 years old. She learned to repair it and rebuilt it back to running conditions to use as her only mode of transportation through high school. After school she married the owner of a motorcycle dealership, then later after they divorced she struck out on her own. She now owns and operates High Five Cycles, a used motorcycle dealership, parts, accessories and repair store in Dallas, Texas.

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