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Aleksander Doba
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Kayaking Across the Atlantic Ocean

Aleksander Doba was born the 9th of September 1946 in Swarzędz, Poland and now lives in Police near Szczecin, Poland. He is the first person to paddle a kayak alone using only muscle power from continent to continent across the Atlantic Ocean traveling 5394 kilometers in a 7 meter-long ocean kayak. Doba's effort is believed to be the longest open-water crossing ever undertaken by a kayaker taking roughly 99 days and 6 hours. He was 65 years old when he accomplished this achievement. The previous longest kayak crossing belonged to Peter Bray who paddled 76 days in 2001 from Newfoundland to Ireland. Doba's journey started in the summer time on 26 October 2010 in Dakar, Africa and lasted for 99 days until reaching Brazil where he touched dry land for the first time at 10:12 local time after 98 days, 23 hours and 42 minutes of paddling. He then reached Acarau at 17:50 local time - 99 days, 6 hours and 20 minutes.

When he arrived in Brazil he weighed 64 kilograms - having lost 14 kilograms during the 14 weeks of the journey. After resting there, he plans to paddle 6,000 kilometers north along the shorelines of the Americas to Washington, D.C. Doba has also paddled in a kayak around the Baltic Sea in 1999 for 80 days traveling 4227 kilometers, from Police to Narvik in 2000 for 101 days traveling 5369 kilometers and around Lake Baikal in 2009 for 41 days traveling 2000 kilometers. Aleksander has also made 14 parachute jumps, piloted a glider for 250 hours and is an expert cyclist.

His kayak OLO was professionally designed and made in the Andrzej Arminski shipyard located in Szczecin, Poland . It's unique design is compromise between safety for the extreme ocean challenge and feeling that it should stay close to the spirit of kayaking. The most innovative part of the boat are hoops over the head of the paddler which play several important roles. It makes the kayak self-righting and unsinkable due to special foam inside. The solar panel mounted on the top of it allows for mounting a sun-protection roof. Upon arriving in Brazil Aleksander spent his first evening with friends celebrating his outstanding success. At a local restaurant he ordered cold beers, seafoods and fresh vegetables.

Kayaking is a highly popular leisure activity in Poland with more than 10,000 kilometers of small rivers and lakes in the country. Visit Poland and see for yourself. Poland is a modern, stable country in the middle of Europe. It is a safe place to travel and still less expensive than western european countries.

Kayaking in Poland

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