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Francesca Maria Gambelli
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Francesca Maria Gambelli was born and raised in Senigallia, Italy where she started her dancing career at the tender age of three, when her mother encouraged her to take ballet lessons. With the support of her family and the love she has for music, Francesca quickly excelled to the top of her class. By age eleven her talent caught the attention of renown International choreographer and teacher Andre De la Roche, who nurtured an honed Francesca's dancing skills and deemed her his best student.

By the time Francesca was fourteen the exposure to different kinds of music her father gave her not only moved through her body but also through her voice. Francesca's resume grew and her talents shined , so much in fact that the light could be seen in the United States. Debbie Allen hired her for the Mariah Carey Butterfly tour. Word spread about Francesca through the various projects she worked on. She has appeared in and choreographed videos for P. Diddy, Big Pun, Moby,Whitney Houston,George Michael , Ricky Martin,Jay -Z, Fergie. She has toured with LL Cool J,Ashanti,Joe and many others.

Francesca has a never ending list of appearances in various award shows and other televised special events, such as The Soul Train Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Victoria's Secret Fashion show,MTVEuropean Music Awards and The NBC 40th Anniversary special, to name a few. Her ability to portray the spirit of music through dance and song can only be measured by her appreciation for music of all backgrounds. Francesca has studied Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Latin, African, and Arabic forms of dance and music. The knowledge she has gained in these beautiful arts in combination with her natural talent is what caused her to be chosen by Her Majesty Queen of Morocco to be her personal dance teacher and special events choreographer for the royal family.

In 2008 she teamed up with PIT, producer of "Party like a Rockstar"and Brooklyn,Aftermath's artist and writer,to create "Money Shake" a new track and dance which, after blowing up on youtube,started spreading on the US air waves including New York 's HOT 97."Money Shake "started creating so much buzz to be featured on BET "The 5ive" as one of the top hot dance/music trends of the moment. She is now concentrating on her music career and working with top international producers such as BANG OUT(50 Cent,Missy Elliot)and PIT(LIL WAYNE,LLOYD,FAT JOE),working on her first album which will portray her international flavor and her multifaceted personality.

Considering her extensive dance and stage experience, mixed with the knowledge of the music industry, Francesca is taking the task of making her own music very seriously. Her childlike stare titillates your curiosity, but don't let that fool you. When you get to know Francesca through her music, which would be described as R&B/pop with international influences, she is not a child at all, but a sophisticated , sensual woman with intriguing stories to tell. It is that type of energy that makes her music unique. From growing up in Italy,to collaborating with great Latin artists like Celia Cruz and Elvis Crespo and working with the Royal family of Morocco, Francesca has just enough spice to make the most critical consumer stand up and take notice. Francesca is fluent in four different languages which include French, Italian, Spanish and English. She plans to use these skills to touch the lives of todays people all over the world through dance and song. In Italian Francesca means Free, and when this European siren gets on stage that is exactly what she portrays, a freedom of spirit, soul and beauty.

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