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Letizia Marchetti
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Italian Motorcycles and the Italian Womens Champion

Letizia Marchetti of Italy was first interested in motorcycles by her husband when 23 years of age and at 31 became the first and only woman in the world of motorcycling to beat 30 male colleagues in the Superbike class during the Ducati Desmo Challenge at Mugello, Italy

She learned quickly, driving on the roads of Lazio and then when she went for the first time to the track with husband David's friends - she put them all in line. At the IMF Trophy 2010 Women's World which was held at the Vallelunga circuit, the big favorite was the Suzuki Team's Letizia Marchetti and she did not fail. Letizia Marchetti who rides for Team Crazy Old Men won the race and took home the trophy in the Female IMF - Roman circuit at Vallelunga in Italy. She was awarded the pole position in qualifying and also won the fastest lap when Marchetti crossed the finish line in 17'54 "876 more than five seconds ahead of the runner-up, Sardinian Manuela La Licata and six and a half seconds ahead of the Apulian Eliana Pezzilli who came in third. In the beginning she learned to confront other rider. She initially entered the track a bit timid but in time she become more cunning.

Aside from Motorcycle racing Marchetti is a scuba diver which she began as a child, in the Marche, where she went on holiday with her family. As a pastime diving is quieter than the bikes but it does bring out the other half of Letizia - that of the calm and rational. The restless and reckless is already addressed by her motorcycle racing.

"Now I have no problems. If an opponent tries to overtake me in a rather hard manner, I try to respond with the same "bad" competitiveness."

After her win at the IMF Trophy 2010 Women's World Letizia commented:

"It has been a very busy weekend for both myself and the Crazy Old Men team. We did a good job and we are very pleased with the results. The race was great and already on the first pass I had about a second and a half lead. I tried to just get a good margin so I can then manage the race without making mistakes and not overdo it."

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Letizia Marchetti - Winner of the Ducati Desmo Challenge

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