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Katja Poensgen
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Champion Motorcycle Racer

Katja Poensgen was born on the 23rd of September 1976 in Mindelheim, Germany. One of the best known female motorcycle racers of all time, Katja Poensgen is a former 250cc Grand Prix rider – who became well known for her determined and gutsy rides against all male opposition in one of the most competitive classes of motorcycle racing. Katja watched her first race at just four-years-old and went on to achieve success in many different classes - including winning the ADAC Junior Cup in Germany before going on to compete in the German 125cc series, European Supersport Championship, European Superstock and of course the 250cc class of the MotoGP series. Katja Poensgen became the first woman to win an international motorcycle racing title. She topped all in the Supermono Cup series on a Suzuki 750 at Brands Hatch, UK, on August 2nd, 1998.

Katja, who used to line up alongside some of the biggest names in motorcycle racing such as Marco Melandri, Roberto Locatelli, Fonsi Nieto and Tetsuya Harada, life is very different for Katja now. In 2004 she ended her career and now spends a lot of time in the mountains helping out at her family's hotel. Although she did spend a couple of years after that racing rally cars, nothing ever topped the feeling of being the only woman in the history of the 250cc world championship to score points.

Although she misses the adrenaline-fuelled life of a racer, she has no regrets, as her presence in the male-dominated world of GP racing opened up the sport to a whole new audience of women, who may never have been interested otherwise, and thanks to her, motorcycling and motorcycle sport found extra press coverage in various newspapers and magazines all over the world.

“Sometimes I miss the old life, as the paddock was my home and the people in it were my family for 12 years, but I always knew that those days would come to an end. I’m so busy now with my daughter that I don’t get a lot of spare time but it’s funny because the question I get asked most is what would I do if she decided that she wanted to race motorcycles. Well, I would worry about it – just like my parents did – but I would still support her and allow her to follow her dream.”

1995 winner of the ADAC Junior Cup on Suzuki and winner of the Trofeo Junior (Italy) on an Aprilia

1996 10th Place in the 125cc class of the German Championship

1998 winner in the Supermono Championship on a BMW 741

1999 Winner Daytona Grand Prix Singles Championship Cup

2000 6th place in the Superstock Championship on a Suzuki

2001 2 points in the 250cc class of the Road World Championships

2007 Katja Poensgen competed at the TransSyberia Rally (7108 kilometers in 14 stages), together with Petra Rutzka in Suzuki-Team finished in 15th Place in the overall standings.

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