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Over the past seven years, our production has undergone a “style revolution” and the technological progress we have made has further strengthened the MV Agusta image. In the public eye, MV Augusta motorcycle company has transformed from being a tale of Italian motorcycling legends to become synonymous with beauty, sophistication and technical exclusivity.

The thirty-five “Motorcycle of the Year” awards they have received since 1999 say it all. The specialist judges have also taken into consideration the progress in terms of performance that is in the DNA of all their machines. One simple example explains everything: since 1999 they have increased the power of their four-cylinder engine by 50HP while at the same time constantly improved reliability and reduced emissions.

The same applies to their frame department that, while retaining the basic concept of a tubular frame and single rear swinging arm, has continuously worked closely alongside firms like Marzocchi, Sachs and Brembo to create the highest possible specification components exclusively for their use. The results of this technological evolution are all brought together in the newest creation from MV Agusta: F4-1000R.

Driven by a pulsating heart with torque and power (+10HP) that the previous F4's could only have dreamed about, the new model is the synthesis of all the experience and technologies developed from the F4 project.

Adorned in new livery with brand new graphics and color schemes the F4-1000R cannot fail to arouse those who truly appreciate elite motorcycles. The complete engine, suspension and brake package has undergone a radical performance-oriented evolution leading to the introduction of a radial braking system, forged Brembo wheels and new Marzocchi forks.

The design efforts put into the F4-1000R took three fundamental elements into consideration: character, sporting spirit, and quality. The distinctive character of the new MV Agusta shines through the black “Bodoni” livery that is accented by a double red graphic tapering from the tail to the front mudguard and creating a soft curve that suggests speed and agility. The F4-1000R will also be available with an updated version of the traditional “Corse” racing livery. The perception of quality is highlighted by a combination of the finish applied to technically evolved components and the brilliance of the paintwork that enhances the overall look.

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