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Ducati 1198
The Ducati 1198S will get the 1198R’s traction control and data aquistiion unit. This is the same technology that is being used on Ducati’s MotoGP and WSB competition bikes, with 8 traction settings that limit the output from the mighty v-twin. This ensures that the 1198S/R do not make any tears in the Earth’s crust that allow would Satan himself to rise from the netherwold, and start running a muck of things here on the domain for mortal man.

The traction control system keeps the Prince of Darkness at bay by using sensors on the front and rear wheels, which report the speed of each wheel. The motor’s fuel injection is then modified to reduce power, and ensure that the sun rises tomorrow. Now for the nerd in all of us, there comes the data acquisition unit. Monitoring the throttle position, bike speed, engine RPM, operating temperature, trip odometer, and lap-timer, the Ducati Superbike makes all of this information available by simply sticking a USB thumbdrive into the acquisition unit. Presumably, this information can then be downloaded into your computer, and allow a rider to make comparable session results. This feature will be optional on the 1198 & 848 base model Superbikes as a dealer add-on. - excerpt from
Lois on the Loose:
One Woman, One Motorcycle
20,000 Miles Across the Americas
by Lois Pryce

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