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Belgian Beer
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To begin with - Belgian Fries { Frites } are not French Fries. They are not skinny, evenly cut, or the all to often frozen potatoes which have been processed in a factory. No, Belgian Fries are always fresh potatoes that are thicker, irregularly cut, and are deep fried twice to give them a crispy exterior with a soft interior. Real Belgian Fries are served in a paper cone with mayonnaise or other sauces and actually taste like potatoes.

The poor inhabitants of the area of the Meuse valley between Dinant and Li├Ęge, Belgium - allegedly had the custom of accompanying their meals with small fried fish, but when the river was frozen and they were unable to fish, they cut potatoes lengthwise and fried them in oil to accompany their meals. Some Belgians believe that the term "French Fries" was introduced when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, and consequently tasted Belgian fries and they supposedly called them "French Fries", as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.

If you would like a wealth of information about Belgian Fries go to where Michel Mes will dazzle you with everything you could possibly want to know about Belgian Fries - including Franchise information as well as fryers, paper cones, and potatoe cutters.

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