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The Boxster and Boxster S are the product of this desire and share a similar energy and verve. Its source is a lightweight, mid-mounted engine – the mark of a genuine roadster. The flat-six configuration creates a low centre of gravity – the mark of a genuine Porsche. All that remains is to choose a displacement – 2.7 litres on the Boxster, 3.4 litres on the Boxster S – and explore your drive for performance.

Whenever we challenge the limits of performance, safety always comes first. An essential prerequisite for all Porsche engineering, it never detracts from the driving experience. Both Boxster models have a comprehensive safety concept that is more than equal to the capability of each car. The many standard features include Porsche Stability Management (PSM) as well as generous head and thorax airbags. The result is a roadster with all the power of a Porsche – and the security that makes it a pleasure to enjoy.

The perfect chassis should provide the perfect link between driver, vehicle and road. All systems must be honed and refined to achieve the highest possible performance. On both Boxster models, this principle is applied to achieve optimum handling and grip. As a result, the power and agility of each car can be explored to their full potential. Rightly renowned for their exceptional manoeuvrability, the Boxster and Boxster S are specifically designed for both optimum active safety and uncompromising road and track performance. Combined, these qualities have one result: pure driving pleasure.

To achieve the best, you have to be at your best – mentally and physically, combined. Only then do you have what it takes to surpass yourself once more. This inherent composure was an essential prerequisite on both Boxster models. Not only in terms of the character of each car, but also for you at the wheel. To provide that balance, we’ve developed an interior that is totally focussed around the driver. Visually, it shares the clarity and power of the elegant exterior design. Within this framework, we’ve used advanced ergonomics to achieve optimum driver control. The resulting interior is the ideal environment in which to explore each car’s potential.

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