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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
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The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a large 2+2 grand touring coupe from Ferrari designed to replace the smaller Ferrari 456M. The large two-door is powered by 5.7-liter V12 producing 533 horsepower at 7,250 rpm, with 434 pound-feet of torque at 5,250 rpm.

Named after famous Ferrari coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti, the 612's design has been somewhat controversial, despite being inspired by the 1954 Ferrari 375 MM, among other classics. Nonetheless, the car's Pininfarina-styled aluminum body keeps weight to a minimum, allowing the car's V12 engine to push the 612 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds or less.

Two transmissions are available, both offering six speeds. Purists can have a regular six-speed manual, while F1 fans can opt for a six-speed paddle-shift system.

Since it was unveiled in Detroit in 2004, the flagship of the Ferrari range has been upgraded with more standard spec than before. This includes leather trim in the same color as the seats extending to the headliner and the side panels running lengthways between the A- and the C-pillar. The result is a brighter and even more elegant cockpit finish that can be personalized still further under the Carrozzeria Scaglietti program. At the 2008 Geneva International Auto Show, Ferrari launched its one-to-one personalization program on the 612, meaning buyers get even more customization options, down to the last detail. The special 612 showcased at the show included an electrochromic panoramic roof, a SuperFast gearbox and a reduced inertia clutch for faster shift speeds. The Ferrari manettino dial has also been added to the steering wheel.

The overall layout - engine mounted behind the front axle, gearbox in unit with the differential at the rear - ensures an ideally balanced weight distribution (46% front, 54% rear), as well as permitting a lower centre of gravity.

In 2007, Ferrari added a satellite navigation system, voice recognition system, MP3 player, Bluetooth and a Compact Flash memory card reader that will allow the owner to store and play 4 GB of music.


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