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Jane Poynter
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The Human Experiment - Biosphere 2

The Human Experiment:
Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2
The never-before told story of life in Biosphere 2 – by a woman who survived it.

In 1991, a crew of four men and four women locked themselves into a three-acre terrarium in the Arizona desert where they would live for the next two years – cut off from the outside world. They swore that nothing would go in or out… no food, no water, not even air. They would recycle everything – even drinking and breathing the same oxygen atoms over and over again. It was to be the ultimate extreme-green lifestyle.

Now, for the first time, one of those crewmembers tells the stranger-than-fiction tale of what really happened. In The Human Experiment: Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2, biospherian Jane Poynter takes readers on a humorous and riveting race through a failing biosphere, cults, love, fears of insanity, and inspiring human endurance.

Life inside the glass cage was the original Survivor – but it was no TV show, it was all too real. The eight inmates endured debilitating low-oxygen levels, constant hunger and mud-wrestling smack downs, not to mention spitting in each other’s faces.

Still, they managed to get some research done. Time Magazine put Biosphere 2 among the magazine’s top-ten “Best Science of 1993”. Others called the whole thing a fraud.

The eight biospherians finally emerged after 730 days… wiser, skinnier, and having accomplished what many scientists had said was impossible – live in an artificial mini-world.

The Human Experiment explores our thorny relationships with each other and with the biosphere we all live in. It is a tale of grand visions and what it takes to fulfill them… or not. It tells the whole, unvarnished story – the successes, the failures and the lessons learned – of this life-changing experience and historic adventure.

Jane Poynter, explorer, author, Biospherian and President of Paragon Space Development Corporation, an aerospace firm that designs environments for extreme situations, is engaged in laying the groundwork for human space settlement. Founding Paragon grew out of her experience as a Biospherian, one of eight individuals chosen to live sealed for two years inside Biosphere 2, a bubble in Arizona, to learn if it was possible to replicate earth environments beyond earth. Through Paragon, Poynter works with aerospace organizations designing experiments for the Shuttle and the International Space Station. The company also designs life support systems for astronauts and Navy deep-sea divers. She has served as SPACEHAB's Chief Scientist for its Ecosystem in Space experiment; she holds a patent for the Autonomous Biological System; was Chief Scientist for Carbon Sequestration for the Seawater Foundation, a non-profit that is developing untreated seawater-based agroforestry projects in coastal deserts; and works with designing systems for carbon credit trading.

Jane is one of only eight people ever in history to live sealed in an artificial world for two years. Jane's preparation for Biosphere 2 involved training to survive in the Australian Outback and onboard a concrete research boat in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. She was part of the Biosphere from the start, ultimately managing the farm where the crew grew its food.

She is now President of Paragon Space Development Corporation, an aerospace firm that she co-founded with several engineers and fellow biospherian, Taber MacCallum, while inside Biosphere 2. Since leaving the project, Jane has had experiments flown on the International Space Station, the Russian Mir Space Station, and the U.S. Space Shuttle. Currently, she and Paragon are developing life support systems for astronauts and Navy deep-sea divers as well as applying their expertise to high-efficiency 'green' building engineering. Jane also recently started Yogi and Company, a multi-media production company.

Jane and Taber married a year after exiting Biosphere 2. They live in Tucson, Arizona, where they race motorcycles on weekends. Jane has appeared on many television shows and has been interviewed for numerous magazine and newspaper articles about Biosphere 2 and her work in space and the environment.

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