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Ieva Lagūna

Ieva LagūnaIeva Lagūna, born on June 6th, 1990 in Saldus, Latvia is a Latvian model. Lagūna participated in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show twice and has been on Vogue's cover four times.

She began her modeling career in 2007 when she was scouted during the MTV/birthday festival in Riga by Nils Raumanis, the founder of Dandy Model Management.

She later signed with WOMEN model management in Milan. Her runway debut was at the Spring 2008 London fashion Week in the Burberry anniversary fashion show.

In 2008 she signed with model agency Women Management Paris and SUPREME Model Management in New York.

Laguna has since walked in shows for designers such as Shiatzy Chen, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria's Secret, Versace, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors.

Laguna has been featured on the cover of Vogue Germany, Vogue Greece, Rush magazine, Elle France, and Marie Claire Italy.

Every year there are recognizable models of the world whom are chosen as angels.

Ieva LagūnaIn 2011 the Latvian top model Laguna joined the Brazilian beauty Andrian Lima and the Australian star Miranda Kerra and other supermodels for the show.

That fashion show also featured the year's most expensive bra, the Fantasy Treasure, which used over 3,400 gems at a cost of two and a half million dollars.

Models for Victoria's Secret fashion shows always select only the best models whose names are already known in the fashion industry, and Ieva managed to prove herself in the competition of several thousand of the world's top models.

As well as her classic beauty, along with her bright, energetic personality, coupled with her decisive attitude, Ieva knows how to communicate well and is very persistent.

It's been said that many girls are hampered by the lack of poise before the Olympics of the fashion business.

Often, models do not have time to get mentally prepared, but still it's possible to make the impression that they are relaxing, and even though fatigued they need to be friendly with the company's representatives.

In the year 2008, the founder of the model agency, Nils Raumanis, noticed a performance at Ievu in a concert.

Since then, for three years, the girl from Saldus, who had previously been planning to study as a doctor, works as a professional model.

Ieva LagūnaIn the year 2008, the founder of Dandy Model Management, Nils Raumanis, noticed Ievi at a concert and ever since then the girl from Saldus, who had previously been planning to study medicine, works as a professional model.

She is the only Latvian who has managed to go on the cover of the prestigious magazine Vogue for four times.

She has also been photographed with Madonna's longtime friend, world-famous supermodel and actor Tony Woord and has been a promotional face for fashion brands such as Gucci , Chanel and many others, as well as taken to the catwalk for top fashion designer shows.

One of the Dandy Model Management agency's models, Ginta Lapiņa, has already become a world-class top model, and the agency's representatives say that Ieva will be the next to bring the face of Latvia to the world.

The beautiful 28-year-old Latvian has been featured on the cover of five hugely successful international fashion magazines, walked in the shows of almost every major designer and participated in Victoria Secret's Fashion Show for two years running. How did it all happen?

"I was 17 and I had just come from a holiday in Greece. I was at a concert for MTV with my friend and my agent came up to me. He asked if I wanted to be a model. I never thought about modeling, because I was a complete nerd and a tomboy."

"I told him no, that I wanted to be a doctor. He asked me if he could have my mother's number and he kept calling her and calling her."

"She suggested that I go to a few appointments while in Germany — I was going there to be a doctor. I did my first few jobs there and I really liked it. I liked the traveling."

Ieva Lagūna"I did 60 shows in London my first season. The first show was Burberry, then I opened Stella McCartney.

"I love her — not only as a designer, but the way she is with her kids. You can really be yourself around her and the show has such a good vibe."

"Walking in the Victoria's Secret show the second time was great, but the first time was something I will never forget. I had too much emotion and I was so nervous. I thought my agent was joking when I went for the casting."

"I don't have curves and I wasn't very feminine at the time. But when I was confirmed, I was so happy!"

"It's one show that is not really about the clothes, it's more about the girls. For me it was like winning an Oscar."

"I like to think of myself as classy. I like beautiful things that are feminine and comfortable. I like wearing hats a lot and high heels. I also like to be a little hippie, but my style changes with my mood."

"I like Victoria Beckham. She has really good taste. And also Natasha Poly, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio. They know how to dress effortlessly sexy, but still cool."

"The stores I love are Intermix, Scoop, Barneys in L.A., and I also like going from store-to-store in Soho. I just discovered The Webster in Miami — they have great accessories. But New York and Paris are still my favorite places to shop."

"I am crazy about leather jackets. IRO makes a great one for a good price. I live in Helmut Lang leather leggings and ALC sweaters with open backs. My boyfriend really likes those."

"But, my biggest obsession is probably lingerie. I like Kiki de Montparnasse. I think they have the most beautiful pieces, they are like art for the body."

Ieva Lagūna- TIMELINE -

Born in Latvia
Signs with Women Management in Milan
Signs with Premier in London
FEB 2009
Debuts at the fall Christopher Kane show in London; also walks for Marios Schwab
Appears in the fall issue of AnOther Magazine, photographed by Ben Weller
AUG 2009
Featured on the cover of Korean Dazed & Confused
Models for Zara fall catalogue
SEP 2009
Walks the spring Burberry, Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and Valentino shows in London, Milan, and Paris
Models for Topshop holiday campaign
Becomes one of the faces of Benetton
Renews contract with Topshop
JAN 2010
Walks the spring Elie Saab couture show in Paris

Ieva LagūnaFEB 2010
Appears in editorials for Interview and British Vogue
FEB 2010
Walks the fall Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Versace, Chloé, and Stella McCartney shows in New York, Milan, and Paris
Moves from Women-Direct to Supreme Management
APR 2010
Appears in Japanese Vogue editorial, photographed by Mikael Jansson
MAY 2010
Appears in Russian Vogue editorial, photographed by Matt Irwin
AUG 2010
Appears in Spanish Vogue editorial, photographed by Thomas Schenk
SEP 2010
Opens the spring ADAM and Stella McCartney shows in New York and Paris
NOV 2010
Featured on the cover of German Vogue, photographed by Greg Kadel
DEC 2010
Appears in German Vogue editorial, photographed by Greg Kadel
FEB 2011
Appears in editorials for Spanish Vogue and German Vogue
APR 2011
Featured on the cover of French Elle, photographed by Takay
APR 2011
Appears in Flair editorial, photographed by Benjamin Lennox
JUL 2011
Featured in Italian Vogue editorial, photographed by Camilla Akrans

Ieva LagūnaAUG 2011
Models for the Herve Leger fall ad campaign
SEP 2012
L'Officiel Lithuania
AUG 2012
L'Officiel France
JUL 2012
Elle Russia
JUN 2012
Harper's Bazaar Turkey
APR 2012
Collezioni Russia
MAR 2012
ViKTOR Magazine
JUN 2013
MAY 2015
Elle France

"If I hadn't become a model I would want to be a doctor probably, but I also really want to open my own hotel or resort. I like interior design, too. I really want to work for myself and build a business from nowhere."

"But for the moment I like what I am doing. I worked with Greg Kadel on a shoot for Vogue Germany and it was so beautiful. I also really like Camilla Akrans - we have a special connection."

"I adore Mario Testino, too, and Patrick Demarchelier is great. He is so easy to work with and he is able to capture a natural beauty with almost no effort."

"I really love working with Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton also."



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