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Shlomit Malka-Levi

Shlomit Malka-LeviShlomit Malka-Levi, born on December 23rd, 1993 in Tel Aviv, Israel is an Israeli fashion model and television host. Earlier in her career she was credited as Shiloh Malka, but she has since been credited with her birth name.

She has appeared in major international campaigns for L'Oreal, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Maybelline, Lancome, Chanel, Schwarzkopf, Bershka, Bebe, and Müller Yogurt. In 2013, she made the list of the ten highest earning models in Israel.

Shlomit was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to a Moroccan-born father of Sephardic Jewish descent, and to a Ukrainian-born mother of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a PR manager and advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel.

During Malka's first year as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, where she served as an instructor in the Combat Engineering Corps special forces unit Yahalom, Malka was discovered by a modeling agent after he saw her Facebook pictures.

She managed to win permission to work during her military service and soon landed contracts with Armani, Ralph Lauren, L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf.

During her military service, the IDF permitted her to take part in modeling shoots after pre-approving her requests so long as she made up the time afterwards.

Shlomit Malka-LeviShe says that the "balance between the military and modelling makes me feel good. I am grounded all the time" - Her personal interests are physics, mathematics, and animal welfare.

In 2013, she was chosen as one of Israel's breakout models of the year, alongside others such as Tanya Pylavets.

In 2015, she became the face of Italian lingerie company Intimissimi, leading its worldwide campaign, a position previously held by Irina Shayk, Barbara Palvin, Bar Refaeli and Ana Beatriz Barros. Intimissimi said they were drawn to her natural beauty.

On 13 August 2017, Malka had an accident on her scooter. Passers-by said they found her lying on the ground, unconscious and having suffered a head injury.

She was transported to Ichilov Hospital, where she was placed in a medically-induced coma. She had been in critical condition, unable to breathe on her own. A paramedic had called her condition 'unstable.'

Malka's scooter slid in the wet dew dripping from trees above the pathway on Rothschild Boulevard and sustained several injuries.

The municipality of Tel Aviv issued an apology after the accident, saying that its workers water the plants along the boulevards every day, and that "some dampness will occur.''

Shlomit Malka-LeviPortuguese supermodel Sara Sampaio posted photos from Tel Aviv on her Instagram. What had brought the world-famous Victoria's Secret model to Israel...?

One of the best occasions of them all - a wedding. Not as a bride, but as a guest at "her soul sister's" wedding. Sampaio attended the nuptials of her friend and fellow model Shlomit Malka and actor Yehuda Levi.

Malka and Levi are two of Israel's most eye-catching stars and are now are shoe-ins for the title of the country's most glamorous married couple.

23-year-old Malka's career in front of the camera started when an agent saw her Facebook profile pictures. She had previously dreamed of becoming a veterinarian.

She has since been featured in campaigns for major companies like L'Oreal, Armani and Ralph Lauren. She also co-hosted this past season of The Voice Israel.

In May 2017, she married Israeli actor Yehuda Levi. Yehuda Levi is one of Israel's top actors. The 37-year-old's acting credits include a starring role in the critically-acclaimed film "Yossi & Jagger" and the lead role in the TV series "Mossad 101" (Ha-Midrasha).

Levi was previously in an eight-year relationship with Israeli superstar Ninet Tayeb, which ended in 2013.

Shlomit Malka-LeviShlomit Malka was selected for an international campaign for the rugby line of American super designer Ralph Lauren. "It happened in the most delusional way possible," she said in a special interview.

When asked to describe the Ralph Lauren campaign audition she said: "The truth is that it happened in the most delusional way possible. My agent Eleanor sent pictures to her friends at the agency in New York, about another job, and suddenly they came back with an answer that the job was not closed, but Ralph Lauren wanted me for their campaign even though he had never seen me in reality."

Did she meet the famous designer? - "Unfortunately no. The designer is not present every day. But maybe next time, who knows."

How did she find out that she had won the coveted job?

"Eleanor, my agent, called me and told me on Independence Day that the photos were supposed to be a week after that and I didn't have a visa at all. But fortunately enough, I managed to get an urgent appointment for Monday and was issued a visa within a day, recieved permission from the military to go abroad, and flew out the next day. When I was already on the plane, I had the feeling that I was in a dream."

"First of all, the American mentality is different, the production was huge and had a large cast of people. Everything is very neat and sweet - everything is on schedule, but everything is fun."

Shlomit Malka-Levi"We shot at Princeton University, it's something you can't see in this country. It looks like a combination of Harry Potter and American Pie. Ancient giant castles and an American college fraternity."

"I even got into a room of three roommates and it looked like the movies: clothes scattered on the floor, smells of smoke throughout the room and leftovers of chips on the sofa."

"The team was Photographer Arnaldo Anya Lucca, makeup artist Maria Sachia, and producer and artistic director Mercy Ringel Brett. Everyone has been part of Ralph Lauren's permanent team for many years. The work around them has been interesting. Everyone's attitude was amazing and professional, I learned a lot and mostly enjoyed it."

"From the first time I flew to work abroad, I fell in love with it. I really like traveling, the professional attitude is different, learning new things both in the professional aspect and in the future."

This 21-year-old Israeli beauty, with stunning sex appeal, is the image of the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi. She gives us her philosophy of style.

A year ago, Shlomit Malka shared her life between her military service in Israel and her modeling career. The army, which she describes as a rewarding experience, has given her strength and independence, discipline and perseverance. If it was obvious for a young Israeli girl to spend two years of her life on active duty in the moilitary, choosing a career in modeling was absolutely not on the radar.

Shlomit Malka-LeviSo when a modeling agency discovers photos of her on Facebook and contacts her, she categorically refuses at first: she had barely finished high school when she began her military service.

After several meetings with her future agent, she is finally convinced to try and the permissions granted by the army allow her to escape for large contracts signed with Ralph Lauren , L'Oréal or Schwarzkopf.

With her 1.75 metres of sex appeal, her blue-green eyes, her wavy head of hair, her slightly tanned skin and body measurements that are close to perfection, Shiloh, as her friends call her, has not finished her seduction.

For the spring-summer campaign, the drop-dead gorgeous 21-year-old born in Tel Aviv succeeds the lovely Brazilian Ana Beatriz Barros and strikes a pose in front of the lens of Russell James.

She displays an innate freshness, a totally disarming charm and a simple and chic style - like her personality and the brand. In life, she likes to listen to The Doors and Led Zeppelin, read physics books, and dreams of exploring cultures around the world and working later for the protection of animals. We have been completely seduced.

"Fashion is an art form. I didn't really understand this when I started modeling. I was not interested at all, I thought it was very superficial. Later I discovered that it was much more than that. It is a concentration of very talented people coming together."

Shlomit Malka-Levi"I found femininity in lingerie. I always liked that, I think half of my clothes are pieces of lingerie. I like to wake up in the morning and wonder what model I'm going to wear. If what I'm wearing is sexy, I feel sexy all day."

"In a woman, elegance is, above all. to be intelligent, funny and sexy - but not to show it all the time. Most of the time I am dressed in casual jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. I also have a lot of high heels, but I don't wear them very often."

"My icons...? I don't have any. I admire Stella McCartney because she is proof that we can do absolutely fantastic things without harming animals."

"Half of my clothes are pieces of lingerie and my must have is my Prada black bag which goes with everything and which is extremely discreet, because I don't really like to display brands and logos, my sneakers, Valentino and Isabel Marant , my black jeans - I must have ten or fifteen."

"My outfit for a casting? Black jeans, a plain top, a leather jacket and heels. I choose a very basic look because what interests the customer is to project the style of the brand on the mannequin to see if it suits."

"What never leaves me is my Hello Kitty necklace , which my lover gave me and a diamond pendant, which comes from my grandparents. Furs...? I love animals too much for that, I find it barbaric. And there are so many good imitations today."

Shlomit Malka-Levi"My real fashion obsession are my shoes. I must have a hundred pairs, but I often give them to my friends when I see that they like them."

"My beauty secrets are few. For the shine I drink a lot of water and I use sunscreen daily, which is very important. I apply a day cream and an oil-free protective cream from Estée Lauder. I don't wear makeup, just Kiehl's Mango Lip Balm."

"To keep in good physical condition I workout. At first, I didn't really like it - I was lazy. But that's what makes me feel good, not only physically but also mentally. I don't diet because I don't believe in it. I think you have to listen to your body and eat what you want. It is for this reason that I exercise five times a week. And I relax by reading books on physics and psychology."

"My dream gift would be a good cake! I'm crazy about pastries. I don't care about money, so it's not necessarily expensive. I prefer something expressly chosen for me, which proves to me that the person knows me well"

About her military service she says: "I am aware that we look interesting in countries where women do not have to join the army. This equality gives us strength. I believe in feminism and women's power."

She was one of the best soldiers in the Israeli Army. She took combat training and learned to use an M16. She would've been an agent in the intelligence department, but left it behind and chose to be a top model.

Shlomit Malka-LeviYour father's side is Moroccan and your mother's side is of Russian origin, and yet you never look like a Russian girl.

"Russians born in Russia and Russians born in Israel are very different. Most of the Russian models I know in America are introverted and cold. I have trouble communicating with them. Although my origins are Russian, I get on with the Brazilian models far better."

The Lions (New York, Los Angeles)
Women Management (Paris)
Women Direct (Milan)
Titanium Management (London)
Uno Models (Barcelona)
Full Circle Model Management (Cape Town)
Place Models (Hamburg)
MC2 Miami (Miami)
Elinor Shahar Personal Management (Tel Aviv)

"I was born and raised in Tel Aviv. My father was a lawyer, my mother was doing public relations. When I was three, they decided to divorce. I don't remember anything negative since they have been apart since I knew myself. They both loved me so much separately. I had equal time with both. If I was staying with my mother for two days, I was staying with my father for two days. I was a happy child."

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