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Anggun Cipta Sasmi

Anggun Cipta SasmiAnggun Cipta Sasmi, born on the 29th of April 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia is an Indonesian-French singer-songwriter and television personality whom is more commonly known as just Anggun. She began performing at the age of seven and recorded a children's album two years later.

With the help of famed Indonesian producer Ian Antono, in 1986 Anggun released her first rock-influenced studio album, Dunia Aku Punya. She became further well known with the single "Mimpi" in 1989, which was listed as one of the 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

She followed it with a series of singles and three more studio albums, which established her as one of the most prominent Indonesian rock stars of the early 1990's.

Anggun left Indonesia in 1994 to pursue an international career. After two years struggling in London and Paris, she met French producer Erick Benzi, who produced her first international album, Snow on the Sahara in 1997.

Released in 33 countries, it became the best-selling album by an Asian artist outside Asia. Since then, Anggun has released another six studio albums as well as a soundtrack album to the Danish film Open Hearts during 2002.

Her singles, "Snow on the Sahara", "What We Remember", and "The Good Is Back", entered the Billboard charts in the United States, while "In Your Mind", "Saviour" and "I'll Be Alright" charted on the Billboard European Hot 100 Singles.

She represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan, with the song "Echo (You and I)". Anggun also ventured into television, becoming the judge for the pancontinental Asia's Got Talent, the French version of Masked Singer, as well as the Indonesian versions of The X Factor, Got Talent, and The Voice.

Anggun Cipta SasmiAnggun is the Asian artist with the highest album sales outside Asia, with her releases being certified gold and platinum in some European countries. She is the first Indonesian artist to have success in European and American record charts.

She has received a number of accolades for her achievements, including the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres from the Government of France, the World Music Award for World's Best-Selling Indonesian Artist, and the Asian Television Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television Performing Arts.

She also became the first Indonesian woman to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds. Aside from her musical career, Anggun has been appointed as the global ambassador of the United Nations twice, first for the International Year of Microcredit in 2005 and then for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2009 onwards

Anggun was born and raised in Jakarta. She is the daughter of Darto Singo, a Javanese writer, and Dien Herdina, a housewife from the Yogyakartan royal family.

Her full name means "grace born of a dream" in Balinese. Despite being a Muslim, Anggun was sent to a Catholic school to receive a better elementary education. At the age of seven, Anggun began receiving highly disciplined instruction in singing from her father.

She trained daily, learning various vocal techniques. To help further develop her career, her mother began serving as her manager, accepting singing offers and handling business concerns. At the age of eleven, Anggun began to write her own songs and recorded her first children's album.

Anggun Cipta SasmiOne of Anggun's biggest Indonesian hits in the early 1990s. "Tua Tua Keladi" was heavily influenced by rock music, her musical trademark at the time. As a preteen, Anggun had been influenced by Western rock music artists.

At the age of fourteen, she released her first official studio album, Dunia Aku Punya in 1986. The album was produced by Ian Antono, an Indonesian rock musician.

However, the album failed to establish her popularity. Three years later, Anggun achieved some fame after the release of the single "Mimpi" - A song that was later ranked by the Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine as one of the 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time.

Anggun's fame continued to increase with the release of subsequent singles like "Tua Tua Keladi" in 1990, which became her most popular hit in Indonesia. After a string of successful singles, Anggun released the studio albums Anak Putih Abu Abu in 1991 and Nocturno in 1992, with the former earning her the Most Popular Indonesian Artist 1990-1991 award.

In 1992, Anggun began a relationship with Michel Georgea, a French engineer, whom she had met the year before in Kalimantan while touring. The couple married, despite a rumoured objection by Anggun's family because they felt Anggun was too young. Georgea later became Anggun's manager.

The following year, Anggun became the youngest Indonesian singer to found her own record company, Bali Cipta Records, and took complete creative control over her work. She produced her final Indonesian studio album, Anggun C. Sasmi ... Lah!!! in 1993, which yielded the number-one single "Kembalilah Kasih (Kita Harus Bicara)".

Anggun Cipta SasmiBy age nineteen, Anggun had sold over four million albums in Indonesia. She began to feel dissatisfied with her success in her country and began considering an international music career. Anggun later recalled:

"By the time I was 20, I'd made five albums. I'd built my own record company. I'd produced my last album and produced some Indonesian acts as well. And I said to myself: 'I'm tired! I cannot achieve more than I already have. There's no challenge anymore'."

In 1994, Anggun released Yang Hilang, a greatest hits album of her Indonesian hit records. She later sold her record company to fund her move to Europe, and moved to London for about a year.

In a 2006 interview with Trax Magazine, Anggun admitted to experiencing "culture shock" and having some serious financial problems while trying to start her new life in Europe, saying "I thought the money that I got by selling my record company was enough to sustain my life in London, but I began to lose money, little by little. I had to spend so much on taking cabs and eating!

So I ended up taking buses everywhere and going to clubs to introduce myself as a singer." She also admitted that she "had to convert from being a shy, introverted, 'real' Javanese woman to being an unabashed, fearless, 'fake' Javanese woman."

She began writing songs and recording demos, but after a few months, all the demos she had sent to record companies around the UK were returned with negative replies.

Anggun Cipta SasmiSo she began thinking about moving to another country, and initially considered moving to the Netherlands, but later decided on France. In 1996, her international career began to advance; she was introduced to producer Erick Benzi, who had previously worked with Celine Dion, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Johnny Hallyday, by one of music legends in France named Florent Pagny.

Impressed by Anggun's talent, Benzi immediately offered her a recording deal. Later that year, Anggun was signed to Columbia France and Sony Music Entertainment. After a brief French course at Alliance Francaise, Anggun began working on her debut album with Benzi, alongside Jacques Veneruso, Gildas Arzel and Nikki Matheson.

Anggun joined Sidaction, a French organization to help fighting against AIDS. Following in June 1997, Anggun released her first French-language album, entitled Au nom de la lune. The album was a huge artistic deviation from Anggun's earlier style, experimenting with world music and more adult contemporary sounds.

Anggun described the album as "a concentration of all the musical influences of my life. I want to introduce Indonesia, but in a progressive way, in a lyric, in a sound, and mainly through me."

The album's first single, "La neige au Sahara", quickly became a hit in France - peaking at number 1 on the French Airplay Chart and number 16 on the French Singles Chart.

It quickly became the most played single in France of 1997, with a total of 7,900 radio airplays, and was certified gold for shipment of 250,000 copies. Two more commercial singles, "La rose des vents" and "Au nom de la lune", were released to modest chart success.

Anggun Cipta SasmiAnggun Cipta SasmiThe album peaked at number 34 on the French Albums Chart and sold over 150,000 copies in France and Belgium. Anggun received a nomination for the La revelation de l'annie award (Revelation of the Year/Best New Artist) in Victoires de la Musique - a Grammy Award-equivalent in the French music scene.

The English version of the album, Snow on the Sahara, was released internationally in 33 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and America between late 1997 and early 1999.

The album contained the songs on Au nom de la lune, adapted to English by songwriter Nikki Matheson, and a cover version of the David Bowie hit "Life on Mars?". For the Southeast Asian market, Anggun included an Indonesian song, "Kembali", which became a huge hit in the region.

American music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic called the album "a promising debut effort" because "she illustrates enough full-formed talent on the disc".

According to Erlewine, Anggun "tackles polished ballads, Latin-pop and dance-pop on Snow on the Sahara, demonstrating that she can sing all the styles quite well."

The album's first single, "Snow on the Sahara" was a commercial success, reaching number one in Italy, Spain and several countries in Asia, and the top five on the UK Club Chart.

The song was also used as the soundtrack for an international marketing campaign launched by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch. Snow on the Sahara has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and received the Diamond Export Sales Award.

Anggun Cipta SasmiOver the last two decades her career has continued to flourish internationally. With the volume of personal involvements in her social activism projects, one would think she could not possibly have time to devote to her music career, but miraculously she does. Read more at: Wikipedia.

In December 2006, Anggun received the special recognition of Best International Artist at Anugerah Musik Indonesia, the most prestigious music award ceremony in Indonesia.

The award was given for her role in introducing Indonesian music to the international recording industry. Subsequently, Anggun released her Best-Of album in Indonesia and Malaysia, which compiled singles during the first decade of her international career, including three re-recorded versions of her early Indonesian hits.

During 2007, Anggun participated in several environmental projects and became the French-language narrator of the BBC nature documentary film Earth (Un jour sur Terre), and composed its soundtrack single, "Un jour sur terre".

After the release of the movie, Disney announced the planting of around 2.7 million trees in endangered areas including the Amazonian forest. She was appointed as the Ambassador of the Micro-environment Prize by the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and National Geographic Channel.

Anggun was awarded Le grand cour de l'annie (The Great Heart of the Year) by French television network Filles TV for her contribution to social and environmental events.

Anggun Cipta SasmiEvery other Wednesday for the last two years Anggun has been going around her district in Paris with the incredible team from Protection Civile. They distribute coffee, soup, blankets, but mostly they give their time to homeless people.

In December 2007, she received her second invitation from the Vatican to perform in the Christmas concert in Verona, Italy, along with Michael Bolton. She covered Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia" with Corsican group I Muvrini for their album I Muvrini et les 500 choristes also in 2007.

She was also featured on the remix version of DJ Laurent Wolf's number-one hit "No Stress" for the deluxe edition of his album Wash My World. Anggun and Wolf performed the song at the 2008 World Music Awards in Monaco. That same year Anggun joined Make A Wish Belgium foundation to help children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Anggun's four-year ambassadress contract with Audemars Piguet was subsequently extended. She was also chosen by international hair care brand, Pantene, and New Zealand-based dairy product, Anlene, as their ambassador.

Anggun joined AIDES to raise money to help fighting AIDS. Anggun was a part of United Nations campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark helping to spread an awareness message worldwide and to raise the importance of the for leaders of the world to agree and work together on this key issue that is climate change.

On the 16th of October 2009, Anggun was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), part of the United Nations.

In 2010, Anggun joined former President Of United States, Bill Clinton at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative to kick off "a Healthy Hair for Healthy Water" campaign.

Anggun Cipta SasmiThis event was to help the CSDW (Children's Safe Drinking Water) achieve its dream to "save a life every hour" in the developing countries around the world by providing two billion liters of clean water every year by 2020.

She later appeared for the third time at the Christmas concert in the Vatican. This time, she performed "Only Love" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", the latter in a duet with Ronan Keating.

In 2011, Anggun joined Telethon, supporting medical & social welfare of children + funding research into children's diseases. Anggun joined a UNICEF campaign to help children in Africa.

Anggun joined United Nation campaign, Earth Day: Save the Forests in Italy. At the 2013 Taormina Film Fest in Italy, Anggun was presented with the Taormina Special Award for her humanitarian works as the FAO Goodwill Ambassador.

She promoted a campaign to put an end to discrimination, child labor, forcing young girls into marriage, and prostitution at the World Without Walls congress in Berlin, Germany.

SK-II and Harper's Bazaar Indonesia honored Anggun as one of 15 Most Inspiring Women. She joined the SK-II's "Change Destiny" campaign and became a spokesperson alongside actress Cate Blanchett and Michelle Phan for its event in Los Angeles.

Anggun was appointed to be the ambassador of Aviation Sans Frontieres (Aviation Without Borders).

Anggun Cipta SasmiIn 2016, Anggun went to Madagascar to help children with chronic disease to get medical treatment with Aviation Sans Frontieres and later Anggun received the Key to the City award from Dario Nardella, the Mayor of Florence, Italy.

Anggun joined Televie to raise funds to support scientific research in the fight against cancer and leukemia in children and adults. They raised over 10 million euro.

Anggun joined the panel of judges for the "Picture This Festival for the Planet" short film competition. In the event new filmmakers, storytellers, and those who feel they can change the whole world, will compete with each other.

The announcement of Anggun's involvement was conveyed by Sony Pictures Television Networks (SPTN) in collaboration with the United Nations Foundation. On the Picture This Festival panel, Anggun will later join together with actress and advocate Megan Boone from TV series The Blacklist , as well as other prominent industry leaders.

On the 17th of June 2018, she was performing at Centre Pompidou for 55th Anniversary of Federation Francaise Siame Autisme, is a French non-profit association of parents of children and adults with autism.

On 26 June 2018, she was officially participating #TheFreaks, a collective of artists that sensitive to the defense of the environment and the protection of our ecosystems.

Anggun Cipta SasmiOn the 5th of July 2019, she staged a charity concert, called "Gemilang 30 Tahun" at the Tennis Indoor Stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta, and sponsored by consumer goods producer P&G - the concert is titled, Unify the Tunes, Make Indonesian Children's Dreams Come True.

According to a post on the Instagram account of children's welfare foundation @savechildren_id, the funds be used to construct 100 classrooms in schools affected by natural disasters in Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara and West Java.

The concert also featured performances by renowned singers Rossa, Yura Yunita, actress Maudy Ayunda, and rapper Iwa K, while artistic direction by Jay Subyakto and accompanied by a band from France, who will collaborate with Indonesia's Oni & Friends as music director.

Anggun did a duet with Luciano Pavarotti virtually at The Luciano Pavarotti Foundation and Anggun in Concert which took place at the Simfonia Hall in Jakarta. Previously, Anggun had performed a virtual duet with Luciano Pavarotti on the stage of the 2019 Asia's Got Talent Grand Finale.

Anggun shares the stage with the singer from the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation. Giulia Mazzola (soprano), Matteo Desole (tenor), Giuseppe Infantino (tenor), and Lorenzo Licitra (tenor) sang with deep appreciation with Anggun. Their beautiful voices were accompanied by orchestral music from the Jakarta Symphony.

In 2001, Anggun was ranked No. 6 in a list of Sexiest Women of Asia by FHM magazine and later in 2010, she was ranked at number 18 on the French version of FHM's list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Anggun Cipta SasmiWhen promoting her first international album in the United States, she was reportedly offered a role as a Bond Girl in The World Is Not Enough, as well as in High Fidelity.

Anggun declined to be labeled an actress and said, "I was born a singer. I won't go into another profession, because I think there are still many people out there who were born to be movie stars or models. My calling is music."

Anggun's success in Europe and America has been credited with helping other Asian singers such as Coco Lee, Utada Hikaru, and Tata Young. Malaysian singer Yuna asked Anggun for guidance when launching her recording career in the United States in 2011.

I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I'm very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way. Because Islam is known as a tolerant religion. I don't support countries that frustrate the young generation.

At the same time she notes that she is not inclined to have a rigid point of view about religion and tends more and more to Buddhism without, in essence, breaking with religious belief.

In recognising her disposition to Buddhism, Anggun stresses that her transition to another religious stance should not be a concern of other people. She makes it a requirement to admit religious tolerance and insists on a separation of religious faith from the basic regulative principle for the individual:

Anggun Cipta Sasmi"For me, the most important thing is not what religion you believe in but how you do things, how you live your life. Your belief doesn't determine whether you're a good person or not your behavior does."

Anggun has been married four times. Her first marriage, in 1992, was to Michel Georgea, a French engineer. Since he was her manager, Anggun was reproached in Indonesia for allegedly marrying to advance her career.

Her second husband was Louis-Olivier Maury, born March 1971 whom she met in Canada. They married in 2004. After her marriage to Olivier Maury ended in 2006, Anggun began a relationship with French writer Cyril Montana, whom she eventually married.

She gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Kirana Cipta Montana, on the 8th of November 2007. She and Montana got divorced in 2015.

On 16 August 2018 Anggun married for the fourth time in Ubud, Bali with a German musician and photographer, Christian Kretschmar.

Besides fluent Indonesian, her native language, Anggun is also fluent in French and English. In retrospect, what advice would Anggun have given not only to herself, but to others as well?

"Try to be elegant in everything. Even in your failure, try to be elegant. You have to make your mistakes, you have to own your mistakes, and you have to win from time to time because it's good for your ego. It's important that you have to, in any type of situation, try to be elegant when you're either losing or winning."

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