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Sanghmitra Hitaishi

Sanghmitra HitaishiSanghmitra Hitaishi, born in 1988, in Allahabad, India, is a film and stage actress based in both Mumbai, India and Berlin, Germany . She works in both India and Europe.

She was selected in the year 2015 as the first female Actress from India to be part of the Berlinale Talents Lab since its inception. Her first feature film Lajwanti (The Honor Keeper) world premiered at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

In her upcoming Spanish feature film El Desentierro she plays a Pakistani girl Nahid, alongside stars like Leonardo Sbaraglia, Jan Cornet and Michel Noher. Her other feature films include Feast in Varanasi, BA Pass 2 and others.

She has also acted in several short films, her short film Chidiya Udh (Bird Fly), was India's official entry to Clermont Ferrand Film Festival and also won 2 national awards that year - another Short film that she acted in was in the Official Selection in Raindance Film Festival in 2017.

She has also done several Television commercials for brands such as Amazon, Pantene, KFC and other companys. She is also co-writing a Spanish feature film which went into production in December of 2019.

She has also been part of the famous narrative digital campaign for Don't drink and drive called 'My husband made me a prostitute', that went viral in 2014 and garnered 1.5 million hits in less than 5 days and received great media attention.

Sanghmitra HitaishiSanghmitra was born in the rural heartland of India, Uttar Pradesh in a conservative political family.

As a young child she was sent by her mother to the world renowned fine art institution Kalakshetra Foundation, a part of the Krishnamurti Theosophical society to study the Indian classical dance.

Having been on stage from a young age, and molded by the Krishnamurti ideology, her artistic journey began quite early in life and led her the way to Mumbai in order to pursue acting and now has earned herself international recognition and acclaim.

She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Hindi and is fluent in the Indian dialects of Urdu and Tamil. “If you ever are looking for me and can’t find me, look for me in forests and in museums. That’s where I’ll be.”

“I have always had difficulty identifying myself with anything organised - flag, anthem, religion, ideology, caste, class, etc. But, I do understand the need to feel belonged."

"I think if there was a flag or an anthem encompassing the entire humanity, all living beings, propagating to live and let live, to share and care, to thrive and nourish, to lift and uplift. I would certainly be a fanatic.”

Sanghmitra Hitaishi“I never show up to the world without wearing my politics and my feelings on my sleeve. My politics is immediate, resistant and conscientious and my feelings vulnerable, truthful and empowered.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

“From the beginning of time women who didn’t adhere to the code of conduct designed by a patriarchal society were condemned to burning on the pyre or sent to the mental asylum. In modern society today, when women are at the helm of things, women are still sent to correctional centres, today these centres happen to be the clinics of cosmetic surgeons, or an advertised standard of being. It’s like the human species doesn’t want to accept the female gender of its species without repression of some kind. Today, the box that a ‘feminist’ woman has found herself in contains both repression and empowerment depending still on the convenience of the patriarchy. The scales never reach equanimity, a neutral point. Existing is never effortless for a woman. And, for those who feel the immediate need to ask but what about men? I know for centuries every conversation has revolved around men. And its an uncomfortable feeling to know that you are being left out from the discourse. Its not that bad at all, trust us we know how it feels to be left out of a discourse. Don’t feel threatened. We are not taking up your space, we are just creating more room for ourselves.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

“I often search for people’s soul, I seldom find it. They must have it but they have buried it so deep it almost doesn’t exist. It peeps out every now and then but it’s so skilfully numbed. And when it does peep out I use those brief moments as a window to connect. People have silenced their souls and I can barely hear it. But, in those rare moments when I do, I realise how each human is just lost, broken, scared and lonely. And the day I realised that, I decided that anyone who meets me, even briefly should feel less broken after meeting me.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi“If I could describe the core philosophy of the human race in two words it would be ‘Be Practical’ which in more clear terms is ‘Be Economical’. Which is basically investments and returns. We are economical in love, when we have children, in our relationships, friendships. Every single choice we make in our daily lives is economical. Thats why we look down upon other living beings on this planet. Not because they are not intelligent, oh they are! It’s just their intelligence or philosophy is not transactional or economical. It’s just pure joy of living, existing sharing and flourishing. Economy isn’t kind, transactions have no place for empathy, deals are not generous. So you see, why the human race is the way it is? We with our ‘what can I get out of this’ mindset have simply brought scarcity in this otherwise abundant existence.” - sanghmitra Hitaishi

“In the meaninglessness of living and the awareness that the universe is insentient - it feels nothing it simply is, no matter what your scriptures, your priests tell you. And understandably a sad reality, because one still wants to make sense of all the glory and suffering that comes with living then. Why go through it all if its meaningless? God can be a good escape just like a fantasy story, a larger than life film, a make believe sci-fi adventure, but not the truth but I have understood that one of the things that truly helps us make sense of our mortality, is love - the most abstract thing helps us make sense of it all. And the other is to create. To leave back something that came out of us, through our process of living. It could be a child, a piece of music, a piece of art, a film, a book, a revolution, an innovation or a healthy concious society. To love and to create is the only thing that gives us hope, a purpose, a sense to this temporary existence.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

“Human existence is precarious, terrifying and pointless - said Woody Allen. I agree with him but not entirely because there is love. Of course human existence is pointless and meaningless but then you give it your own meaning, you try to find sense in this sisyphean existence and you try to never settle for mediocrity. I mean if it all is going to end and our mortality is the only true fact, then might as well be courageous. What’s there to fear then? I often ask myself this - ‘Is what I am chasing after worth my mortality?’ - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi“I remember being enraged all the time when I was young. I didn’t understand it then. I was deeply aware of the unfairness, the prejudice, the insincerity of the society that I was growing up in. I was so acutely aware of the caste divisions, the misogyny on dinner tables, in our movies, the unsaid acceptance of misbehaviour towards women. That people would openly often in the garb of a joke would sneer at someone from a low strata of society, a different caste or a different religion, or a darker skin colour. The colour of my skin, my gender, my strong opinionated mind, my self awareness were always unaccepted and would result in sneers, jokes and rebuke. I was young and impressionable and it left me confused. Even a young mind like mine saw these problems so clearly yet others around me were numb or propagators of it. So yes, in India, to be a woman and to be relatively conscious is to be in a constant state of rage and rebellion.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

“I think one of the aspects of growing older is understanding death better. Its immediacy and it’s omnipresence. To me it’s not a sad or an abstract concept. On the contrary, the more I understand death, the more I penetrate into life. One of the beautiful outcomes of that is that there is no time for frivolities - not in life, not in friendships, not in relationships and not in my work." - sanghmitra hitaishi

“I have learnt that life is unfair, life is suffering, that people will disappoint often, that abandonment is a recurring phenomenon, that life is always inching towards the end. But I could never be a cynic. I will always be an idealist, because I have also learnt that life works both in polarities and in betweens. Yes, the world is unfair, that’s when we turn innovators. Yes, life is a suffering, Buddha happened because of that learning. Disappointment created ‘The Impressionist movement’, several poets, writers, musicians and painters. The women’s suffragette movement was one of the outcomes from the ‘fear of abandonment’. I have come to believe that around every adversity is genius waiting to unravel.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi“I have never taken life for granted, always aware of its impermanence. I have always valued the importance of ‘time’ with people who matter to me, knowing how quickly fleeting it all is. I have always given my attention and time to people I love, whole heartedly and generously. And it’s in times such as now when everything is uncertain, I feel relieved that I have made good choices no matter how irrational they may have seemed and I have no regrets. And when I come out of this on the other side. I will continue to do what I have always done with more fervour and definite urgency. I will continue to love and hope unabashedly.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

“Home. A single word with many definitions. Is it a space or a feeling? What would you do if you were stranded in a foreign land aching to get back home? Who would you go back to? To the structure with a roof or a person with a beating heart? In this time of being nowehere, would you prefer the warmth of ‘your bed’ or the feeling of ‘the hug’, where would you want to be?” - sanghmitra hitaishi

"I am a nostalgic, because I have lived a good life. I have loved, dared, failed, succeeded, lost, cried, roared with laughter, chuckled, cuddled, kissed, dreamed, felt and touched lives. I have lived a good life because I have lived every moment of my life to the deepest parts of my depths. I have never cheated on life. I have never been on auto pilot and have never taken life and the people who traverse into my life lightly. I have lived a good life because I have fully engaged with all its elements - the joy, the love, the suffering, the loss, the abandonment and the embrace." - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi“This is a story about 54 migrant labourers, en route their home states, were stranded in Palsana village, Rajasthan. These labourers were a mix of carpenters, painters, brick layers and from various such trades from different parts of India and were unknown to each other. None of them had tested positive for the Coronavirus. But the gram panchayat of the village asked them to quarantine themselves at a local government building for 14 days. They could stay amidst the villagers until the lock down is over. After that they could resume their journeys. The village administration made the best possible arrangement for these stranded men. There were clean bed sheets, cots and hygienic facilities with home cooked meals. With a team of doctors coming for regular check ups. Overwhelmed by their hospitality and care, the men felt they must give back to the village. Without a single Paisa in their pockets, the only way they could give back was by repairing and painting the school building. As we currently read this story these men are giving final touches to the building. Speaks loud and clear of the humanity that is part of our cultural heritage and identity.” - Our Artisans are the backbone of our rural economy. We are not just an Agrarian country, but an artisanal one too." - sanghmitra hitaishi

"Sound on. - 'Bombay, the city of dreams!' is a sentence that is synonymous with Bombay. The city that attracts everyone who dreams of a better life, a fulfilled life. And most of those are migrants from around the country. It’s moving to read the story of the artisan migrants in Palsana Village and their beautiful act of giving back (read my previous post) Jade by Monica and Karishma want to raise awareness to the crucial contributions of the artisan community in playing an important role in the economy of our country. I am grateful to have been invited to add my voice to it. Fashion to me has always been a coming together of creative energies, the vision of the designer and the craftsmanship of the artisan, the outfit becomes a symbiotic expression of beauty, perseverance and art. And when I become the medium to carry the genius creation and represent it, its humbling. Walking into a Jade store is equally humbling because its like walking into an art gallery. One is simply mesmerised. Jade by Monica and Karishma is global by vision and Indian by soul. One of my most favourite memories is when I wore their exquisite creations two years ago for the promotion tour of my Spanish Film El Desentierro in Spain. They empower women artisans by running a school for them and making them self reliant. Today, I would like to raise a toast to this dynamic duo designer and raise awareness for artisans who in these times need more of our support and admiration. And our love for meticulously keeping the craft and the tradition alive." - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi"Lajwanti - my first film, a title role, a world premiere at the Berlinale, and my life changed forever. Berlin is where it all began. Berlin has been pivotal in my journey both as an Actor and as a human. The city has given me a lot and continues to do so. And as a write this sitting here in Berlin, celebrating 6 years of Lajwanti, thinking how far that shy, doe eyed girl has come both in terms of her craft and her personhood. She is still shy but can easily transform into a warrior. And eagerly and enthusiastically looks forward to everything that life has to offer - the good, bad, the ugly and the fabulous!" - sanghmitra hitaishi

“We humans the mess we make! We have one job, just one job, ‘Live and Let live’ and the catastrophe we have made out of living. The mess we have made with our greed, gluttony, hunger for power. The mess we have made with our irrelevant gods and useless leaders. The mess we have made with bonding and parenting. The mess we have made with co-existing, depleting and killing natural resources and fellow co-habitants. The mess we have made with the flawed idea of ambition and success. The mess we have made with our approach to our bodies, not for self love but for appreciation and likes. The mess we have made with our role models of celebrities, reality show jokers and Instagram influenzas. The mess we have made with being okay with a quick hit of mindless entertainment. The mess we have made with our appreciation for superficial and our disdain for natural and earthy. The mess we have made by accumulating, hoarding but not accommodating. The mess we have made with our numbing loneliness and by tightly shutting the pathways to our hearts. No one goes in, nothing comes out. The mess we have made.” - sanghmitra hitaishi

"I live in Berlin. This is a list entitled Berlin Arguments : 1. A place so diverse, the first 5 people you meet are most likely going to be from 5 different nationalities addressing themselves as Berliners. Which adds to the richness of the city making it a haven for different kinds of cultures, perspectives and lifestyle. 2. It’s almost impossible to meet an ‘apolitical’ person in Berlin. Berliners have an acute sense and opinion on the politics of the world, and of their own. 3. Berliners appreciate authenticity. The more you are ‘your authentic self’ the more attention and acknowledgement you are going to get. And whoever ‘you are’ you will find your tribe here. 4. Berliners embrace the storm with an unrelenting calm. 5. A rockstar and an intellectual speaker will get similar kind of advertisement, attendance and enthusiasm. 5. They never, literally never let a crisis go to waste. The graffitis around the city will show you clearly what the people in the city stand for. 6. On a 15 minute walk in the city, you are at least going to befriend one stranger if not more. 7. Hitler hated Berlin. The Berlin Argument is a good argument." - sanghmitra hitaishi

Sanghmitra Hitaishi"Throwback to that time when I visited the graves of poets John Keats and P.B Shelley in Rome. I wrote a paper on Keats for my Masters. I have always been fascinated with the ‘Romantics’. A term used for a few contemporary english poets of their time who wrote on the themes of love and beauty. Keats was one of my most favourites." - sanghmitra hitaishi

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." - Dylan Thomas

"The beautiful thing about layovers is that one is neither here nor there. There is melancholia of the times left behind and the anticipation of the times ahead. One is suspended in what is, here and now." - sanghmitra hitaishi

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