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Patrina Morris

Patrina MorrisBorn in India, Patrina Morris always has been a guitar and voice kind of girl, however her musical journey has taken her into all aspects of music and in doing so , she has evolved into what she is today. Brought up in Southgate, North London and born to Anglo-Indian Parents, Patrina has been lucky enough to know two cultures and the most amazing of foods. After travelling extensively and living in New York and Paris, she is now living in Southern Portugal where the peace and quiet gives her the inspiration to write her songs. Her music is very much a hybrid of all the things she has learned, and everything that she loves about life which is blended with a bossa and brazilian vibe. This former fashion model turned pop singer has already worked with luminaries including Paul Oakenfold, Talvin Singh, Andre Hale (Sade), Jon Klein (Siouxsie and the Banshees), Paulo Machado and Ze Francisco Vieria. Her current band members are Joao Francisco de Jesus, Joao Pedro Guerreiro as well as Vieira.

Her years in modeling was an accident as she was discovered while working in a restaurant trying to save money for Art School. It was like a dream come true and something that Patrina never thought she would or could do, but a wonderful experience nevertheless. She has always loved music, but it was really only a dream growing up - or so she thought, but she thinks that modelling and seeing the world gave her the confidence to give it a go. Initially, she writes everything as simple guitar and voice tracks and then brings in people to play and work with her on the music. The themes of her lyrics are mainly, feelings, thoughts, experiences, conversations, and things she sees and hears. The romances, love and relationships of every kind are around us everyday on the television, the internet and in everyday life - there is no avoiding it.

Patrina MorrisShe chose to try something different by moving to the seaside in Portugal, which she has truly come to love. To be at one with nature and breathe the fresh air everyday is simple but it is never boring. Patrina was quite tired of city life and thought if she never tried, she'd never know and she has never looked back. Musically, it has been an inspiration for her to learn to play and have the freedom to write in peace and quiet amongst all that she loves. She says there is nothing like sitting outside on a summer, or a winters day, amongst the olives and lemons with a guitar, a glass of wine and a wandering mind. Patrina has released 2 EP’s in the USA (digital only), and slowly but surely her fan base is growing , but it has not been easy for her. There’s no promotion happening for her - it's just making use of MySpace.com. The Japanese (EMI) have helped her to make her first album which is basically just the two EP's but with an extra bonus track, and it's been going well there for her so far, She has had a lot of radio play and a couple of the songs have been used on Jazz, Brazillian and singer/songwriter compilations. Japan is a very specialized market and it is very difficult to break a new artist these days, with little or no budget. They had the right to use the more glamorous photos they felt were most appropriate for the Japanese market as part of our deal and they also asked me to record a ’cover’ of an old pop song. At first she wasn’t too keen on doing this, but was able to do it in her own style and in the end it fit well on the album. As a new artist, Patrina found she had to be flexible with their terms since it has put her on the map in Japan, and in the end thinks EMI did a great job for her.

Patrina MorrisPatrina thinks that the artists presentation is always important in the music industry because you see someone before you hear them begin to sing. If people are captivated by the way you look, then you have captured their attention and they will listen. Personally Patrina believes that "a little less is - maybe a little more”. In the scheme of things today according to Patrina there seems to be so much emphasis placed on women being glamorous and 'hot' but maybe that is just the fashion. For herself Patrina prefers a classic simple style rather than what's in fashion. She tries to be real and does not think that she downplays herself - it’s just the way she is. Her band started with Ze Francisco, on guitar, and Paulo Machado on bass and keyboards who helped her make her first demos and eventually the album. She met Ze, who is a musical veteran, at guitar school and he introduced her to everyone else. After she joined MySpace she was asked by several people to play “live” which was something they had planned to do anyway, but just happened sooner than they thought so they next brought in Janaca aka "Jesus" on drums and percussion and Joao on Rhodes and piano. They rehearsed and played at hotels and bars in Portugal for about a year and finally went on to play in Rome and in Germany. Morris loves to play live, because she enjoys the freedom she has with the songs onstage and feels that the audience can get into the true spirit of her and her music.

Patrina MorrisShe went to the east coast in the US recently. New York City is her old home where she lived on and off for about 3 years while modeling and Patrina has always loved it. So it was a pleasure for her to be able to go back again. The trip was really to finally meet some of the people who have been helping her with her career. She finds it strange to speak to someone on the internet every week for 2 years and put your faith and trust in them without ever meeting them face to face. The song Complicated was made into her first music video and it was all shot in Myanmar. It was one of the first songs she wrote in Portugal and is loosely based on herself. Her friend Alan Beukers, the photographer who took all the photographs for Patrinas media, cd’s and website asked Patrina why didn’t she join him on a trip to Myanmar he was planning to work on an existing project. As he had already made a few trips to the country he thought he knew the perfect spot and had a feeling that Complicated would be the perfect song. So, off they went, just the two of them with his little video camera. They made it up as they went along but also had a wonderful time discovering the country whilst shooting the video in this spectacular and timeless place where the people were so kind. Patrina feels he did a really beautiful job on the video and most people seem to think that his images of her perfectly compliment her music.

Patrina MorrisLast year was exciting for Patrina as she was able to bring out her third EP "Even in the End" released in August and is currently working on her fourth. Patrina is happy to announce the re-release of her first EP - Stories I Never Told You, EP2 and EP3 will follow in late October 2017. Her catalogue will be back up there finally and ready to stream and download and her new one will come out in January 2018. Patrina has planned a quiet Christmas at home this year in Portugal with friends and of course her beloved cats. Visit her website or her page at MySpace.com - sign up for her newsletter, listen to and buy her music, and keep up with this delightful singer/songwriter

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Patrina Morris


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Patrina Morris

Patrina Morris


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