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Coco Ho

Coco HoCoco Ho, born on April 28th, 1991 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States is a professional surfer who began surfing at 7 years old, following in the footsteps of her family.

Her brother, Mason Ho (1st Place Cold Water Classic ASP Pro Jr. 2008), played a major role in Coco's early surfing influences - he inspired her to surf as well as he was able to. With her parents allowing her to discover the joy of surfing, and Mason there to assist her Coco was set for a life in the water. But, Coco's biggest influence was her father - former pro surfer Michael Ho.

Coco earned her first sponsorship when she was only 8-years-old and at age 17, she qualified for the ASP Women's World Championship Tour. In 2009, Coco won the Rookie of the Year award.

Raised on Oahu's North Shore, Coco spent most of her time surfing the "Seven Mile Miracle”. Coco is now the new face for Volcom Clothing and lifestyle brand.

Coco Ho is without doubt Hawaiian surfing royalty. She’s the daughter of pro surfing pioneer Michael Ho, the godfather of the North Shore surf scene on Oahu.

During his illustrious 25-year career Michael won two Triple Crowns, appeared in five Pipe Masters finals (winning in 1982), eight Duke finals (winning in 1978 and ‘81) and finished No. 3 in the world. Her uncle Derek was the 1993 World Champion and a four-time Triple Crown winner.

Coco HoYet it was Coco’s older brother Mason who coaxed her into the lineup when she was quite young; he wanted a surf partner. It didn’t take much convincing, and she was soon joining him at amateur events all over the state.

Competing or not, Coco always has a huge smile on her face. She’s a relentless seeker of fun who’s often described as a blonde bundle of joy, and her surfing matches her spirit. A nickname often applied to her is Cokes and Flying Hawaiian.

After a solid amateur career she joined the Championship Tour in 2009, won the Rip Curl Search event in Portugal, and nabbed the rookie of the year honor for finishing No. 4 in the world.

While this is her tenth season on Tour, and her surfing has evolved dramatically, she’s yet to top that first go around, which is a testament to how competitive the women’s field is getting. She’s had a tough time surviving the CT cut over the last four years, but has dominated Qualifying Series events to keep her spot on Tour intact.

In 2017 alone she won three QS events in Portugal, Spain and Japan, giving her nine over the course of her career. Coco Ho may have a big smile and that warm Aloha spirit, but Coco is a serious scrapper.

In a remarkable decade on the CT it wasn't until J-Bay in 2019 that she missed an event. That year was also the first time that Ho failed to make the cut.

Coco HoAt aged 29, pro surfer Coco Ho is currently on her tenth World Championship Tour. At the moment this Hawaiian girl is travelling around the world with the Swatch Pro Team. She hits the beaches, rides waves and moves on to the next spot.

Yes, you could say she has the life many of us dream about. While most people in their twenties spend the year trying to get their head screwed on the right way, Coco Ho trains and commits her entire year to that training and being the best athlete she can be.

When asked what is the secret to staying fit and motivated and some some of her easiest hacks to becoming a better athlete. Here’s what Coco said:

“Women’s surfing and female athletes in general have had a lot of support and it’s just allowed them to shine brighter. Everyone’s talent has always been there but now it’s in the right light and getting better attention.”

“What’s driving women now is that everything’s available to us now as professional athletes. You want to win because there’s more at the end of the tunnel.”

“There are all these success stories out there at the moment for women. It’s an amazing time to be a female athlete as you have all the inspiration in the world.”

“I’m definitely a firm believer in having inspirations. I’ve always been a big fan of Maria Sharapova. Also, I met Ronda Rousey recently - her success and stories are an inspiration to me, so I’ve just started reading her book.”

Coco Ho“I love to play tennis. It’s really easy and you can do it anywhere! Obviously I love to snowboard because I get to be around it quite a bit with my boyfriend [Olympian Mark McMorris]. I always liked to find a sport when I wasn't surfing and I love those two sports a lot.”

“Snowboarding and surfing are nothing alike - technique wise, because they take a whole different type of body movement. But when I’m riding a mountain, I definitely kind of ride it like I’m surfing and that definitely helps."

"You just kind of slow everything down on a mountain, so when I get back in the ocean I try and slow everything down also - I feel every turn and draw out every line.”

“I am a firm believer in fueling the body. I can’t even process doing much of anything without food. When I wake up in the morning I eat straight away as I’m always starving."

"Even if it’s just a coffee and some granola and fruit, that’s my standard go to in the morning. I don’t have any shaped routine with my diet. I eat food all the time, and go with what I feel like eating" .

"Eat when you’re hungry and eat food that’s good. Listen to your body. Give your head a break - This sounds so ironic, because you’d think to keep your mind fit and strong, you’d do something similar to the challenge you’re about to take on."

Coco Ho"But for me, the best thing before a big surf is not watching much surfing, or not watching anything competitive. Keeping my mind off it, watching TV or reading books that have nothing to do with surfing, that’s my thing now."

"It’s not that I don’t watch surfing, I do watch a lot of it. But before contests? It’s about going surfing, feeling your board, feeling your body and then taking your mind off it somehow. Everyone works differently and less is more in my eyes.”

"I chill out with good tunes. Music is key, it can get you in a good mood and make you want to do your best. I listen to anything, my choice is whatever makes me happy and that changes with every event!”

"Remember to always enjoy yourself. I’ve been going to the same town in Portugal for seven years and I still have no idea what’s there."

"I’ve been on tour for seven years and we’ve been to the same places, but I’ve just started to go and enjoy everything a bit more."

"The first few years on tour is all about learning the spot and surf, surf, surf. I’ve kind of learned to surf and enjoy myself, by taking that time off and seeing what’s around me. It’s hard to change routine, but it’s good for you, I’ve been slowly learning to enjoy the countries I go to.”

When asked how she started surfing she said that she grew up surfing simply because of where she grew up. "The first thing to do after school on the North Shore of Oahu is go to the beach. I eventually started playing on a boogie board, then I started asking my brother to push me into waves on his board."

Coco Ho"My favorite spot on the planet to surf is anywhere on the 7 Mile Miracle on the North Shore of Oahu where I grew up. It's so cliché to say, but I really do enjoy the little things in life."

"Coffee in the morning, laughing until I cry with friends, dancing, beach days where you're so in the moment you completely lose track of time. I'm actually really just simple and appreciative of where I come from and this lifestyle I was raised to be a part of."

"Surfing is my lifestyle. It brings me peace, grace, happiness, and friends. It's probably the root of my personality - it's why I am as bubbly, chipper, and happy-go-lucky as everyone says I am."

Coco's biggest influence was her father - former pro surfer Michael Ho. "He influenced my surfing and everything else. In surfing, he's taught us the way every parent should - first and foremost, about the ocean and how to read the line up wherever we are in the world, which makes us comfortable and successful on the road, with or without him."

"In life, he's influenced me to rise above the losses - they don't remember you from that. And without saying so, he's inspired me to be forever young!"

"My parents met in the water! My mom had moved to Hawaii from Louisiana when she was just five years old. She and her sister fell in love with surfing in their teens. She met my dad when she was 15 out at Ala Moana Bowls."

Coco Ho"The most valuable advice my brother Mason gave me was about heats - he told me to 'get ugly, get aggressive - you don't always have to look so pretty and perfect on the wave.' I didn't even know how to take that, but I always think about it when I need to push harder."

"The advice I would give to young girls who want to surf is to have patience and develop ocean knowledge. Focus on those two things and everything else follows.

Also find a way to stay fit. Myself, I love making little circuits in my hotel rooms while on the road that focus on my abs, legs, or arms. I also use the Core X System, which is nice, light, and easy to travel with."

"I love light workouts as they feel like maintenance and just triggering and turning on all the muscles. But, I need a trainer to tell me when to do what if I want to workout for more than 30 minutes."

Surfing has been growing and progressing at such a beautiful pace lately and I can only see that continuing.

In the future, I see a lot more wave pools, but I can't put my finger on exactly what that will do for the sport (i.e. good or bad). So nervous!

I have so many amazing friends in the sport. Some of my favorites and dearest friends are Malia Manuel, Laura Enever, Quincy Davis, Kelia Moniz, Steph Gilmore, Sage Erickson, and Carissa Moore. I can rely on these girls for anything and we all have a really different and unique bond.

Coco Ho"When I was a part of the ESPN Body Issue it was the most out there I've ever put myself. But it was for something I firmly believe in and alongside all my heroes, so I was honored."

"Since I was 8 years old, I would always be asked in airports if I was a gymnast and I didn't know how to take it for so long. I hated having strong legs and people complimenting them. Then I grew to appreciate them and admire how beautiful strength is. So, being a part of the ESPN Body Issue was pretty surreal for me."

Coco has racked up dozens of triumphs in major surfing events, including first place in the 2011 World Qualifying Series and the Rookie of the Year award in 2009. Through the years, she’s found that the thrill of performing has amply fueled her love of competition.

“What I wanted to do was impress the people on the beach,” she says of her first time competing professionally. “I still do. Performing is my drive.” At the same time, Coco wholly embraces a sense of ease that infuses her surfing style.

“When I surf I keep things natural and graceful and never try to force anything." - Coco

Coco credits that smooth and serene approach in part to her parents, a surfing couple who met in the water. “My mom and dad never wanted to push me into competing, and that’s probably a big part of the reason why I love the sport so much,” she says.

“They just sat back and let me fall in love with surfing on my own.”

Coco Ho“My first memory surfing was going before school on a new board I got for my birthday, and coming to class with wet hair and telling everyone I went surfing before school,” she adds.

“I thought I was so cool.” But while her family also includes surf legends Michael Ho (her dad) and Derek Ho (her uncle), Coco soon became an idol in her own right.

Qualifying for the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Tour at age 17—and repeatedly voted a top three fan favorite in Surfer magazine’s Surfer Poll—Coco Ho now seeks to build on her award-studded surf career while inspiring other girls to break through barriers and pursue their passions.

Coco uses platforms like Twitter and Instagram to send out messages of courage and confidence to motivate her female fans in striving for what they love.

To further help others in following through on own their ambitions, Coco also regularly volunteers for kid-supporting charities like the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.

“My family’s left such a strong legacy with surfing, and I’m definitely going to keep on competing for as long as I can perform at my top level,” she says.

“But at the same time I want to do whatever I can to help kids go after their goals and dreams - to give them the kind of encouragement and positivity that absolutely helped get me to where I am today.”

Coco is a Co-Owner of PIRETTE and Professional Surfer from the North Shore of Oahu. Coco recently wanted to expand her energy into something more than just competing which led to getting involved in PIRETTE. "I stand for everything in the brand DNA. It's been so fun to get creative with something that is mine."

Coco Ho

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