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Mainei Kinimaka

Mainei KinimakaMainei Kinimaka, born on the 15th of April, 1998 in Anahola, Kaua'i, Hawai'i is a professional surfer, model and actress.

Mainei's childhood was filled with palm trees, surf and sand. Growing up on the exotic Hawaiian island of Kauai, Mainei and her sister Maluhia learned to surf about the same time as they learned to swim.

Encouraging their passion for the sport and helping with their progression was their father, surfing legend, Titus Kinimaka.

From longboards to shortboards, stand up paddling and tow in surfing, Titus made sure that his daughters always managed to find renewed interest in boardriding and remain aware of how much there is to love about the ocean.

Developing her competitive spirit at a young age, Mainei claimed early comp wins at the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic - giving her the opportunity to spend a little time with one of her idols, Andy Irons.

After recently graduating from high school and looking forward to having the world as her oyster, Mainei decided to dedicate her gap year to chasing the QS tour circuit. She is also an actress, known for See (2019) and The Last Manhunt.

Mainei KinimakaHer favorite waves can be found at Punta Conejo, Salina Cruz in Mexico - a surfers dream come true during the Southern hemisphere swell season of March through October.

With water temperatures approaching 80 degrees, it is a warm and adventurous winter holiday experience best enjoyed during November through March.

But Mainei's favorite place to travel to is Australia, where she says there are "so many good waves!"

Her favorite city is San Francisco, where her mom grew up which makes it nice to visit family and enjoy a change of scenery on occasion.

Both she and her sister Maluhia were taught to surf by their dad who took them out on his board before they can even remember.

From these early family activities Mainei learned many great things from her father and was inspired by her sister, Maluhia.

One of the the best things about surfing is that it connected her to her Hawaiian culture and has allowed her to create lifelong friendships around the world.

If you ask Mainei what's the best piece of advice she has ever been given she replies: "Do what you love and be grateful, the rest will fall into place..."

Mainei KinimakaHer best memory and why it was so special? "Sitting around a fire at Hanalei Bay with friends, watching the sunset and listening to Bob Marley. It was something that was a combination of all my favorite things!"

Mainei landed her first contract with Roxy Swimwear not because she was pretty or because of her exceptional bikini body.

The man who sponsored her chose her because she was the first teenager he had met in a long time who didn't have her eyes glued to Instagram.

She was a straight-A student with plans of finishing her studies before traveling full time on the WQS Tour, and most of all, because she truly loved surfing.

Mainei Kinimaka is one of the most beautiful surfers you will ever meet as well as being a great role model and inspiration for the youth of today.

Mainei grew up on the east coast of Kauai in the Hawaiian homestead of Anahola. At just four years old, she learned to surf with her father Titus Kinimaka and her sister Maluhia.

The girls grew up the best of friends and it was important they were in love with the ocean because there really isn't much else to do in Kauai.

To top it off, when your father is Hawaiian surfing royalty, it simply just makes sense.

Mainei KinimakaCan you tell us the full name and meaning of your name?

My full first name is Maineialoha. It comes from my grandfather's generation and it was a term used to describe the pleasant variable winds.

It was also the name of a song that my grandfather used to sing. Essentially, it means "gentle breeze of love".

When asked if being Hawaiian was important to her she replied:

Being a Kanaka Maoli, or Native Hawaiian, is something I'm very proud of. I love my culture, my home, and my family more than anything.

Surfing is a major way I connect with my heritage, but for me, every moment spent in nature on Kaua'i is an opportunity to learn, connect and reflect on my part as a Kanaka.

I'm extremely grateful to be able to travel the world for surfing, and I hope to be a good representative of Native Hawaiians and a positive example for Hawaiian keiki.

I'm always looking to learn more about my culture, and I'm currently in college working towards achieving my major in Hawaiian Language.

Mainei KinimakaHow does your family keep Hawaiian culture alive?

My family keeps our culture alive by being in the ocean - surfing, swimming, paddling canoe, and fishing are just a few.

I have 16 aunts and uncles, and they each have their own ways of perpetuating our heritage.

For example, my aunties, Kapu and Keala, are both masters of Hula. They pass their knowledge on through their many students throughout the years.

What was it like to grow up surfing in Kauai?

Growing up on Kaua'i as a surfer was amazing. The best part was going out and knowing everyone in the lineup. Our communities are really tight, and the surfing community even more so.

On Kaua'i, it's a lot different than the north shore of O'ahu. Not only is our population a lot smaller, but also people like my dad and my uncles did a lot to keep cameras and crowds off of our beaches and surf spots.

Now it's starting to change a lot with social media, people posting photos of the non-typical tourist locations, or people romanticizing it as a place to go on a 'spiritual journey'.

Mainei Kinimaka"But I can only hope that Kauai will never become like the north shore of O'ahu in the wintertime.

Kauai is a very special place, and I hope that people will respect it and it's people for as long as possible.

What's something you wish to tell the youth of today that you have learned through your life experiences so far?

Something I'd like to express to the youth of today through my life experiences so far would be to never do just the minimum - and not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Throughout my life, my mom always pushed me to do more, even when I thought I couldn't or didn't want to.

I went to full-time public school while traveling internationally every month for surfing, took all the most challenging courses available, and participated in extracurriculars.

It was hard to balance it all but it was definitely do-able. It showed me how much I could handle and gave me confidence.

I think this is really important for kids who surf to learn because you need to know you're capable of more in life than just surfing.

Mainei KinimakaTo be prepared in case somewhere down the road it doesn't work out for you. You always need a plan B, and having an education is really, really important.

As the daughter of surfing legend Titus Kinimaka, Mainei was born into Hawaiian royalty, but she is set on making a name for herself.

A strong young woman with the kindest of eyes, Mainei was an A+ student through school, but decided to pursue professional surfing instead of a degree.

This was the polar opposite of her sister, Maluhia, who gave up professional surfing to enroll at Stanford University to pursue an advanced degree.

Although she's earned a few keeper results on the QS, her heat total average didn't put her on this list. As a pure-blood Hawaiian, her goal is to preserve and promote Hawaiian culture. And, true to form, her surfing is a thing of beauty.

According to Mainei, her name loosely translated is "gentle breeze of love". It seems completely appropriate...

She currently lives in Venice Beach, California.

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The Mauna Kea summit is ceded land - that is, part of the roughly 1.8 million acres seized from the Hawaiian Kingdom government and Queen Lili'uokalani by a cabal of sugar businessmen and missionary descendants with US military backing - an undertaking that President Grover Cleveland called "an act of war."

The cabal gave the stolen property to the US, and the US in 1959 transferred 1.4 million acres of the property to the State of Hawai'i for purposes such as "the betterment of the conditions of native Hawaiians," as stipulated in Section 5(f) of the Admission Act. As such, Hawaiians have more than a spiritual connection to the Mauna Kea summit. They have historical, political, and economic claims to these lands as well.


This campaign will help to maintain the active presence at Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu and the Ala Hulu Kupuna where education, the continuance of cultural and spiritual practice, and on-going 'kaina advocacy in protection of Maunakea happens daily.


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