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Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye EvcenFahriye Evcen, born on the 4th of June 1986 in Solingen, Germany is a German-Turkish actress.

She is best known for her roles as Necla Tekin on Yaprak Dökümü based on the novel by Reşat Nuri Güntekin, and as Feride in the TV series Çalıkuşu, based on the novel by Reşat Nuri Güntekin.

Her maternal family are Circassians, while on the paternal side of the family they are Turkish immigrants from Kavala, Greece.

Evcen was born in Solingen and spent a difficult time in Germany with her family during her childhood.

At the age of seven, when the German Neo-Nazis started burning the homes of the Turks in the city of Solingen, Evcen's family kept the lights of their houses turned off all the time.

In Turkey, while she was on a vacation, she took part in Oya Aydoğan's program, and she introduced Evcen' to producer İbrahim Mertoğlu.

While she was studying sociology at Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine University, she received an offer to work on a TV series as an actress, so she finished her studies and moved to Istanbul with her mother.

Fahriye EvcenShe portrayed the character of Necla on the TV series Yaprak Dökümü. Evcen had her first cinematic debut with the movie Cennet which was released on the 11th of April 2008.

During the same year she was cast in a leading role in the movie Aşk Tutulması. As Evcen had not finished her studies in Germany, she enrolled in Boğaziçi University and studied history.

She later played the character Feride in the TV series Çalıkuşu produced by TİMS Productions and later acted in the movie Aşk Sana Benzer opposite her Çalıkuşu co-star Burak Özçivit.

On the 29th of June 2017, she married actor and model Burak Özçivit at Sait Halim Paşa Waterside in Istanbul.

In 2017, she ranked ninth Buzznet's list of the "World's 30 Most Beautiful Women" in which the likes of Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Adriana Lima, and Angelina Jolie were also named.

Fahriye speaks Turkish, English, German and Spanish fluently.

The first Turkish novel which she ever read was Calikusu - a gift of her sister.

Fahriye EvcenFirst success for the young Turkish actress Fahriye Evcen came with the role in Calikusu (The Wren) - a popular Turkish TV serial starred in by Burak Ozcivit.

Thas was the third film adaptation of one of the most famous novels about love that became classic of world literature.

The novel was written in 1922 by Turkish writer Resat Nuri Guntekin.

The first serial "The Wren" starred in by Turkish legendary actress of the 20th century, Turkan Soray was released in 1966.

Twenty years later in 1986 the namesake serial was starred in by Aydan Sener. The third adaptation came out in 2013 in which the leading role of twenty year old beautiful girl Faride in Calıkusu was played by Fahriye Evcen.

Her family had four kids and the youngest one was Fahriye. Her mother was an ethnic Circassian and her father was Turkish, who had moved to Germany from Greek city of Thessaloniki.

The girl’s childhood was not happy because she had to face Nazi rules when anti-Turkish riots started in Germany. Fahriye and her family had to spend hours in the darkness and stay at home most of the time to avoid possible tragedies.

Fahriye EvcenBut in spite of all troubles Fahriye Evcen managed to get two university degrees related to sociology and management.

Fahriye likes reading, especially books on philosophy, psychology and sociology. She is often compared to Italian actress Monica Belucci as they both look alike.

Fahriye tried acting at the age of 19 when she came to Istanbul to spend her university vocations. The beginning actress played a small role in the serial of Asla Unutma/ Never forget.

For the following three years Fahriye filmed in Hasret (as Songül), Cennet and Aşk Tutulması (as Pinar), but none of those serials was significant for the career of the actress.

In 2006 the actress was invited to play Necli in Yaprak Dökümü (Leaves Fall) and it became the first real success for Fahriye.

The filming process took 4 years and finished in 2010 and was a very popular Turkish television serial – a saga about a large Turkish family that moved to live in Istanbul where the family members could not even imagine what changes and challenges they would face in the big city.

Fahriye EvcenOne year later the actress filmed in Italian and Turkish melodramatic comedy Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak about a story of a student named Ekin, who came to Italy on university exchange program.

Signora Enrica, who lives in Rimini, does not trust men because her husband left her but as the exception she rents Ekin a room in her house.

The student tries her best to survive in Italy - a foreign country for her. The role of young lady Enrica was played by Fahriye and Claudia Cardinalle starred as the old lady character.

In 2011 Lying Spring/ Yalanci Bahar was broadcasted in Turkey with Fahriye in the role of Zeynep, a wife and a mother who not only takes care of her family but also runs her own profitable business.

But one day Zeynep makes a foolish mistake that changes everything. She decides to reveal her awful secret as she cannot bear living in lies any more.

In Evim Sensin/You my home Fahriye appeared as Leila, a lady who after divorce came back to her father’s although she had never got along with him.

Her heart is broken, and lives from the past of the film characters bring troubles into their relationships - For the role of Leila Fahriye was awarded as "The Best Actress of the Year".

Fahriye EvcenIn 2012 serial Veda: Esir Sehirde Bir Konak/Farewell came out.

This story is about a finance minister and his family. They are sandwiched between the Ottoman intellectuals and nationalists looking for a new future.

Kemal, one of the family members, was diagnosed a predisposition to tuberculosis. Kemal's girlfriend is worried about this fact and how it can greatly interfere with their love.

Up to now the most successful for Fahriye Evcen is Calıkusu / The Wren television serial, where the actress brightly showed her talent, she perfectly represented the personage of Faride and true nature of the character with the whole flurry of emotions.

Fahriye's partner in Calıkusu was Burak Ozcivit in the role of Kemran.

While filming Evim Sensin, Fahriye and her film partner Turkish actor and singer Ozcan Deniz began dating. The Media wrote about a possible wedding, but in 2013 the couple decided to split.

One of the reasons was a new passion of the 41 year old Ozcan Deniz - a 20 year old model named Buse Narci. Evcen decided to focus on her acting career and decided not to get married.




Year Film Role Notes
2007 Cennet Kız
2008 Aşk Tutulması Pınar
2010 Spur des terrors takiye / Takiye: Allah yolunda Sevde German, Turkish
2011 Signora Enrica Young Signora Enrica Italian, Turkish
2012 Evim Sensin Leyla
2015 Aşk Sana Benzer Deniz
2017 Sonsuz Aşk Zeynep
Year Film Role Notes
2005 Asla Unutma Pınar
2006 Hasret Songül
2006–2010 Yaprak Dökümü Necla Tekin
2011 Yalancı Bahar Zeynep
2012 Veda Mehpare
2013–2014 Çalıkuşu Feride
2014 Kurt Seyit ve Şura Mürvet (Murka)
2017 Ölene Kadar Selvi


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