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Alica Schmidt

Alica SchmidtAlica Schmidt, born on November 8th, 1998 in Worms, Germany had attained big achievements by the time she was only 21 years of age.

An accomplished hurdler and Olympian relay racer, she is not only an incredible athlete, but much in demand as a spokesperson and model.

It is a major accomplishment to qualify for the Olympics but this 1.75 meter beauty has also gained the attention of the world on Social Media where she has over 800,000 Instagram followers.

Much of the attention Schmidt receives focuses on her physical appearance rather than her athletic ability and at times this can be unwanted and even upsetting for her. She sees herself first and foremost as an athlete.

Born on December 27th, 1998, in a small town in west Germany called Worms, she was raised there by her parents, who provided her with a pretty normal childhood.

But, even as a child, it was clear that Schmidt was not your average girl - she had a unique talent that would one day capture the hearts of many.

Schmidt got her first big break as an athlete in 2017 when she was selected to be on the German national team, representing the country at the 2017 European Under 20 Championships.

Alica SchmidtThis increased Schmidt’s experience and gave her a chance to win some trophies, but it also widened her exposure in sports worldwide. Her dreams of competing on an international level was now a reality.

Schmidt took her place on the team as part of the 4x400 relay race. There were three other athletes competing with her on that team - Vanessa Aniteye, Meike Gerlach, and Corinna Schwab - together they were ready to bring medals to their home country.

And their perseverance paid off when Schmidt’s team went home with the silver medal, bringing new interest in Schmidt from across the world - but she wasn’t always sure she was so happy about some of the attention directed at her.

The fact was, that even though Schmidt had achieved success at such a young age, representing her country alongside her team, people were focusing on something entirely different than her Olympic performance.

An inordinate amount of press coverage and airtime was given not to Schmidt’s athletic ability, but rather to her physical appearance.

Schmidt is without doubt an extremely beautiful girl, and magazines and newspapers across the world became fixated on her muscled long legs and blonde hair.

She was almost appalled after all the hours she had trained that this is what people were most interested in, but this fixation on Schmidt’s physical appearance only continued to intensify. In 2017, a website called Busted Coverage named her the “World’s Hottest Track Athlete”.

Alica SchmidtThis brought Schmidt, whom already was a celebrity in her home country of Germany, a new level of fame from the United States.

It was nice to be complimented on her looks, but it was unsettling for Schmidt to be presented as an sex object when her focus was to achieve excellence on the track.

Despite the unexpected and dubious attention, Schmidt didn’t let this distract her from her ambition - she continued to build up experience in sports championships and at winning more competitions.

Schmidt continued to compete in 200, 400, and 800-meter races and also began competing in the hurdles, finding her skill there almost overshadowed her talent as a sprinter.

As Schmidt’s fame and reputation continued to spread, she found new opportunities started to present themselves to her. But even she wasn't prepared for the attention that would come.

In 2018, Schmidt competed in a hurdling championship for the first time. Running in the 400-meter hurdles in the German Championships, she finished in a very respectable 5th place, an amazing achievement at her age.

"I am very happy with the result," Schmidt said to German magazine Loox. However, always the perfectionist, Schmidt was aware that she had missed her personal best - by only one inch! Always striving to improve, Schmidt admitted that she still wanted to continue to break her own records.

Alica SchmidtAs Schmidt’s achievements continued to grow, both on and off the track, it wasn’t just within the press that she started getting worldwide attention.

Schmidt also had started her own personal Instagram channel, where she was receiving more and more followers every day wanting to see another side to the talented and beautiful Olympic class athlete.

Instagram was a way for Schmidt to engage with her fans and to choose herself what sort of content would be out in the world for people to see or read about her.

Fans also subscribed to her channel in the hope that she would share some of her health and fitness tips - figuring that she probably knows a thing or two about exercise and nutrition!

The more the numbers grew on her Instagram - the more companies reached out to Schmidt to ask her to promote their products.

She got used to getting requests from health and fitness companies to promote their products, so Schmidt was not fazed by the multiple endorsement offers.

But one was a huge surprise - she received a request from the Playboy magazine, asking if she would appear in one of their features.

To some this was a huge opportunity for Schmidt - but she had to ask herself, was this really the route she wanted to take?

Alica SchmidtDespite the huge opportunities and financial incentives offered to her for appearing in Playboy, Schmidt ultimately declined the offer.

Though it would have increased her celebrity status massively, Schmidt stayed true to herself and wanted to focus on the things that really mattered to her.

But it wasn’t just brands like Playboy that were approaching Schmidt with offers for lucrative advertising deals. She was soon asked to be part of an endorsement much more in line with her personal self concept.

The athletic clothing company Puma offered her an amazing deal to appear in their new advertising campaign and Schmidt jumped at the chance - so Puma became her official sponsor.

It soon became commonplace for Schmidt to be seen wearing Puma at all her professional events. In 2019, Schmidt was selected for the German national team again, this time representing her country at the 2019 European Athletics Under 23 Championships.

Along with her teammates, Nelly Schmidt, Corinna Schwab, and Luna Bulmahn, Schmidt travelled to Galve, Sweden, for the tournament.

The four-woman team took part in the 4x400 meters relay. Fans watched in wonder across the globe as Schmidt led her team to victory - winning the Bronze medal.

Alica SchmidtShe has achieved success in the 4x400 meter relay several times and is an experienced hurdler, she is multi-talented across a range of different events.

Schmidt competes on outdoor surfaces, in races such as the 200-meter, 400-meter, and 800-meter events. She also runs indoor track in events such as 80-meter and 100-meter sprints.

For such a versatile and talented runner, it’s no surprise that her sponsor, Puma, wanted to take her to even higher heights so they decided to take her endorsement deal to the next level.

They offered her the chance to star in a TV commercial, and Schmidt jumped at the chance. The advert shows Schmidt running throughout the German city of Berlin, showcasing her incredible speed and fitness.

It wasn’t just Schmidt’s looks and athletic prowess that were showcased in the commercial - Puma also included quotes from the running star herself in the television spot.

“There are so many misconceptions about running,” she said. “Questions like: Where do you run? And why? Of all things: Why run?"

"Is there something you are running from? Let me try and get this straight. Would you ask a flower why it blooms in spring? A newborn falcon why it’s gonna flap its wings? You wouldn’t ask the earth why it’s so obsessed with the sun. But you’ll ask me about why I run?”

Alica SchmidtSchmidt credits her parents for instilling in her a love for running and strong work ethic. But even they couldn’t predict the global attention she would get - and not just for her sporting ability.

Alica Schmidt has expressed her confusion after being named World’s Sexiest Athlete by an Australian magazine, saying “sports clearly comes first for me - I do not know why I got this title." However that tag doesn’t sit particularly well with her.

The 21-year-old runner from Germany has shot to superstardom in the last year, however not all the attention is being placed on her athletic abilities.

The 400m runner had been hoping to represent Germany at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo before the Games were postponed for a year.

Schmidt was a star at junior level and won silver in the 4x400 relay at the Under-20 European Championships in 2017. She also won bronze in the same event at the U23 European Championships in 2019.

With Germany relaxing virus restrictions, Schmidt has finally been able to get back into training as she eyes the 2021 Olympics.

“I can finally train on the track again. The last month I did everything alone or in pairs outside,” she wrote on social media.

Alica Schmidt“I am so happy to be able to train in the stadium again as usual even if nature was not that bad for the training session!”

She recently shared another photo to her 700,000 followers, writing: “My week off (because of my wisdom tooth) is almost over now.

“I hope I can start training again on Monday. It is so strange to have so much more time now for other stuff.”

Now there is fresh doubt over Olympics even in 2021. Japan’s Tokyo 2020 boss has cast fresh doubt on the Olympic Games scheduled for next year.

Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori says the Olympic Games, already postponed to 2021, would be “scrapped” if they could not take place next year.

The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government last month postponed the Games until July 2021 because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

With the epidemic's worldwide infection rate climbing and experts suggesting a vaccine is still a long way off, questions are being asked about whether the huge showpiece event might need to be delayed further.

“No. In that case, the Olympics will be scrapped,” Mori said in the interview with Japanese sports daily Nikkan Sports, when asked if the Games could be postponed again until 2022.

Alica SchmidtJapan Medical Association chief (JMA) Yoshitake Yokokura told a media briefing it would be a big call for the Games to go ahead without a vaccine.

“I am not saying that Japan should or shouldn't host the Olympics, but that it would be difficult to do so,” he said.

“Unless an effective vaccine is developed, I expect hosting the Olympics will be difficult.”

In 2018, a deadly earthquake rattled the island of Lombok, Indonesia. The earthquake was just one of several that would decimate the island, with over 500 people perishing in the aftermath.

With over 80% of the island’s structures destroyed and close to half a million people displaced, the population of Lombok was in desperate need of help.

Thankfully, several NGOs stepped in to provide relief and raise money to help rebuild the island. Alica Schmidt, who had been traveling at the time in Indonesia, decided to come and volunteer.

She insisted on visiting the ravaged island, using her social media platform to help raise awareness for the various NGOs operating in Lombok. She’s proved beauty is far more than skin-deep — but unfortunately, not all can see this.

Alica Schmidt

"For me competing in international competitions was always my major motivation. My dream is to unite with thousands of athletes from all kinds of sports and countries during the Olympic Games. This dream was postponed by Covid-19 and all international challenges were cancelled. It is up to us athletes to follow the hygienic measurements to be safe and care for our fellow athletes to stay safe. We are in this together and only together we can make a difference. And also @puma will donate $100,000 to U.N COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund."



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Alica Schmidt

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