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Florence Faivre

Florence FaivreFlorence Vanida Faivre has that gorgeous look that affects the children of mixed race marraiges in Thailand. The marraige of other ethnic groups to Thai features seem to always produce women that are especially beautiful and exotic when Thai's and most any other races get together.

Like Pim Couling - the model and host of MTV in Thailand back in the 90's. Sonia 'Pim' Couling came from the union of a British Officer and his Thai wife.

As beautiful as Pim was, she'd often tell me that there were so many exotic looking women in Thailand that even she did not stand out in a crowd.

Florence Vanida Faivre, born on the 8th of June 1983 in Aix-en-Provence in France - she is a French and Thai actress and model.

She began her career as a teen television hostess in Thailand, and later branched into modelling and acting, making her film debut starring in the 2004 film The Siam Renaissance.

She later moved to the United States, and has appeared in several films and television series. Born in Bangkok to a French father and a Thai mother, she grew up in Aix-en-Provence in France, and moved to Thailand with her family when she was eight years old.

At thirteen years of age, she started working as a television host for Teen Talk and E for Teen. A year later, she started modelling work.

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Florence FaivreAfter graduating from high school in Thailand, she was cast as Maneechan, the main character in The Siam Renaissance, a 2004 film adaptation of the novel Thawiphop.

The film was at that time "the second largest Thai production of all time." Faivre was nominated for the Suphannahong Award for best actress, but unfortunately did not win.

Faivre subsequently moved to New York City, where she initially concentrated on modelling. She has since appeared in several television series and numerous films.

John Anderson of Variety praised her performance in the otherwise poorly received The Elephant King, anticipating "a promising career, not just for her statuesque beauty but for her ability to navigate a role and character fraught with contradictions and moral shoals".

Faivre guest-starred in several TV series, including How to Make It in America and The Following, before landing a major role in The Expanse, a science fiction thriller.

The show's first episode opened with a shot of Faivre floating weightlessly through a spaceship. Faivre's character Julie Mao, "a smart and rebellious woman from a wealthy family who chooses a principled life of hardship and became involved in politically subversive activities."

She was a regular in seasons 1 and 2, whom returned for a guest appearance in season 3.

Florence FaivreIn the fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2017-2018, Faivre had a recurring role as "the kick-ass Kree warrior Sinara taking down folks with a duo of metal balls."

The 2018 film American Mirror features Faivre as well as Susan Sarandon in major roles as muses to the films protagonist.

Florence Faivre was a French-Thai actress born in Bangkok, Thailand whom was initially raised in Aix-en-Provence, France, Faivre later moved back to Thailand with her French father and Thai mother.

It was there, she entered the world of show business at the age of 13, hosting teen-centric talk shows on Thai television. Faivre made her film debut with the lead role in "The Siam Renaissance" in 2004, a high-budget fantasy Thai film.

She also starred in "The Elephant King" during 2006 - an American-Thai romance, alongside celebrated actress Ellen Burstyn. Faivre made her acting debut on American television in "Kings" on NBC in 2009, a short lived speculative fiction series that updated the biblical King David story to a version of the present.

She acted in an episode of the Kevin Bacon-led "The Following" on Fox in 2013-15. In 2014, before landing her big break with a starring role on "The Expanse" Faivre played Julie Mao, the missing daughter of a business tycoon in a future where the entire Solar System is colonized by humans.

The show was received fairly well, and was Faivre's most well-known role to that date. Her next role, however, was also high-profile when she joined the cast of the Marvel series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on ABC in 2013 - as the recurring alien character Sinara for its fifth season.

Florence FaivreFlorence Faivre grew up in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. Early in her adolescence, she and her family moved to Bangkok, Thailand where Florence started her career in show business there at the age of 13.

She was the regular host of two Thai television shows, "Teentalk" and "E for Teens", while also hosting countless programs as a guest presenter for international television shows throughout South East Asia.

Then in 2002, in her final year of high school, Florence was chosen to be the lead in the film "The Siam Renaissance" from the producers of the internationally acclaimed Thai films "Bangkok Dangerous" and "Tears of the Black Tiger."

The Siam Renaissance would be the second largest Thai production to date. She was unanimously praised by the critics for her star performance in the film, receiving a Best Actress nomination at the 2004 Bangkok International Film Festival.

Faivre then moved to New York City to further pursue her acting career. Soon afterward, she was cast as the female lead alongside Bernard Giraudeau in 'Chokdee', a story based upon the life of Dida Diafat, the world's first French champion in Thai Boxing.

Florence then took on the female lead in The Elephant King featuring Academy Award Winner Ellen Burstyn. The Elephant King premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, was a Spotlight Film of the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Florence FaivreShe then went on to win Best Film laurels at the Sacramento International Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, SoCal Independent Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, and others from around the world.

The Elephant King was released in 2008 theatrically in the United States and worldwide. Florence has also recently concluded work on "The Coffin" which made its market premiere in May 2008 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Florence Faivre has recently guest starred on television in shows such as "The Following", "How to Make it in America" and "Kings."

She now resides between New York City and Los Angeles. She has a brother, Oliver and she is of French ancestry that speaks fluent French, Thai as well as English.

"One of the many beautiful customs of my people I have grown very fond of through the last 20 years making offerings to the monks in the morning. Really wish I could do it more regularly."

"Fortunately, we have a community of people from Thailand here in Thai town, Hollywood who continue this wonderful custom here by making it possible to feed the monks who commute from various regions to collect their daily alms."

"In this case weekly, as they only gather up on Saturdays to collect the offerings to bring back to their temples to not only feed themselves but everyone else there in need."

Florence Faivre"I'd like to urge you to try it out some time and make an offering. You can make one, two, or ten - whatever you are comfortable with - a main dish, a drink of your choice, and a little treat."

"Monks sacrifice all worldly desires and comforts to take on their spiritual paths, to serve us with their teachings."

"These teachings remind us that selflessness coming truly from the heart is mere self sacrifice in whatever way, shape or form."

"That it always comes back in the greatest kinds of merits - true happiness and peacefulness of the heart, free of troubles as well as pain. Don't we all want this..?"

"I started out the New Year in gratitude, prayer, and meditation, making monk offerings at the Thai temple among the awesome Thai community here in St Louis."

"So grateful for my cousin Noel and her husband P Priew - lots of blessings your way for a terrific year ahead."

"2022 Thank you for the love, the light, and the lessons. You will remain one of my most memorable years - may the year 2023 bring us all joy, peace, good health, wealth, more love, more light as well as more lessons and more lust for life."




Florence Faivre Florence Faivre Florence Faivre
Florence Faivre Florence Faivre Florence Faivre
Florence Faivre Florence Faivre Florence Faivre
Florence Faivre



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