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Clémentine Sarlat

Clémentine SarlatClémentine Sarlat, born March 2nd 1988 in Gironde, France is a French sports journalist. Originally from the Bordeaux region, she was a college student in Gradignan and a high school student in Talence . She did 10 years of athletics at Bordeaux Students Club in the 100 meters hurdles and the long jump.

After spending a year in the United States at The Blake School Minneapolis private high school as a participant in an international exchange programs, she began studying for a history degree in Bordeaux although she was considering becoming a sports journalist.

After another year abroad, as part of the Erasmus Project in Cadiz during her last year of studies, she began a master 's degree in apprenticeship at the Practical Institute of Journalism , which she did at France Télévision.

She joined the sports department, where she worked at Stade 2 and Tout le sport for two years. Her practice of the English and Spanish languages allowed her to be often assigned to international meetings at field positions where she conducts interviews with foreign athletes.

Sarlat wais introduced to the general public on the Télématin show on France 2 where she provided sports sections.

From January 2013 to 2015, she also joined the Eurosport tennis teams covering Roland Garros , the US Open and the Australian Open .

Clémentine SarlatFrom 2015 to 2018, she interviews every Sunday in Stage 2 presented by Céline Géraud then Matthieu Lartot . She also covers rugby union as a journalist at the edge of the field for the Champions Cup and XV de France matches - commented by Matthieu Lartot and Raphaël Ibanez or Fabien Galthié .

She replaced Philippe Lafon , who became deputy editor of Stade 2 . She is also present during the two weeks of Roland-Garros where she interviewed the players at the edge of the courts.

In August of 2016, she was part of France Télévisions for the Olympic Games in Rio by presenting a daily show, Bom Dia Rio , with Matthieu Lartot from 12 pm to 13.

From September 2017, she is chosen to co-present the sports magazine Stade 2 alongside Matthieu Lartot on France 2. She begins to present the magazine in January 2018 after her maternity leave.

In April of 2018, she stopped the co-presentation of Stade 2 to present Tout le sport on France 3 during the weekend. In August 2018, she left France Télévisions after the 2018 European Athletics Championships , where she interviews the athletes after their trials.

In October of 2018, she confirmed her departure from France Télévisions and became a freelancer for BeIn Sports during the Rugby European Cup week-ends . She then always intervenes on the edge of the field during the matches of this competition, broadcast in full on the pay channel.

Clémentine SarlatDuring the Rugby World Cup of 2019 , broadcast in full on TF1 and TMC , she participated in the Mag World Cup presented by Denis Brogniart.

She is in a relationship with former rugby player Clément Marienval. In September of 2017, she gives birth to their first child - a girl named Ella.

Clémentine Sarlat was well settled at the edge of each rugby match played on France Télévisions and at the edge of the tennis courts of the Porte d'Auteuil during a dozen grand slams, Sarlat seemed destined to become one of the great figures of the sports service of the public channel that at the time was looking for renewal and rejuvenation.

Three years later, after a change of scenery: Clémentine Sarlat moved from Paris to Bordeaux, gave birth to a child, left France Télévisions , created two podcasts, worked for beIN Sports and said yes to TF1 to share her expertise at the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan.

"It's complicated, I made a choice of life," says the 31-year-old journalist. "It could have been better at France Televisions."

"I had returned to work too soon after the birth of my daughter in 2017 - I was not ready. I took on a whirlwind with the VI Nations tournament where I had to go to three different countries and it was anything but pleasant. But journalism is a job where you have to take it all in to do it well."

"She offered no more explanations on why this relationship with her employer suddenly deteriorated - the break was violent and the pill was very hard to swallow. In July 2018, Sarlat informed her employers at France Télévisions that she wants to leave the group.

Clémentine SarlatInformation travels very quickly and the team published the news a few hours later, even before her colleagues and most of her friends were even made aware.

Leaving a permanent contract and the public service is not without consequence and she knows it. "My entourage told me that I was taking a risk, that I needed to know what to do next. Although I had some ideas, I did not know what to do..."

That last sentence above, Clémentine Sarlat has stated several times - almost every time she evokes key moments of her life, from her childhood and adolescence in the Bordeaux region to World Cup rugby on TF1 through her stay in Minneapolis that will change her life .

"Going to the States was my dream ever since I was fourteen," she recalls. "I bugged my parents for years after a trip to Saint-Lary-Soulan. At the hotel, there was a brochure from the PIE France Association for language holidays for teens I read this and I know I spent hours watching their website."

But it was expensive - 7000 euros. Her parents - Dad is a print journalist in higher education and research, her mother worked for a long time in the organization of sports events before managing the works council of France 3 in Bordeaux. - but they do not have enough finances and must save.

After obtaining her baccalaureat everything switches on August 25th, 2005. She has no news for months from the association in charge of the trip, until this phone call telling her that she must leave the next day for the city of - Minneapolis. The Blake School in Minneapolis.

Clémentine Sarlat"I wanted to go to high school in the USA, I had this thing with American culture, I had to watch all the television series like Beverly Hills - with the lockers and the atmosphere. Well, I come to Minnesota and was -40 ° C in winter."

"Fortunately, as always, I was lucky. Perhaps because starting in Minnesota, I fell in one of the top ten high schools in the United States, The Blake School, where the school year costs $ 35,000."

"It was like a Harry Potter high school! And besides, my host family was great. The American dream was taking shape, but not really the way I expected it to be."

Clémentine thought that she would quietly adapt to the hardest year of her life. "I did not understand anything that was said to me, I did five hours of work every night and it took me three months to be comfortable. I am a hard worker - I did not give up."

Her parents could not come to see her in the United States (the rules were strict, she could not even go see them in France either), so she was satisfied with a phone call each week.

"It was bad, very closed, I saw a psychiatrist there, we spoke in English, it was surprisingly easier for me to express my mood in that language, by the way. and I adapted myself."

In a $ 10 million house, she took the man-to-money relationship face-to-face: "My American family was aware of the value of money and kept their feet on the ground. Some students were multimillionaires, but had a hateful attitude."

Clémentine Sarlat"I understood the saying 'money does not make you happy'. It can, however, contribute to happiness." Today, Clémentine Sarlat has resumed her freedom. To think, to exercise, to live. "But the financial aspect is a little stressful," she admits, "I'm sailing on sight."

"People have a very wrong idea of ​​what you can earn on television, they think I earn 10,000 euros per month. while I am very far away from that. My sister at 29 years old is working in finance and she earns a better life than me."

Grégoire Margotton, a journalist specializing in football on TF1 and who was the guest of one of Clémentine Sarlat's two podcasts, Spotlight, welcomes her decision: "She now accepts to do freelancing, it's brave in our job", he says.

"I did not really know her before I met her for the podcast, but I found her elegant, not speaking physically but professionally. In fact, Clementine is a little the opposite of me who has been 25 years on Canal Plus and who hopes to do the same on TF1."

"She totally changed her life. Now she must be seen to stay in the business because we can quickly disappear. Maybe she will do two months on TF1 - maybe more. But it does not matter to me. What is happening today is good for her and she has all the legitimacy to work in this environment."

Her collaboration with TF1 is a chain like no other - they follow the talents generally and Clementine is one: she has been able to establish links with the players of the XV of France since the beginning of her career, she has knowledge of the world of the oval, her information is still relevant.

Clémentine SarlatFrançois Pellissier, Executive Chairman of TF1 Publicité and Director of Sports said they were convinced that an alchemy would be created with Denis Brogniart and the consultants. What is certain is that they are very happy that Clementine is with them for this event.

"It will be very surely elsewhere than onTF1 . Clémentine Sarlat should indeed return to the rugby pitches for the European Cup on the beIN Sports channel" as revealed by Florent Houzot, Director of Qatari channels and broadcasters.

"We obviously want to have her back with us," he confirms, "It's been great for the 2018-2019 season. She breathes rugby, she brings a feminine look, has a different approach with women in the field interviews, they engage in different ways. "

As on beIN or France Télévisions previously, Clémentine Sarlat will be the only woman on the TF1 team covering the World Cup. "It's the summary of my career," she laughed

"On rugby, I've never been with another, at the 2015 World Cup, out of 70 French journalists, I was the only woman. It's great, there were remarks from time to time, but I put things straight, and I'm not doing too badly when I play rugby between reporters as I have been pretty good at athletics, I run fast, it serves me in the end, I'm not at all anymore than the other rugby journalists!"

After the World Cup on TF1, Clémentine Sarlat is expected to return to the rugby pitches for the European Cup on beIN Sports.

Clémentine SarlatIt was in the sixth grade at a school in Gradignan that Clementine Sarlat became fascinated by sport and athletics. Her teacher of EPS, Marie-Claire Lesbats, daughter of the former president of the French Rugby Federation who specialized in athletics, embarked the ten students for courses in club.

"I was strong enough in UNSS ( National Union of School Sports, Ed.), but not terrible in club admits Clementine. I was still 10th in the French hammer throw when I was younger! While my specialties were the 100m hurdles and the long jump (record around 5.30m), I got hurt, so I could not compete in those so I started the hammer throw."

"I was strong! And, of course, I still am today!" She admits to feel neither remorse nor regret not to have stepped on the tracks in professional mode.

"When I was 15-16 years old, it was complicated to tell you that you could make a living from this sport, you had to sacrifice everything for not much in return. I also find that individual sports federations have a little trouble keeping girls to develop them to the highest level."

"My high school sector was not top, very upscale. To go to the one I wanted, I had to find an option that was not in another high school so I took Russian. I spent six months on the Cyrillic alphabet."

"I am pretty good in language - fluent in English and Spanish, but I am not as strong as Anne-Laure Bonnet" ( a BEIN Sports journalist who speaks at least six languages) the Russian option would take her to the United States the year after her baccalaureate.

Clémentine SarlatHer spirit more American than ever, she returned at 18 years of age to France - forced by visa problems and high tuition fees from American universities and eager also, to return home to find her own. "I was not out of the box but I liked having a drink," she admits.

"But it's so hot when you're 18. There was also a curfew for midnight and I did not see my parents or my sister. "

After finding an American family of adoption in Minnesota, which in 2010, she finds "by someone who knows someone who knows someone - a job in South Africa for the Football World Cup. "They were looking for trilinguals who had the sense of contact", says Clémentine Sarlat.

"I spent two months in Johannesburg in a box that produced all the images for FIFA. I worked with all TVs including France."

"She was also to be in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as a freelancer. In the meantime, there will be, among others, the Amazon and Greece as a host of holiday camps (17 to 24 years old) for the CI-ORTF, the inter-company committee for public service TVs and radios.

Her experience in South Africa had thrilled her. She wanted to work without leaving for two years of study. The solution is called IPJ, a school of journalism based in Paris, which offers a curriculum alternation.

Her long research takes her to France Télévisions . "It was so good, two years of experience, the press card, the best, except that France 2 tells me that they do not keep me."

Clémentine SarlatFirst disillusionment with the public service she returns to the sports department of France Televisions. A little less than two years later, thanks to Nicolas Vinoy, then editor of the show "Stage 2": "I went to get her", he remembered.

France Televisions had come up with the bad idea to let her go, but I absolutely wanted her here: she was trained, she is very competent, curious and passionate. She is also very attached to the human and in terms of reporting it brought something really good. She has a basic kindness.

Maybe that's why, even if she knows how to be firm and does not let her feet go, that it did not go very well at the end. I regret her leaving because having a young a bilingual woman of just 30 who speaks three languages ​​fluently in an editorial department - that apart from the fact that Nelson Montfort barely speaks English and Spanish.

Immediately, Clémentine Sarlat imposes her style: pro, casual, smiling, knowledgeable, comfortable. "We had an interview with Puma, I decided to take it with me," continues Nicolas Vinoy, "it was neat: she had prepared everything, she was exchanging with him in impeccable English, she was reacting to Bolt's comments because she knew athletics - it gave a great image for the channel, for the group."

A musical chair game then allows Clémentine Sarlat to become a rugby maid. The XV of France, the European Cup, the finale of the Top 14 - it shone on the edges of lawn.

The very place where her love destiny was played out. In 2014, a player from Stade Rochelais stared at her as she prepares for a match. "He looked at me like a psychopath."

Clémentine SarlatClémentine is having fun with him while he was training - he was handsome, tanned, a real Don Juan that looked at me for an hour.

"In the headset, I was told that this player had a problem with me. As a journalist, I was not there to be a flirt. I had to be credible. It made me feel uncomfortable."

"However, the young man named Clément Marienval is not at all unknown to me - he is from Bordeaux, like me. I knew all his friends but not him. He did not talk to me that day but I just shit when he came in. I felt his eyes on my back."

"A few days later he followed me on Twitter. I followed him back to see what he was saying to me. He should not know that I knew his friends and that I was planning to put a good cleat when he was going to try to connect me.

But then, in fact, he was not Don Juan at all. He was very quiet and we started to talk, to see the friends in common that we had. We waited two months to see each other because I was covering the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Today, our 2-year-old daughter, Ella, has Rochelle as a middle name - "A love story worthy of a Hollywood movie, and it is precisely this little Ella who was going to upset the life of Clémentine Sarlat."

"I grew up in the South, it was essential for me to come back there". Arriving in Paris in 2010, to work, Clémentine Sarlat was four months pregnant when she decided to go in the other direction - "I did not see myself giving birth in Paris, so I said to my guy 'I do not know how we will manage but come, let's rent a house for all my maternity leave.' We went there thinking that we would go back to Paris one day, but as soon as we set foot there, we knew we would never come back. "

Clémentine SarlatAs she will never come back to France Televisions. Finally, not like before. For six months, she did the job, multiplying the trips back and forth between Paris and Bordeaux. But she hardly saw her husband and child. Farewell to that and hello to the unknown.

"I do not regret at all to have made this decision last year, assures the sports journalist. There were moments of doubt, of tears, of a lot of things - But I will never regret the day when I said I was leaving, I was finally breathing, I could see my daughter, my boyfriend. It's when you stop that everything opens up, you have to have a constant positive attitude."

Momentarily stressed to no longer be part of the "thing", she bounces quickly with personal projects inked in it for several months, as its podcast on sports, Spotlight. She relies on her address book to propose intimate conversations with protagonists of the sports world: Renaud Lavillenie, Laure Manaudou, Bixente Lizarazu or Vincent Clerc engage as rarely they had done so far.

Spotlight airs for the first time on February 26th, 2019. Two weeks later, it's Matrescence that comes out in podcast. "All that surrounded the birth of my daughter was a great suffering, says Clémentine Sarlat.

Rendire work was terrible ... I wanted to do something about maternity, the postpartum, the famous fourth quarter of which no one speaks, and I discovered the materscence, a psychological concept found by an American anthropologist in the 1970s, which is the contraction of the word motherhood and adolescence,France Culture and France Inter. Free, she also hosts company nights, the Oscars rugby, appointments on women's sport.

Clémentine Sarlat"I only do things that I like. I do not know if I'm going to make a good living at the end of the year. I'm a self-entrepreneur, maybe I'll start my own business, we'll see. "

People who know her and have worked with her on television do not care much for her - "Clementine is one step ahead of time, says Nicolas Vinoy, thanks in particular to this American vision of things that inspires her a lot."

The podcasts, she spoke about well before it became a fashion in France. If we use the right words with her, she goes into the project and knows that sports journalism offers the privilege of working on big events like the rugby world cup - not that she will get back in shackles to France Televisions , CDI, civil servant ...

For the first time, the girl from Gironde forced her nature to go alone to get a job: "I wanted to choose an event on which I was going to work and with whom I was going to work. I'm finally taking things in my own hands!"

For Florent Houzot of beIN Sports, "she has the skills and talent to do many different things. This does not serve his image of going on beIN , then on TF1and elsewhere. It may be a step ahead in fact."

It refers to sports rights that change broadcasters every three or four years and often lead to skills transfers from one channel to another.

"If the Olympic Games are a goal for me? Bah - It will be broadcast on France Televisions, so no. But, maybe I'll do it outside France for other channels. I dream of doing an expatriate year to work. Or work in the organization of the Paris Olympics. I do not know. There are 10,000 things to do by then."

Clémentine SarlatIn the meantime, she will try to live up to the TF1 channel, a big house. "Between each show" The Mag of Rugby World Cup 2019 " (presented by Denis Brogniart), she will return to Bordeaux, in her real new home, just finished. Just graduated, she will give some yoga classes to pregnant women or who have just given birth, will prepare her next podcasts, write a few lines of her future book. Freely.

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