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Marion Crampe

Marion CrampeMarion Crampe, born on March 31st, 1983 in Lourdes, France is a professional Pole Dancer, Contortion Performer, Dance Instructor and Competitor. She started her career with classic ballet & ballet jazz.

Then she learned street jazz and hiphop and was part of the NIKE team as a dancer for 2 years in France. In addition, Marion also performed in cabaret and burlesque shows in Paris.

Marion is incredibly passionate about dance and movement. Her superior physical condition is the result of her dedication to her dancing and from her intense commitment to always pushing on to the next level.

She has been travelling since the age of 26 when she began working at pole dancing and sharing her passion for movement, spirituality, love and humour with her students and other performers all over the world through her masterclasses, shows and competitions.

Marion is often described as the "Pole Fairy" a name that you will understand completely once you meet her.

Her classes are uplifting, empowering and make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Marion CrampeShe is a firm believer that everyone is different, everyone will tell a different story with their body and in their dancing and she embraces and develops this diversity in her classes.

The impact she has on her students has led her to win titles such as; Pole Idol 2013 and the Representin Award Most Positive Role Model in the Pole Community in 2014 and 2016.

Some of her career highlights so far have been winning the French National Championships in 2012 and coming in third in the International Pole Championships (IPC) 2012.

Performing in Show Me at Friedrichstad Palast Berlin, the biggest cabaret theatre in Europe, and performing in The Trip at the GOP theatre Hannover and Ladies Night Variety show.

During her travels she has been featured in various blogs and documentaries internationally, most notably in a documentary for the ESPN Sports Channel.

Marion CrampeModelling for unique photoshoots and photographers all around the world is another way Marion express her creative soul. She has collaborated in many original projects with clients such as the French fashion magazine Forêt Vierge.. Marion is dedicated to teaching, performing and modelling and also has a strong sense and interest for business.

She has helped to create and expand Milan Pole Dance Studio since 2010.

She is currently working on more business ideas and concepts too so stay tuned to see what Marion will have to offer in the future! Marion's pole style is a mix of dance, contortion and emotion.

"How do I feel when I dance...? Alive!"

The Pole Dance is a discipline that combines dance, gymnastics and acrobatics around a bar, combining strength, endurance, flexibility and sensuality.

This dance , performed originally in circuses where dancers danced around poles between numbers to entertain the audience and by the strippers during the 50s, was out of its erotic environment during the 90s.

Marion CrampeThe dancers can simply hold the bar, or use it to perform acrobatic figures. By 2016, there are nearly 200 pole dance schools in France.

The bar was then used as a simple support without making real figures. Even today, the Pole Dance suffers from this image.

It seemingly was born in fairground tents of Canada during the Great Depression in the late 1920's and early 1930's, when a group of dancers began dancing with use of the pole of the tent to the delight of the audience.

Burlesque made its appearance in the 1950s, but it was not until the 1980s that this discipline began to flourish and spread to many countries. In the 90s, Fawnia Mondey begin teaching the subject and produced a DVD teaching how to pole dance.

Little by little other dancers like Tammy Morris, Kelly Kayne and Katie Coates followed her example with each of her own style and fought to get the Pole Dance out of the image of strip clubs.

During their career, they strove to make this discipline known as a fabulous way to develop muscularity, flexibility, artistic sensitivity and self-confidence.

Today, Pole Dance is practiced by more and more male and female athletes from dance, gymnastics, circus and fitness professionals.

Marion CrampeThe bar is circular, hollow steel or brass , that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Fixing to the ceiling certainly gives more stability, but it does not always exist, especially in clubs with high ceilings or transportable devices.

In the United States, the diameter is generally from about 2 inches or 50.8 millimeters, the most comfortable to the hand. In Asia, the diameter is usually slightly lower than 45 mm or less.

Several versions are available and can be used for practice or aerobic . Among the materials, there is the stainless steel polished, chrome steel, "light poles" with light effects LED , coated titanium or brass.

Each of these materials has a different gripping capacity. Polished steel allows faster and smoother dance; The brass bars provide more friction which allows a better grip.

The bar attaches to the floor and ceiling. However, there are also "portable" bars which enable the dancers to ensure their performance, whatever the room in which they are to occur - such as false ceiling, ceiling too high to fix a bar and other situations.

In pole dance, the bar can be used in static or rotary ( "spinning").

Marion CrampeThere are several types of pole dance figures whose main families are:

The trick: figure fixed on the bar;
The inversions: the figures made on the bar but the head upside down
The spin: figure made in motion, which rotates around the bar
The transition: figure that allows to make a choreography by allying spin and trick
The floorwork: figures made on ground like handstand

A growing community is trying to get pole dance seriously as a sport and art. Participants meet in Australia, France, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

They are strictly reserved for non-nude participants - the aim being to focus on this dance as a sport and an art.

The first "Miss Pole Dance World" contest was held in November 2005 with Reiko Suemune of Japan winning the 2005/2006 season.

In Australia, the contest of "Miss Pole Dance Australia" was created in 2005.

Marion CrampeIn France, annual competitions take place in Paris ever since 2009.

The winners of the first edition were Laurence Hilsum and Keem Martinez. In 2010, it was won by Prana Ovide-Etienne and Edouard Doye.

In 2011, Laurence Hilsum won a second title, and Saulo Sarmiento came first among the men.

In 2012, Marion Crampe and Simon Heulle won first place.

In 2013, the winners are Doris Arnold and Guilherme Wandersen.

In 2014, Prana Ovide-Etienne won as well as Keem Martinez for men.

In 2015, Cyd Sailor and Nicolas Casanova won the Women's and Men's titles.

Marion CrampeThe project of making the pole dance an Olympic Games discipline is also supported by the International Federation of Pole Dance, which would thus like to recognize the discipline independently of any sulphurous connotation.

There are many federations Pole Dance internationally but none have been recognized by the Sport Accord 16 , the gateway to access the Olympic Games.

In Belgium, the quadruple champion of the country, Sarah Cavenaile, created a new form of competition in 2014 - the pole fusion competition.

The concept of fusion means the combination of pole dance and other kinds of dance, performing arts and / or theatrical performances as well as the mixing of ages, genres and sizes.

It encourages group choreographies of any kind and looking for a new way of conceiving the pole dance and interaction between artists and the public.

How does Marion Crampe define Pole Dance...?

"I used to say to people who had never tried it, that there is nothing really like it. You will discover parts of you, both soul and body, you never expected or thought you'd lost. It makes you feel so alive. Go for it..."

Marion CrampeBallet, jazz, hip-hop were dance genres that Marion did at various times in the early days of her career, but she admits she was not good at any of them.

"People think because of the style I represent that I am a trained ballet dancer. I did ballet and I was passionate about it like every little girl, but I was not good at it, like I wasn't good at hiphop either."

"I was more comfortable in hip-hop, but with ballet, I suffered and even my teacher said 'You're not very good at this'. But I believe I am where I am today because I stopped caring about what people thought."

"Once I had an audition with Patrick Dupond, a very famous French ballet dancer who told me I must have been training ballet for long but as the truth I told to him I couldn't really say that."

"I move as my body wants to move. Once I let go of expectations and wanting to move like a ballet dancer, that is when it became natural and that's when it started to look like conservatory trained ballet dancing."

"I was very young when I practiced these and I was not very confident in my body and yet, I loved being on stage."

"Back then I was on stage a lot dancing hip-hop and got a lot of experience."

"And sure, they all added to my journey, but since the day I decided to be enough for myself, was the most important. I dance what I feel.

"Pole dancing also gave me self-confidence, because now I know that my difference is my power."

Excerpt from www.rudvilag.hu - Read the entire interview at: www.rudvilag.hu

Marion CrampeMarion is an athlete who better than anyone else combines elegance, strength, flexibility, harmony and beauty whom also excels as a teacher and knows how to convey so much to her students.

When asked what it takes to be such a great pole dance instructor and how and when she discovered her great attitude towards it?

"I believe that each of us has, or has had, their own, sporting, artistic and educational path, so therefore there are many different types of teachers. I love to teach and could do animation forever."

"I believe since I was a kid. Before I devoted myself body and soul to Pole Dance I worked as a fitness trainer in a big and important French reality. Teaching is a real passion, and when I do it I feel super-charged."

"It is magic to transfer your knowledge and your passion to other people, getting so much in return! I also find that teaching is very inspirational."

Not all good athlete are said to be good teachers, or vice versa - what makes for a good teacher?

"I think I do things not only with my head, but with my heart. And this is always important, even when you are on the stage.

Marion CrampeOne day, sooner or later, we will stop tricking and at that point everything else will remain - what we have given, what we have received, the experiences that we have experienced."

Marion does compete, but all that much any more - even though in the past she has competed quite successfully.

"It's just that I do not like to compete - I'm a 'perfectionist' and these days I do not have the time to prepare as I would like. Although I must also say yes, I like to play more and compete with other non-competitive performers."

"Maybe sooner or later I will compete again, though I prefer to admire the new generation of athletes shine. The level is getting more and more professional!"

An excerpt from an article in Vertical Love - an online pole dance accessory store. Read the entire artical www.verticallove.it

Marion is not only graceful and fluid while dancing. She is also very expressive with conveying her thoughts into words.

The hard work and discipline required to what she does physically is extremely impressive and her mental acuity is equally so.

She is totally present in both the physical and mental aspects of whatever she is doing in a given moment.

Over the past several years Marion has traveled across the globe to dozens of countries doing workshops and performing.

Marion CrampeNote for Life: My body is Home.

"And I say to my body: 'I want to be your friend.' - It took a long breathe and replied: 'I have been waiting for this my whole life' ".

"I'm truly passionate about training and many other forms of movement. With my husband, a very dedicated and talented athlete, I got really involved with swimming and running. I've always been attracted by those "challenging" disciplines and especially with long distance running."

"After my 1st half marathon in Madrid last November, we signed up for the "original" marathon in Athens on November 13th of 2016."

"My first challenge was to manage a constant training besides my work around the world as a pole performer and instructor - not always easy."

"Today, due a little running injury that seems to be 'comfortable' on my left hip - not painful while swimming, poledancing or bending.

Thanks Lord!, I made the decision to decline, for now, my participation in this very exciting 'Life's experience' as many, who have run a marathon, say about it."

"As hard as it is to accept after such an intense and demanding training journey, it makes me deeply realize how important it is to listen and care about your body."

Marion Crampe"Your body is Home. A clever and smart vessel that speaks without words - every day I get more fascinated with the signals our body gives us."

"You have to trust your body to take care of you - you must listen carefully."

"Such a great way to share joy with other people."

"Dancing simply is part of Life. "

"If you have a beat inside you, Dance is for you."

"Daybreak's training has this special delicious taste. The world is soft and quiet. Light is gentle. Energy is rising."

"I believe that working out at 6am is more than discipline - It's a Lifestyle."

"Good morning" - Marion

Tip of the day:

"Practice of other sport activities keeps your passion for pole dance really high and also improves and develops your bodily capacities."

"Altitude morning training ( hiking ) with my husband in my home mountains of the Pyrennees: Cardio, legs and mind - are an amazing workout."

"Don't break yourself trying to fit in, just bend and adapt to circumstances."

"Sometimes it's better to remind yourself you are this tiny little part of a largest Everything. A speck of dust in the Cosmos."

"Breathe - Let it go - Make room for the new - Release."

Marion Crampe"Dance, this liberating experience, is like speaking without words.


"Since I started bending “religiously”( because I love it soooo much) my technique keeps evolving."

"Through twist masters and friends I have learnt from and shared with, even though I’m 34 years old - not born bendy (ask my mum) - a stiff human when I wake up in the morning until a few hours of warmup - I keep seeing and feeling an evolution and results."

"Definitely one of the biggest changes has been to use more and mostly active flexibility and strength through my progression."

"I have more endurance, I go deeper, I can go for longer and I have absolutely no pain afterwards (sore yes like any kind of exercise when you go for it). I’m grateful for all the inspiring ones I have met and the ones who inspire me on social medias and whom I hope to meet soon."

"Definitely it doesn’t come alone - needs commitment- consistency and belief."

"And I’m extremely grateful for my body to share this journey and for all it is taking and doing 24 hours every day."

"I love you. I am listening."

Marion CrampeMarion Crampe is a pole dancer, but by no means is that term indicative of the total woman. In addition it would be appropriate to add many other descriptive superlatives such as artist, world-class athlete, lover of life, intellectual and spiritual entity to name a few.

Every sport or creative endeavor has advocates and practitioners, but from those ranks arise a select few that can be deemed masters. Marion has achieved that level and yet seems to eclipse it and move yet beyond.

"I am blessed to be able to work with such an amazing panel of different artists and photographers."

"Beyond the magic of creative process, those collaborations have, and still do - at each new shoot, teach me to see through the eyes of different humans whom see and think beauty in an absolute unique way."

"I remember once the photo director told the make up artist to make sure she doesn’t look too pretty - not in negative sense. I heard there - in order to create the 'unusual' ".

"Each shot selected during that session for the final magazine series wouldn't be probably at first my personal choices (with my own perception of what beauty looks like)."

"Understanding and listening each time with an open and free spirit gives fully sense to each artistic choice."

"Thank you to all the amazing ones with whom I had the pleasure to create til now."

"I'm growing each time and learn to see through more angles and minds. For more to come."

Marion Crampe"A thing that Pole Dance, as with many other disciplines ( in sport, art and life ) teaches you, it is to find a certain comfort in an unknown and an out of comfort zone or situation."

"Learn through it. Understand and enjoy the process."

"How fun it would be if as an Octopus we were gifted with 8 tentacles?"

"Life's gift from Venezuala was spending the last 3 days next to an incredible magic soul The Venezuelan Shaman Muerte aka ATÓ. I learnt I felt I loved - Gracias Papà por todo. Eres grande."

"I came to Venezuala with my heart full of Love. I am flying back with more. I discovered a country, a culture, a land and most of all incredible humans and souls. Muchas Muchas Gracias mi @elimaira a ti, a tu amor di hombre Marco y tu dulces amor de hijos. Los amo. Non tengo palabras, solo Amor."

Gracias a @bubupole bubupole por estar la persona I amiga increible que sos. A @artdancestudio_poleyacro mi familia argentina por la confianza y l'amor. A todos los alumnos di Venezuala. Amo a todos ustedes. Venezuala Querida te quiero y un dia muy pronto volvero" 🙏🏻✨

Marion Crampe Marion is pleased to share her knowledge and passion for Pole and Flexibility via online classes direct from her nest/home.

During these difficult times it has been be a very positive opportunity to learn something new and encourage your body to remain healthy and limber.

Marion can be contacted at: marioncrampe@hotmail.fr

"I am looking forward to share with you."


See Marion's Instagram page below for exquisite photography of this beautiful and talented athlete and artist at:


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Marion Crampe Marion Crampe Marion Crampe
Marion Crampe Marion Crampe Marion Crampe
Marion Crampe Marion Crampe Marion Crampe
Marion Crampe

Marion Crampe Interview

Marion Crampe by Orzo Film from Orzo Film on Vimeo.



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