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Mélodie Vaxelaire

Mélodie VaxelaireMélodie Vaxelaire was born the 23rd of March in 1995 in Guadeloupe. This 24-year-old model, dancer and soon-to-be actress now lives between Paris and New York.

When Mélodie was younger she expressed an interest in dancing before being spotted by a modeling agent at the age of 18 in a supermarket in France.

Today she is the face of Chanel beauty, and this exceptional young woman is racking up ad campaigns while taking drama classes to become an actress.

Other endeavours include recording cooking videos with her grandad, a former Michelin star chef in Normandy. She has cultivated a personal style which maintains a balance between natural good taste and vintage romanticism, while always committing herself to sustainable fashion.

Living between New York and Paris, model, dancer and soon-to-be actress Mélodie Vaxelaire has cultivated a style that's nuanced and resolutely her own. With equal parts of good taste and romanticism, hers is a vintage style, inspired by the desire to live in tune with the environment.

A year ago, Mélodie and her model friend Louise Follain designed a lipstick for the brand La Bouche Rouge Paris. The color was unique and the case was refillable and eco-friendly.

"It is a project that aims to create sustainable fashion and cosmetics, which is one of the most damaging industries in the world. By changing what we buy, we can reduce our carbon footprint."

Mélodie VaxelaireNicolas Gerlier, founder of the Maison, accompanied the two models, Mélodie Vaxelaire and Louise Follain on a trip to Togo, along with the South African photographer Ulrich Knoblauch. These two beautiful models defend this positive economic project and were brought into the project as the company ambassadors..

More than one billion lipsticks are thrown away every year." The principle was simple: for every lipstick sold, a donation of 100 liters of water was made to the "Eau Vive Internationale" association.

Today, the young women are working on a new shade after going to Togo to visit the infrastructures that were created thanks to this collaboration.

Her and another model, Louise Follain, have become a part of a project aiming at sustainability in fashion and cosmetics industry.

The project, La Bouche Rouge, is to create the desire to consume differently, to fight against the use of plastic, to make beauty a circular and virtuous industry but also, to create the most beautiful lipstick textures.

Particularly motivated by thier project in Togo with Eau Vive International to give access to drinking water in isolated villages, Mélodie and Louise decided to create a unique lipstick color so that they could to give 100 liters of drinking water for each of these reds sold to Eau Vivie International. Thus the red "Folie" was born!

Louise Follain and Mélodie Vaxelaire have become ambassadors for La Bouche Rouge in Paris. Thier commitment to eradicate plastic is unique and global. ​ From the formulation process to the products and distribution in stores. ​ No more plastic in beauty.

Mélodie VaxelaireThe cosmetic industry is the third most polluting industry, after automotive and fashion. They feel the responsibility to create the desire to consume beauty differently.

Use Refillable Cases
"83% of the water of the planet is contaminated by microplastic. One billion lipsticks are thrown away each year. We are convinced that we all have a role to play and that only design and ctreativity in our lives will put an end to marine plastic pollution. We have chosen to design our cases with stainless steel which can be recycled indefinitely."

The First Eco-Refill
"We designed the very first eco-based microplastic-free lipstick refill in France which received the Sustainable Packaging Award in 2018 by Formes de Luxe. The white part of our refill is the first eco-based mechanism created for lipsticks in the world, and does not contain any microplastic. True to our zero waste values we invite you to bring back your refill to the closest point of sale."

No Silicone Molds
"Silicone molds are commonly used to brand lipsticks with a small logo. This imprint fades after a few uses while the 400 million molds required for this process each year cannot be recycled. We choose eco over ego. Where do you stand?"

No Plastic in Our Stores
"While the cosmetic industry is using plastic everywhere - mostly for ephemeral experiences in stores, we commit to a zero plastic policy for our boutiques and makeup corners. We use reusable materials only - such as marble, glass, wood, paper or metals. Our polybags are bio-based and fully compostable."

"Plastic does not belong on our lips"

Mélodie Vaxelaire"In our formulas, we manage to avoid PMMA, as nobody wants to eat microplastics. We have replaced preservatives with a natural anti-oxidant, free from animal fat, parabens and paraffin."

Thier blacklist includes:
BHT – BHA - parabens – phenoxyethanol – polyethylene – PMMA - MIT – silicones – allergens – benzophenone – ethylhexylmethoycinnam

The Red Serum
"After four years of research and 423 formulations in our own lab, we launched our Red Serum Formula. A revolutionary lip treatment, enriched in natural antioxidants and anti-aging agents. No beeswax, animal fat, or micro-plastics. High hydration power, ultra concentrated pigments, pure ecstasy."

Re-fillable Case
"Reintroducing craftsmanship and the artisanal tradition is the most beautiful way to fight the use of plastic and to put traditional know-how back into our daily lives. The saddle stitch on our fine leather cases is our artisan signature."

With her gorgeous figure, dark curly hair, big brown eyes that all accentuate an air of exotic beauty, Mélodie Vaxelaire is the quintessential sexy French girl.

"I haven't bought much new clothing since I realized how damaging the textile industry is," she has said.

Mélodie Vaxelaire"Now I build my wardrobe slowly by taking the time to try each piece and imagining how I could wear them.

Clothing must be comfortable yet chic. And always with a touch of eccentricity." Mélodie loves bright colors, interesting prints, unconventional shapes and fabrics.

Overall, 90% of Mélodie's clothes are vintage, partly for ethical reasons, and partly "because the fabrics and cuts are more beautiful".

If not vintage, she loves young designers such as Jacquemus and Marcia Wear, which is well known for its ultra-sexy slit dresses.

She has a long, vintage Chanel nude dress in second-skin knit which is long and subtly transparent.

"I found it in the Parisian vintage store "Thank God I'm a V.I.P. as it was love at first sight and I absolutely needed it - it couldn't belong to anyone else."

With a grandfather who is a Michelin starred chef, food is something very important to her family. "I grew up in an environment in which eating well was a part of everyday life. I would love to learn how to cook better and start a foodie video channel."

Mélodie also does a lot of pilates: in Paris at Reformation, and in New York City at SLT. Otherwise she does boxing alongside a coach "to relieve all stress."

Mélodie VaxelaireWith such a head of gorgeous distinctive hair with tight curls and a mat complexion, it is however in New York that the beautiful model decided to settle down for a year.

I still find that there are more Mestizo women in the profession than there were a few years ago. But in France, they unfortunately sell less. I come back to France very little because I don't have a job there, but while in New York, I work 3 to 4 days a week!

I have incredible curly hair and often hear it said in backstage that hairdressers have trouble styling my type of hair.

And yes generally, they ask me what my habits are because they know that I know my hair - I often arrive ready to go. I wet it every morning, put on my conditioner, rinse and let it air dry.

Some hairdressers dry my hair with a diffuser if it is not dry when I arrive. For the rest, they use more "greasy" products than those usually used for straight hair because mine are dry and absorb the material fairly quickly.

Today, I am often hired for my hair, in fact. It has become an asset when it was not the case in the past. Now even the other girls I meet are even jealous.

For my hair, I mainly use the "Invisible Oil" range from Bumble & Bumble. I alternate with the "Curl" range so that my hair doesn't get used to it. I always use conditioner to detangle them and I do it upside down, I comb them by orienting them towards my face. Then I let them air dry.

Mélodie VaxelaireI don't diet but I do avoid pasta and bread. I eat very little meat because I don't trust the way animals are fed in the United States. And if I eat cheese, I prefer those made with sheep or goat's milk.

I never eat corn or soybeans because they may contain GMO's. I also do not consume the processed food products found in supermarkets.

I would say that I am almost vegetarian . I tried fasting once but I was hungry the next day so it didn't work for me.

On the other hand, I eat eggs and fish. I love fruits and vegetables so I eat a lot of those and I only drink fresh squeezed juices, never industrially processed juices.

I do drink a large glass of water upon waking up and I love to put cucumber and lemon in my water.

In short, I pay attention to my diet for my health and not for my line of work and I don't have a strict exercise regime. I was not at all athletic before, even if I did dance when I was younger.

It was when I started exercising that I realized that it felt good. Most often, I will run or do Pilates on a machine. I'm not a big sportswoman, but you have to do a little - It's a question of healthy living.

A sports teacher once told me that to feel good about your body, 70% is thanks to food you eat and the rest thanks to sports and exercise.

Mélodie VaxelaireSo if I balance the two I can stay healthy and within my usual body measurements. You shouldn't have "yo-yo" eating habits either; that is to say - eat fruits and vegetables for a week and the following week eat only meat."

This is precisely how we gain weight. So I don't believe in diets. The key is consistency."

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