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Tina Kunakey

Tina KunakeyTina Kunakey, born on April 5th, 1997 in Toulouse, La Ville Rose, France, is a French model and actress.

Her father was born in Morocco then moved to France where he met her mother in the "pink city". Her parents were lovers of the Basque coast, and after leaving Toulouse and lived in Barbazan-Debat , near Tarbes, they settled in Biarritz where Tina spent her childhood until she was 15.

She studied at Victor Louis High School in Talence , but also at Lycée André Malraux in Biarritz, and then at Lycée Français in Madrid.

Kunakey signed a contract with Mad Models Management , a Spanish model agency based in Barcelona. The 21-year-old model is still a considerably fresh face, but a tight selection of high-end jobs demonstrates the obvious strength of her ability to become a supermodel.

Born in Toulouse, France to a Togolese father and Sicilian mother, Tina and her younger brothers grew up in a tranquil, countryside household. The family replaced the usual wares of childhood, television and entertainment, with sports and outdoor activities.

Her father trained her to be a professional swimmer, but that initial dream slowly gave way as another became her choice. At ten-years-old while on the beach with her surfboard, Tina was spotted by a surf brand which booked her for her first photoshoot.

Tina KunakeyAt 16-years-old, Tina moved from France to Madrid to study where she continued to work small modeling jobs. After signing with IMG, her career skyrocketed. Editorial credits for Tina include Vogue Italia shot by Ellen von Unwerth, Vanity Fair Italy, Glamour Italia, and Marie Claire.

She's appeared on the covers of Marie Claire Italia and Grazia France, shot for Dior alongside Bella Hadid, and most recently appeared in a campaign for L'Oréal. Tina markedly made her runway debut during the Haute Couture spring/summer 2017 Paris shows walking for Jean Paul Gaultier.

This gorgeous female has also found a love for acting after appearing in a music video. Since then, she has also played a role in Danny Boyles’ new television series, Trust. In addition to time spent with her close-knit family, Tina continues to trail blaze along in front of the lens and on the silver screen.

Her relationship with the award-winning French actor Vincent Cassel soon made headlines, and Tina became even more popular. The couple were later featured together on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia.

She next worked in a shoot with Bella Hadid for Dior’s 2017 campaign and appeared in advertisements by L’Oreal. She has also played a minor role in Danny Boyle’s TV series ‘Trust’. In 2018, Tina became the ambassador for the brand VOLCOM and was the cover model for ETAM, an upscale lingerie company.

Tina KunakeyIn an interview with Paris Match Tina talked about her career and her family:

When asked about her best childhood memory she replied: "It's not a moment, it's more of a period. The one where I lived alone in Madrid, when I took my freedom with my arms."

"Madrid is a city that I love. I did not know her at all before going there to live and I did not speak Spanish either. I lived in a small apartment near the French high school where I was studying. It was a total liberty!"

"Imagine at age 15?, I was living alone in my own apartment. I have always been a serious girl, but it was at this time that I started to throw my first parties."

"I have always gotten very good results at school. I was pretty shy but very dynamic. Secondly, the most important thing for me was sports. I did a lot of swimming. I even participated in the championships of France several times! I had a social life and friends, but my daily life was school and sports."

"Until the day I got hurt and had to stop swimming. It was then that I began to experience the joys of adolescence, with outings and restaurants with friends."

Tina Kunakey"I am very family oriented. My brother and sister are necessary for my balance. We talk a lot, we never lie, we tell each other everything. It's the same with my parents. My little brother is still living with them, he is 17 years old. He comes to see me quite often! Like me at that age, he does a lot of sports, boxing and rugby. My sister, she attended a film school and now works in fashion. She lives in Barcelona. I hope one day to collaborate with her."

"In Madrid, during my first castings, there was a wild side to me. But I like that, I'm a little wild. (Laughs) I was so stressed! You have to know that in this modeling world, at first, you do not choose who you work for. We have no decision-making power, we can only introduce ourselves and wait."

"Later, I went to London. Only, once again I had to start from scratch again. I did not really speak English, I had to be noticed in huge castings. But it is also in London, that I lived one of my most beautiful experiences. I did a short film of 12 minutes with the talented ASAP rapper Rocky."

"Then when I landed in Paris, I met Matt with whom I immediately liked very well. We had a lot of friends in common, we went to pretty much the same places. We always stayed on good terms. And one day he offered me this project: to be Belinda! How could I refuse? Today, I can say that Matt is a friend. He gave me real visibility in France."

"As far as social media I like Instagram . I find it interesting to be able to share with friends and other people a small part of life. But it is important of course for my visibility. On the website of my agency IMG Models there is a link that refers to my Instagram. A casting director will always look at the influence of a personality."

Tina Kunakey"Regarding Twitter and Snapchat on the other hand, it does not interest me; but never say never. On Instagram, I like the idea of photographing moments, capturing moments that will not happen again."

I already realize that you have to protect your privacy. We all put ourselves forward on social networks but when we can keep a small secret garden for us it's nice. In addition, I work with my image, I take pictures every day. So although I want to share things with people, I'm not ready to give everything."

"I think my parents are proud of me. When I made the cover of Marie-Claire Italy, my mother and my maternal grandparents were thrilled and admiring the work I had done with Koto Bolofo. They were also very happy to see me appear in the pages of "Vogue Italy" last August."

"My father has always loved the artistic style and great energy of Ellen Von Unwerth. Wherever my family is based, whether in Sicily, France or Togo, I receive many encouragements. It helps me a lot. As my parents always tell me: 'As long as you're happy, everything is fine.' This is the case today."

"My parents gave me an incredible education, thanks to them I traveled a lot, considering the world and its different facets. I speak English, Spanish, French, a little Italian. The least I can do to honor them is to stay on my own." Then she was at a beach in Ibiza with French actor/producer Vincent Cassel and the rest, as you'll see, is history.

Tina KunakeyAt first no one thought that their romance would last longer than a few weeks. The age difference of 31 years is still quite significant. But the French actor and the Italian model have been together for two and a half years, and everything says it is a completely harmonious relationship.

Tina says she is happy with Vincent, and Cassel only smiles politely.

Vincent Cassel lived with Italian film star Monica Bellucci for 18 years. At the end of August 2013, the Italian news agency Ansa reported the split of one of the most high-profile couples of European cinema - Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

Since then Cassel prefers to live in Rio de Janeiro - and in all probability, is one of the reasons for the parting of the actor with Monica - was his desire to live in Brazil. He left Monica not because of Tina, but due to his passion for living in Brazil.

He had met Tina in Ibiza quite by accident during the holidays. Kunakey has said that at first she did not even think that her acquaintance was a famous actor. Their acquaintance almost did not seem to differ from millions of other encounters on beaches. "Two people caught in the same place at the same time, who turned out to be attracted to each other. This is one of those wonderful surprises that happen in life." says Tina.

Tina KunakeyLike Monica Bellucci, Tina spent part of her youth in Italy. Her father is a native of Morocco, her mother was born and raised in Sicily. As Kunakey says, her parents have been together for more than 25 years - her mother and father are the ideal role models. "My mother is tender, never screams, a real Italian mother. The father is strict, but he is the first person I turn to, if advice is needed."

In August 2016, Tina published an instagram photo with Vincent made on the beach in Ibiza. Some of her followers got agitated and began to gossip about the significant age difference and the thought that the French movie star was in a mid-life crisis. Cassel had always been one whom preferred to not discuss his private life with the press.

The first appearance of the pair in public took place at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Paris on November 30th, 2016.

Vincent and Tina walked together on the pink carpet of the famous Victoria's Secret fashion show in the Parisian Grand Palais. It was there that Cassel officially announced his relationship with Tina. His sly smile seemed to communicate: "Are you still going to dog me about a mid-life crisis?"

Cassel and Kunakey welcomed the New Year together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2018. It was there that Cassel spent most of his time - the capital of Brazil and his home.

Tina KunakeyKunakey is has found an interest in being an actress, lately known for Trust filmed in 2018 and Etam Live Show also in 2018.

She has been married to Vincent Cassel since August 24th, 2018 during an intimate ceremony at the city hall in Bidart, France, nearly 500 miles from Paris and now have had one child together.

Kunakey had hinted at an engagement back in May when she shared an Instagram photo of the two at a red carpet with a tell-tale engagement ring emoji. Kunakey’s pregnancy was confirmed on January 1st of 2019 by the couple on social media when their daughter Amazonie is born.

In an interview with Italian Vanity Fair last year, Cassel said that “Children are the most wonderful thing that exists,” admitting he would like to have more and adding, “It is through children, my daughters and beyond that, I have learned more things.”

“They help me understand myself,” he added. Cassel has two other daughters from his previous 14-year marriage to actress Monica Belluci - Léonie, 9 and Deva, 14.

The age difference of more than 30 years between Cassel and Kunakey keeps the media talking. For the couple, however, he does not seem to be a problem.

So Cassel said in the French "Elle" : "When I met Tina in Biarritz, she was not much older than 18 years. I did not know how old she was when I met her. But you do not choose who you fall in love with."

Tina Kunakey"As a child, my interests were limited to school and football. Prior to our acquaintance, I did not hear anything about Vincent Cassel and did not know who he was until we were surrounded by paparazzi."

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