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Mélissa TheuriauMélissa Theuriau, born the 18th of July 1978 in Échirolles, Isère, France is a French journalist and news anchor for M6.

She also is an actress, writer and producer, known for Photo de famille in 2018, ForesTiVi in 2019 and Rire Pour Un Toit in 2017 and other projects

An avid news watcher from an early age, she pursued her interest in journalism by studying Journalism and obtained a DUT degree in News-Communication from the Technical University (Institut Universitaire de Technologie - IUT) Pierre Mendès-France in Grenoble.

Later she earned a Master's degree in Audiovisual Journalism from the Institute of Communication and Media (ICM) at Échirolles.

Theuriau became a newscaster on TV and became an internet phenomenon when a compilation of her reading news was uploaded and newspapers voted her the world's most beautiful news reporter.

She currently is co-editor in chief and anchor of Zone Interdite on French TV and writes and produces television.

Mélissa TheuriauTheuriau was a reporter at Match TV back in 2002, but since 2003, she has been a reporter and anchor for La Chaîne Info, where she became better known to the French general public.

She made her breakthrough as a newscaster and travel show host for LCI, the news channel and for TF1. Later that year, Melissa also began hosting Voyages, LCI’s weekly travel show.

The colorful travel program helped introduce viewers to Melissa’s more whimsical side as she explored exotic locations such as Budapest, Madagascar, Cambodia, and Djerba, among many others.

Her programs were LCI Matin (LCI Morning), the 6:40 News on LCI and TF1 from Monday to Thursday and the Voyages Travel Show on Wednesdays at 13:55 on LCI.

In May 2006, she surprised the management of TF1 by refusing the offer to be the anchorwoman of the weekend evening news of TF1, as a summer replacement for sitting anchorwoman Claire Chazal.

To their shock, and the shock of many media observers, Melissa politely declined the invitation, citing a fear of overexposure. Ironically, that very same week the French tabloid Voici featured pictures of Melissa topless at the beach.

Mélissa TheuriauUndaunted by the unwanted publicity, Melissa chose to leave LCI in June 2006 in order to join rival French network M6.

In joining the network, Melissa became the editor in chief and host of Zone interdite, a weekly magazine news show.

Melissa also hosted One Day, One Photo, a special presentation about famous photos throughout history. In June 2006, Métropole 6, another French television channel, announced her arrival for September as editor-in-chief and presenter of Zone Interdite (English: Forbidden Zone), a weekly magazine show featuring investigative reporting.

She also presents Un jour, une Photo and Deux, trois jours avec moi on the French TV channel Paris Première, in partnership with Paris Match. Un jour, une photo features stories behind iconic and historic photos.

Deux, trois jours avec moi is a weekly travel programme in which an invited guest reveals more about him or herself during a trip. In September 2006, she was appointed co-editor in chief and anchor of the influential TV magazine Zone interdite (English: Forbidden Zone) on M6.

In March 2007, she launched, with five other journalists including Claire Chazal, Marie Drucker, Laurence Ferrari, Béatrice Schönberg, and Tina Kieffer, the organization 'La Rose', which works with UNICEF to help educate girls.

Mélissa became an internet phenomenon, with fans uploading video compilations receiving millions of hits from admirers. Theuriau is reportedly surprised by this phenomenon and says: "I cannot explain it - I am absolutely not seeking this publicity."

Mélissa TheuriauIn 2006, the Daily Express voted her the world's most beautiful news reporter. She was similarly voted TV's sexiest news anchor by readers of the US edition of Maxim Magazine.

In May 2007, she was voted most beautiful woman in the world in the French edition of FHM. Paris Match has referred to her as la bombe cathodique (English: the television bombshell).

In 2006, Voici, a French tabloid, published pictures showing her topless at a beach. Her lawyers are reportedly attempting to purge these images from the Internet.

In 2010, scam websites co-opted a photograph of her to promote health treatments, the ubiquitous 1 weird old tip belly fat diets, and penny auctions - unauthorized usage of which Theuriau was initially unaware.

On the 29th of March 2008, she was engaged to the Moroccan/French comedian/actor Jamel Debbouze and the two were married on the 7th of May 2008.

They had a son on the 3rd of December 2008 named Léon and a girl named Lila in the year 2011.

In August 2012, a Harris Interactive poll for Gala Magazine, on France’s most popular couple, saw Theuriau and Debbouze ranked in the top ten most popular. They are among the most favorite star couples of the French nation.

Mélissa TheuriauComedian Jamel Debbouze and journalist Melissa Theuriau have been making perfect love for 11 years now. And of course, it is normal that there are moments more electric than others.

Very discreet about their private lives, the producer and the television host took the time to make a few confessions to Daphnée Burki on the set of "Je t'aime.

"It's healthy - arguments! We argue a lot, we reconcile quickly so that's why things don't pile up," she explained back in 2019. To manage to say it quickly so that one or the other comes around", admits Melissa Theuriau.

Knowing how to be reconciled immediately is undoubtedly the secret of longevity for a solid couple. In their 11 years of marriage, these two lovebirds have experienced numerous adventures.

They joined in marraige on a sunny day in May at the domain of the Vaux de Cernay abbey, in Cernay-la-Ville in the Yvelines. Their love for each other was confirmed by the birth of their two children : Léon born on December 3rd, 2008, and Lila three years later on September 28th, 2011.

The couple wants their children to be mostly left out of media attention and grow up as normal as possible. Since their respective births, Melissa has never wanted to reveal their faces in order to preserve a minimum of privacy.

If it is very rare that she exposes them on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but we found that when she does, Léon (10 years old) and Lila (7 years old) always appear with the back of their heads to the camera.

Mélissa TheuriauOn August 6th, 2019, Mélissa published a photo of her daughter who joined the #FillTheBottle green movement .

The goal of this eco-movement? To fill an empty bottle with cigarette butts found on the street. (the photo showing her holding the bottle without her face in the photograph)

They discovered the little girl, barely 7 years old, collecting numerous butts using plastic gloves. Her mother, very admiring, wrote at the time:

"Our children do not let go of them". Her humorist daddy, also very proud, shared a second snapshot of this moment with the subtitle: "Bravo my daughter, I love the idea of this challenge! "

Melissa is involved at M6 Group with La Foundation. La Foundation, a development tool for business and human cohesion, aims to support audiovisual activities being offered to inmates, and the reintegration dynamics initiated by the Ministry of Justice.

As Melissa states: "We talk about equality of opportunity, but what do we give to those who are serving long sentences in France? If we advocate for a better life together, it is essential to consider the fate of those who are deprived of freedom.

Having paid their debt, everyone is entitled to a second chance. Consideration, psychological reconstruction assistance and project development that can allow anyone to find his place, even after being cut off from social life for a long period of time.

Mélissa TheuriauLet us work for the release of inmates from prison to never again return. I am delighted that the Foundation M6 chose this noble courageous and little publicized cause which aids to successful reintegration of the French prison population..."

Most couples who are famous personalities one day end up collaborating on some professional project, but nothing could be less likely to happen with Mélissa and Jamel.

They also have a good reason to never contemplate it: "We are the opposite of each other," says the 40-year-old journalist.

"I work to get people to look at all of the difficulties of the world - Jamel works to bring them comedy and laughter."

Different ways of doing things that do not however prevent them from having this "deep desire to shake up the clichés".

Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze still love each other as on the first day of their marraige.

But sharing such strong feelings for each other will never allow them work together, however.


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