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Priscilla Mezzadri

Priscilla MezzadriPriscilla Mezzadri is a French fashion model who was born on the 19th of February, 1995 in Chambéry, France. She splits her time between Paris and New York, This exquisite model has started a solid career in the fashion world.

As for getting scouted, Instagram is where it all began. Priscilla shared her personal pictures as well as of photo shoots on the social media website back in November of 2015.

Priscilla Mezzadri is a relatively new model who has a tremendous amount of potential. She has over 80,000 followers on Instagram where much of her work with top international photographers can be seen. Being a model is her passion.

Mezzadri is a fashion model famously signed with Wilhelmina International and has also signed to Modelwerk and Ace Models - primarily known for her print work. Both she and Daniela Lopez are models who have signed with the Wilhelmina agency.

Her boyfriend is renowned model and Instagram sensation Corentin Huard. She has one sister. Priscilla studied Law at Université Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry, France. She possesses her diploma from law school.

Although her last name my sound a little Italian she is neither living in Italy or Italian descent, but is 100% French and has been living in Paris and New York City for about 2 years now. She originally hails from a little town in the French Alps called Chambéry.

Priscilla Mezzadri"As a model, my body is my work tool: it means that I have to be on point all the time, for castings, jobs or important events. Thanks to my mom, who always said it, I grew up with the idea that the more a woman is natural the more beautiful and attractive she will appear.

I use my face and body for my job, so I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, on the contrary, actually. I don’t really know a lot about makeup, but I know a lot about skincare products. I am really too lazy to spend too much time in the bathroom every morning, so I’m pretty quick!

After I take a shower, I wash my face with a power cleanser from Dr. Brandt that I love. I also exfoliate my skin with the Osmoclean Mask from Institut Esthederm to remove all the dead skin and keep it soft.

Then, the most important step: hydration. I usually put the Ceramidin cream from Dr. Jart which is very moisturizing yet it doesn’t leave my skin oily!

Then, I chose the under-eye concealer from Laura Mercier, which I put all under my eyes. I just can not do without it now, as it highlights my whole face.

After that, I use the Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier. This is one of my favorite products, as this powder is loose and gives me very natural skin!

Priscilla MezzadriThen, I put on the pink blush from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, that highlights the cheeks area and stays very natural - I always have it in my bag.

Finally, I apply a little bit of Clarins mascara to make my eyes look bigger. I love this brand and especially the brush. And for my lips I need something very hydrating, so I use the pink oily gloss from Clarins: it smells like candies and stays looking great for hours.

For my hair, every day I put on Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/Uv Protective Primer before curling it, to protect and hydrate it. I curl my hair a bit to keep it wavy, and that’s about it!

We cannot ever tell you this enough but, the following is an absolute must:

Do a daily workout

Have a good sleeping routine

Hydration - you must drink a lot of water

These are the keys to keeping beautiful skin!

Priscilla MezzadriHow I do a perfect cat eye? For that, I use an eyeliner and a kohl pencil. I start by applying a bit of gold eyeshadow on my eyelid, then put some kohl inside my waterline, above and down to really intensify the look.

Then, I trace a thin line of eyeliner on the upper eyelashes’ root, just to define the line of the eye without it being too much.

I once tried to do smokey eyes for an important event, but I completely failed at it. I put my dark shadow in a very bad way, too high on the crease and too much on the side, so I did exactly look like a black swan - but, it was really too much!

Emily DiDonato on the “Gemey Maybelline” campaigns has such hypnotic big eyes and such a very angelic face, just about every kind of makeup can fit her! For me, she’s one of the most beautiful women ever.

Enough of veggies and workouts... I just can't wait to be back at f****** cheese, a french baguette and Christmas chocolates now...!

I always used to restrict food and do a ton of workouts for my job, then I needed a break...

Those last days have been very beneficial for my physical and mental health.

Priscilla MezzadriI have not done a real workout in 20 days - just some hikes or swam a bit, but I wanted to give my body a rest.

I have eaten a bit more without counting calories and I feel so much better. I didn't gain weight.

I just enjoyed life, those precious moments without overthinking, training or restricting food quantities.

A lot of people would say sexy is about the body. But to me sexy is a woman with confidence, I admire women who have a very little fear in life

Some people will say that I inflict too much upon my body, by training everyday and fasting. But it’s actually this way since I’m 5. I’ve always done tons of different sports, Tae kwon do, Muay thaï, athletics, dance, skiing, soft bodybuilding, horse riding along those years.

It’s a NEED, I feel so much better after training, physically as well as mentally. Usually I’m not training everyday tho as I’m always on the road, with the jet lag etc.

It’s important to always listen to your body, if I’m tired I don’t train, if it’s laziness I do. All what matters is to find the discipline you like, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing it’s not working out anymore

Priscilla MezzadriBetween 2 cans of paint, bees and adhesive tapes, made some fresh polas early morning for my agencies. Thank you @zones.paris & @mehdifitness for having pushed my body during the past 2 months.

I trained harder, everyday, to be honest, I ate better, and I enjoyed the process. Still fighting against my old demons and the restrictions I imposed myself to keep being leaner and leaner, but I can say that today I’m feeling healthier than ever.

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been to, and all the memories we’ve made along the way

If I had to qualify this year I’d say it’s been a real roller coaster.. A lot of joy and beautiful moments, but also some very hard times, that made me become even stronger.

I’ve made some mistakes because I’m young and human, but those steps definitely made me grow. I’ve been working like crazy all year long, from Miami to New York, Italy to Colombia, France, Germany, Switzerland to Qatar.

Always on the road thousands of miles away from family and friends, but definitely worth it. I think my secret for happiness is to live every single day as if it was the last one, it’s a different perspective that makes you appreciate everything.

My goal for the rest of 2020 will be to spend more time with them, because life is so short then you have to enjoy e-ve-ry damn second. Tell them how much you love them.

Priscilla MezzadriAlso, I’ll release each toxic influence in my life to focus on my own happiness. Always look back at where you’re coming from, what you’ve accomplished, and be PROUD of you.

We use to compare ourselves way too much to others people, and we forget our values, our strength. Everyone walks at his own rythme, life’s not a competition.. Make yourself a priority, and focus on the little things that make you happy everyday.

Always believe in yourself and your dreams, if so, they will come true.

Proud to represent this state of mind for the new @zadigetvoltaire fragrance Girls Can Say Anything.

I’m so excited to finally present you my new project with @zadigetvoltaire for the new fragrance Girls Can Say Anything. It was such an important project for me, because I’ve been able to share my own personal story.

I chose the claim PROVE THEM WRONG as it meant a lot to me. I’ve always wanted to be a model somehow, but I never really talked about it to anyone as I knew they would quickly break my dream.

I remember when I was studying law in my hometown I began to think more about starting a modelling career, but I got so many critics and hard words from some people.. Like :

Priscilla Mezzadri

Come on Pris, you come from a small city in the Alps, how do you wanna get noticed..?

Modelling is not a profession

It only lasts 1 year and you’re gonna have to take drugs

Modelling is not for you, you better study to have a reel profession and money

Modelling is only for Parisian people

I just never ended up listening to those people, and I worked very hard to be where I am today. When you want something, you get it.

However, you know, I thank those people because they gave me the energy and the motivation to stay strong in my mind and to PROVE THEY WERE WRONG.

Priscilla Mezzadri


Bust: 33"






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