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Chloé Domange

Chloé DomangeChloé Domange, born in Aix-en-Provence, France, is a actress, singer, model, producer and writer. Her mother is from the American deep south and her father is French. Her family moved due to their work several times while she was growing up, so from an early age Domange was able to travel extensively. She lived in such diverse locations as Saudi Arabia, Reunion Island, Mali, and Hong Kong. As she grew up her adventurous spirit would have her travelling around the world and eventually landing her in Los Angeles, California. In her childhood Domange loved to read books and would often be found writing fantastic and imaginative tales.

By the time Domange was eight years old she had become quite passionate about writing, and had developed a deep love for books. During her high school years her imagination, love of writing and love of books coalesced, and she became enthralled with films. She elected the study of film as her major in high school, and directed her first short film, Mystery, in her sophomore year. She was intrigued by French New Wave Cinema, and had an appetite for classic films from directors such as Agnes Varda, Francois Truffaut, and Claude Chabrol. The Jacques Demy film, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, starring Marc Michel was an especially favored work. At the age of 15, Domange took a class trip to the Cannes Film Festival and the experience left her in awe. She adored the lights and glamour of the red carpet, and began attending the festival on a regular basis.

Chloé DomangeShe was romanced by the vibrant fashions and the revelry of the festival, and so was drawn to go into modeling. By the time she was 17, she had become an accomplished model who was working the showrooms during Fashion Week in Paris. One evening, Chloe was approached by an American film producer about an acting job for a production called California Stories. It was a travel show designed for the European market, and was set to begin shooting in Los Angeles. Domange gladly accepted the role, and was off to get her first taste of life in the southern California City of Angels. Once she set her foot on the ground in Southern California, she felt as though she was home. The city was full of mystery and intrigue with so much to see and do, and she couldn't wait to get in front of the camera for the travel show. She shot several episodes on location, travelling to exciting destinations such as, Las Vegas, Yosemite, and Hollywood.

On the advice of her family after California Stories had finished shooting, Domange decided to return to France in order to attend law school - knowing full well that she would someday return to the City of Angels to fulfill her dream. Domange entered the first year of law school in Aix-en-Provence, where less than half of the students who enroll in the first year, make it through to the second. It is known as one of the most challenging and demanding courses of study in all of the French higher education system. Her studies required much of her time, energy, and focus, and increasingly her attention was drawn away from law school to the passion growing in her to become an actress. She remembered that when she was very young, one of her teachers had urged her mother to enroll her in acting lessons at a local theater, and while working on the travel show, it had become clear to her that she loved to be in front of the camera.

Chloé DomangeWhile still in law school, Domange decided to take theater courses. Being such a natural, it wasn't long before a casting director spotted her and thought she was perfect for a part on the French daytime drama Sous Le Soleil. Chloe got the part which turned into a recurring role on the hugely successful soap opera, which has received acclaim around the world. She was performing a remarkable balancing act - working her way through law school with double majors in business law, and international taxation, while at the same time working frequently on Sous Le Soleil. The Master's degree program required Chloe to place her focus on securing and completing an internship in a law office in order to graduate.

She chose to move to Hong Kong since it is a hub of activity in the business world. Hong Kong was magical to her and she fell in love with the city, and to this day it holds a special place in her heart. While in her internship, Domange wrote a business plan for a precious metals corporation that was positioned to take advantage of market trends and within a short time she was made Vice President of the company. Although success in Hong Kong was at her fingertips, she could no longer deny the pull to pursue a career in acting. Always the adventurer, Domange went against the advice of family members and set her course for Hollywood to continue to pursue an acting career. For the second time in her life Domange stepped off of the plane in Los Angeles and again it felt like home. It felt like where she was supposed to be. With very little money, she took a series of odd jobs to make ends meet. She didn't know the lay-of-the land very well and had her share of brushes with difficult times.

Chloé DomangeDomange successfully navigated her way through what can seem like a mine field to anyone living in Los Angeles, even to those who are natives. This learning experience, coupled with her desire to help others, was the inspiration for her first book, How To Become A Real L.A Girl The ultimate guide to making it in L.A!. The book is based on her multifaceted experiences of acclimating to life in the entertainment capital of the world. It is a fun and insightful read for anyone. It is full of simple, but powerful words of wisdom that have the ability to resurrect forgotten dreams, and give life to new ones.

In her book, Chloe is quoted as having given these words of advice:

"All you need to do is trust in yourself."

Epitomizing these words since moving to Los Angeles, the actress and writer has tenaciously forged her own path into the heart of the city, and brought the words of her book to life. Her diligence and determination have earned her an astonishingly long list of accolades in what seems to have been the blink of an eye. The talented artist has been featured in several television and film productions.

Among the list of projects in which she's been involved, one role came her way that was sentimentally special for her. She had the opportunity to work with French actor, Marc Michel, who played the male lead in the 1964 classic, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which still holds a special place in her heart. Keeping busy, Domange completed work on an independent film, 40 Sundays, in which she not only starred, but also produced, co-wrote, scored, and casted, as well as, wrote and recorded seven original songs for. Incredibly, within the span of three days, and without any prior formal training, she learned to play the piano well enough to perform Eric Satie's Gymnopedies for the soundtrack. It is a classical piano piece that only an experienced musical prodigy would attempt.

In one feature film production, Domange was called upon to play the role of a deaf person. True to character, she quickly learned sign-language and pulled the role off with grace and ease. In 2011 Domangee finished work on a film, We the Party, directed by Mario Van Peebles, starring Michael Jai White, which features a long list of talented performers including Snoop Dogg, Orlando Brown, The New Boyz, and The Rejectz. From an early age it became apparent that Chloe was destined to entertain and to tell a story. It has been the common thread in her life - it was what nudged her, as a child, toward a deep adoration for stories, books, and writing. It empowered her fascination with the medium of film and television. It has been the wellspring that has given life to her passion and inspiration, evident in her resolute, unyielding, and insuppressible sense of purpose.

Chloé DomangeChloé possesses an exotic beauty and style that is unique, redefining class, elegance, and grace. In one blink of an eye she has shown herself to be a force in Hollywood. In the blink of another she will have become a cinematic tour de force, so keep your eyes on her.

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Tout est encore possible 2011

Dogg After Dark (TV series) 2009

MANswers (TV series) 2008

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Chlo� Domange
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