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Emmanuelle Béart

Emmanuelle BéartEmmanuelle Béart, born on the 14th of August 1963 in St. Tropez, on the French Riviera is a French film actress, who has appeared in over 60 film and television productions since 1972. She won a César Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film Manon des Sources in 1986. She has been nominated a further seven times for Most Promising Actress and Best Actress.

Béart is the daughter of Geneviève Galéa, a former model, and Guy Béart, a singer and poet. She lived with her mother, brothers, and sister on a farm in Gassin, not far from Saint-Tropez in Provence (southern France) because her father, French singer and poet Guy Béart, didn't want the children to be affected by the glamour world of Paris.

When she was in her late teenage years she spent her summer vacation with the English-speaking family of a close friend of her father in Montreal, Canada. By the end of the summer the family invited her to stay with them and complete her baccalauréat at Collège international Marie de France in Montreal.

Béart landed a part in the 1976 film Tomorrow's Children. During her teens she appeared in bit parts on television. When she graduated from the Collège International Marie de France in Montreal, she returned to France to attend drama school in Paris. Soon she was cast in her first adult role in a film, and in 1986 she recieved acclaim with her role opposite Yves Montand, in the film Manon des Sources.

For her performance in this film she won the 1987 César Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also won the Silver St. George award for Best Actress at the 19th Moscow International Film Festival for her starring role in the 1995 film, A French Woman.

Emmanuelle BéartIn addition to her award for Best Supporting Actress, she has also been nominated for 7 César Awards for Most Promising Actress and Best Actress in the following performances:

Nomination for César Award for Most Promising Actress
1985 – A Strange Passion
1986 – Love on the Quiet

Nomination for César Award for Best Actress
1990 – Les Enfants du désordre (Children of Chaos)
1990 – La Belle Noiseuse (The Beautiful Troublemaker)
1993 – Un cœur en hiver (A Heart in Winter)
1996 – Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud (Nelly and Mr Arnaud)
2001 – Les Destinées Sentimentales (Sentimental Destinies)

In the 5th of May 2003 issue of the French edition of Elle magazine, Béart, at the age of 39, appeared nude with a younger man - with the entire print-run of 550,000 copies selling out in just three days. It was the biggest-selling issue in the fashion magazine's long history.

Emmanuelle BéartIn the mid-1980s, she began a relationship with Daniel Auteuil - her co-star in Love on the Quiet, Manon des Sources, A Heart in Winter and A French Woman. They were married in 1993 but got divorced in 1995.

Béart was also romantically linked to music producer David Moreau after she separated from Auteuil and to film producer Vincent Meyer for two years until his suicide in May 2003.

She has two children: Nelly Auteuil born in 1993, and Johan Moreau born in 1996. She married actor Michaël Cohen on 13th of August 2008 at Genappe in Belgium, but they separated in 2011.

In addition to her acting career, Béart is also known for her social activism. She is an ambassador for UNICEF, and has made headlines for her opposition to France's anti-immigration legislation.

In 1996, she made headlines when, defending the rights of the "sans-papiers - or people without papers" meaning illegal immigrants, she was removed from a Paris church after her group’s occupation of it.

In March 2012, Béart spoke out against plastic surgery in Le Monde saying that she regretted having an operation on her lips in 1990 when she was 27.

Emmanuelle BéartWhen Emmanuelle was 13 in 1976 , she saw Romy Schneider in the movie Mado. From that time on, she wanted to be an actress. In Emmanuelle's teens, her parents sent her to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for four years, so she could learn English. There, she was engaged for a Robert Altman movie that was never made.

After returning to France, she took drama classes and got her first TV role, in Raison perdue in 1984. David Hamilton, the photographer/director, was impressed by her beauty and gave her a role in Premiers désirs filmed in 1983. She met her spouse-to-be, Daniel Auteuil, while making L'amour en douce in 1985.

The film that made her famous in France was Manon of the Spring, filmed in 1986, in which she played the role of a blonde shepherd dancing nude in the fields. Director Tom McLoughlin chose her out of 5,000 candidates for her first Hollywood picture, Date with an Angel in 1987.

Emmanuelle is very sensitive and is a perfectionist. For the part of Camille in the film Un Coeur en Hiver she took violin lessons for an entire year. Her biggest success was as a nude model in the art film La Belle Noiseuse in 1991, which starred Michel Piccoli and was directed by Jacques Rivette.

Emmanuelle was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

Emmanuelle BéartKnown for her social activism, she is an ambassador for UNICEF, and has made news for her opposition to France's anti-immigration legislation.

She is the half-sister of photojournalist Olivier Guespin, Lison Guespin and Charlotte Guespin, from her mothers relationship with Jean-Yves Guespin and Sarah Cerieix, Ivan Cerieix and journalist Mikis Cerieix from her mothers relationship with Jean-Jacques Cerieix.

Emmanuelle was hiding her secret grief at the suicide of her boyfriend just days before as she strolled down the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival where she was one of the judges in May of 2003.

Despite looking happy when they were last seen together at a friend's wedding on the 29th of March 2003, Meyer was reportedly upset at a controversial nude photo shoot Beart did for ELLE magazine this month which featured her with a younger man.

Emmanuelle declined to comment to interviewers at the film festival about her loss. After the journalist commented that things didn't seem to be going well for Beart, she responded, "No. But it will be OK. It is not because we are in Cannes that we can pretend."

When the journalist said that an actress would know how to pretend, she responded by saying, "The more time goes by, the less one pretends. I am less and less of an actress in life."

Emmanuelle BéartWhen she appeared on the cover of French Elle magazine pictured naked on a Mauritian beach, Frenchmen flocked in their droves to their nearest news-stand. The edition sold out in just three days. The explanation was simple: "It was to say, 'Look, I'm 40, this is my body, these are my curves, I like them and I'm proud of them.'"

It was not Béart's first public appearance unclothed. At 23, she came to the world's attention as the enigmatic mountain girl in Claude Berri's much-loved Manon des Sources, skipping through the woods in the buff.

Five years later, in Jacques Rivette's acclaimed 1991 film La Belle Noiseuse, she rarely had clothes on playing a model posing for a great artist.

"It's wasn't my ass I was exposing," she noted at the time. "It was my soul."

But after two decades in the public eye, there's little to suggest that French gentlemen – and a surprising number of French ladies as well – are any less enthralled by an actress they regard as nothing less than a national treasure.

Béart's once stated that she went very far in destroying her face on screen – has always had an ambiguous relationship with her looks, however. Her activism arrest, aside from attracting death threats to her, left her employer, Christian Dior, none too happy. Seen on the demo with unbrushed hair and sporting a scruffy raincoat, she was criticised in the French media for neglecting her image.

"My looks mean nothing to me," she stated. "If anything, they are a hindrance."

Emmanuelle BéartFrom her politics to her acting parts, Béart has certainly become more provocative as she has grown older. Take her role in Nathalie, the hard-hitting 2004 release in which she played a prostitute hired by a woman to seduce her husband.

She denies that she's compelled to play sexually motivated characters just for the sake of it. Or that she does nudity at the drop of a hat.

"Usually, there's really a reason. I don't give my body to everybody," she protests. "But I've never said it was a problem. On the contrary, it's a source of creativity. Sometimes you feel more naked when you're totally dressed than the other way around."

Still, nothing in her CV compares to her role in Vinyan, the visceral new English-language drama in which she stars with Rufus Sewell. They play a couple who lose their son in the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, which claimed the lives of 225,000 people from 11 countries.

Refusing to believe he's dead, their search takes them into the jungles of Burma and towards their very own heart of darkness. Directed by the Belgian film-maker Fabrice Du Welz, the film draws a great deal from Apocalypse Now, with its depiction of madness in the mangroves, nevertheless, it does so with the greatest of respect.

Emmanuelle BéartDuring the production of Vinyan the filming conditions were less than wonderful.

"Every day, I was just saying to myself, 'Be brave! Go out! You can't get sick. You can't.' You don't heal there. Every time a member of the crew got ill, they just couldn't go on."

During the filming she picked up an ear infection that meant she couldn't hear properly for much of the time, but she struggled on. "I was talking to myself a lot," she admitted.

She claims she's well-equipped to deal with hardships, having worked with Unicef, visiting very difficult countries for 10 years.

"I know what to eat and drink, I know how to protect myself," she said.

Among these difficult countries were Sierra Leone, where she watched efforts to demobilise and re-educate children who fought in the country's civil war, and Vietnam, where she helped inaugurate a credit system enabling women to become self-sufficient.

So what made her stop? "The real reason was after being a witness for 10 years. I had the impression I had to pass the job on to someone else. It was healthier."

Emmanuelle BéartOver the years, Béart has developed a reputation as a perfectionist – from spending 18 months learning the violin for Un Cœur en Hiver to prowling Parisian bars in search of prostitutes on which to model her character in Nathalie.

In all this time, her English-language roles have been infrequent and until Vinyan, mainly unsatisfying. Most famously, she played Tom Cruise's squeeze in Mission: Impossible. She has not kept in touch with Cruise: "I have no TV, thank God," she remarked. "I haven't heard anything about Tom Cruise, except that he had a baby, I think."

In 2006, she co-starred with Harvey Keitel in the little-seen thriller A Crime, but seems to have no desire to forge a Hollywood career. "I get many offers, which is weird because I don't even have an agent in Hollywood. After Mission: Impossible, the offers came like machine gun bullets - one after the other. All the exotic womens roles for a while.

"I was not interested. I would rather do Polish, Russian, Greek - it's not important for me where it comes from. It's the director, the way he wants to tell a story. That's the very most important thing."

Since Vinyan, Béart has completed Mes Stars et Moi, reuniting her with Catherine Deneuve, with whom she co-starred in the critically acclaimed 8 Women in 2002. Béart plays a star being stalked by a fan, something she's experienced for real.

"Usually, I notice it and I stop it. I say, 'C'mon. Let's have a coffee.' One of them really became a friend. I told him - 'You're going to stay there for hours, freezing cold. Come in the trailer and we'll have a coffee. Tell me where you come from.' And he was like, 'No, no, no thank you!' I said, 'If you don't - I call the police.' So he came in my trailer and he's a friend now. A real friend."


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Selected filmography


Year Title Role Director
1983 First Desires Hélène David Hamilton
1986 Manon des Sources Manon Claude Berri
1987 Date with an Angel Angel Tom McLoughlin
1988 Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator Eva Édouard Molinaro
1990 Captain Fracassa's Journey Isabella Ettore Scola
La Belle Noiseuse Marianne Jacques Rivette
1991 I Don't Kiss Ingrid André Téchiné
A Heart in Winter Camille Claude Sautet
1994 Hell Nelly Claude Chabrol
1995 A French Woman Jeanne Régis Wargnier
1995 Nelly and Mr. Arnaud Nelly Claude Sautet
1996 Mission: Impossible Claire Phelps Brian de Palma
1997 Don Juan Elvire Jacques Weber
1998 Time Regained Gilberte Raoul Ruiz
1999 Season's Beatings Sonia Danièle Thompson
2000 Sentimental Destinies Pauline Pommerel Olivier Assayas
2001 Replay Nathalie Catherine Corsini
8 Women Louise François Ozon
2002 Strayed Odile André Téchiné
Searching For Debra Winger as herself Rosanna Arquette
The Story of Marie and Julien Marie Delambre Jacques Rivette
2003 Nathalie... Nathalie / Marlène Anne Fontaine
2005 Hell Sophie Danis Tanovic
2006 A Crime Alice Parker Manuel Pradal
2007 The Witnesses Sarah André Téchiné
Disco France Navarre Fabien Onteniente
2008 Vinyan Jeanne Bellmer Fabrice Du Welz
2010 Nous Trois Marie
Ça commence par la fin Gabrielle
2011 Ma compagne de nuit Julia
2012 Bye Bye Blondie Frances
Télé gaucho Patricia Gabriel
2013 Par exemple, Électre Chrysothémis
2014 My Mistress Maggie/ The Mistress
2014 Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles Iris Dupin
2015 Beyond the Known World Louise


  • Le grand Poucet -1980
  • Zacharius - 1984
  • Raison perdue -1984
  • La femme de sa vie -1986
  • Et demain viendra le jour -1986
  • Les jupons de la révolution - 1 episode 1989
  • D'Artagnan et les trois mousquetaires - 2005

Emmanuelle Beart - Vinyan


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