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Alisa Tsitseronova

Alisa TsitseronovaAlisa Tsitseronova, born March 30th, 1990 in Tallinn, Estonia is a dancer, instructor and choreographer, whose home is Tallinn, but who is known all over the world. The goal of this beautiful young woman is to inspire people through dance and generate memorable emotions in them.

She is not only an Estonian dancer, choreographer and the co-owner of D-Lux Dance Studio, but a talented performer as well. She has performed on stage with Mos Wanted Crew for the World of Dance, WildaBeast crew for the Michael Jackson Tribute Show, and at World of Dance Moscow 2016, among others.

She started posting videos of her dance and choreography on her YouTube channel back in 2006. She has also performed at the BET Experience at LA Live in 2016.

In addition Tsitseronova choreographed a dance to Beyonce's song 7/11 featured on her YouTube channel. She is also a vegan and an Instagram star

Alisa has been dancing for the last 24 years. "I started ballet at the age of 8. I was a very modest girl and didn't want to train, but my mother had other plans. Since she had once been a dancer herself and she wanted me to become a dancer also."

"At the moment, I am very grateful to my mother for this decision, because dance definitely made my life better. It always made me, and still makes me, very happy," says Alisa. She also can evidently thank her mother for passing the genes along to her that made her an extremely beautiful woman.

Alisa TsitseronovaHowever, Alisa did not stay with dancing ballet for long, because she felt compelled to try different styles, such as contemporary , jazz, competition dance, folk dance, and others.

When she became acquainted with hip-hop dance about 13 years ago, it was a turning point. "I realized this is it ! I fell in love with street dance styles, started training and developed myself in this field," she says.

She now conducts master classes around the world in different countries like: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, China, USA, Romania, Austria, Macedonia, Slovakia, Greece and Thailand.

Alisa is a leading choreographer in dance camps around the world such as: Fair Play Dance Camp in Poland, Idance Camp in Italy, MyDance Camp in Russia, ICC Camp in China, Black Sea Dance Camp in Romania, Dynamic Movement in Austria, February HipHop in Spain, Atmosphere Camp in the Ukraine, Quality Dance Summer Camp in Spain, Moove Dance Camp in Germany and Asia Camp in Thailand.

Dance is a magical therapy. Alisa says that dance is a very big part of her and she can no longer imagine her life without dance. "Through dance I can express my emotions and experiences."

Alisa TsitseronovaHowever, by dancing with others, you can share positive energy", she says. "Dance is really like magic therapy, which has helped me and a lot of people feel better in life. Dance always makes anyones mood better. Thanks to dance, I have met so many nice people and made many good friends, and most importantly - my loved one."

Alisa also believes that dance is the most enjoyable way to keep fit and physically active. She herself has not been involved in other types of physical training because there was not enough time - besides dancing, and regular trainings ensured very good form anyway.

Only in recent years has she started going to the gym to train her body even stronger. "Dancing strengthens the mind, memory and body and improves coordination. Dance disciplines a person through training and teaches you to get better when you do hard work. All this also helps in everyday life." says the dance coach.

Last year, Alisa, along with her Greek boyfriend and dance partner Joseph Tsosh, participated in the NBC TV show "World of Dance," where they reached the third round.

World of Dance, is an unparalleled dance competition series where the winner will receive a life-altering grand prize of $1 million. In partnership with preeminent global dance brand World of Dance, the series brings the world's elite dancers together to compete in epic battles of artistry, precision and athleticism.

Solo artists will compete against duos and crews in an unlimited range of dance, including hip hop, krumping, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, clogging, stomping and more.

Alisa Tsitseronova"Dance rivals any sport for its ability to produce world-class athletes and powerful performances that entertain, inspire and unite people from all walks of life", said Meredith Ahr, President of Universal Television Alternative Studios.


World of Dance is a dance show that first aired on May 30th, 2016. The duo Les Twins from Paris won the first season. There have been yearly broadcasts since then and one was aired in 2020.

Alisa Tsitseronova is an Estonian and Joseph Tsosh a Greek dancer and choreographer.

Alisa Tsitseronova from Tallinn and her partner Joseph Tsosh participated in the dance program "World of Dance" on the US TV channel NBC. The couple stood before the judges again and won their hearts.

As for this dance show, Alisa and Joseph had to challenge three dance boys from the group Elektro Botz. Alisa and Joseph danced to Judge Ne-Yo's "One in a Million."

Alisa TsitseronovaWhen judge Jennifer Lopez asked Alisa and Joseph if they were afraid of Elektro Botz, Joseph replied that the gentleman could not be afraid of three children. Alisa and Joseph defeated the Elektro Botz trio and advanced to the next round.

"The story was very good. I found myself drowning in your performances, which is a good thing that you were able to get me there," praised for-profit Judge Derek Hough.

Ne-Yo said he loved the performance of Alisa and Joseph. "Good job. It was technically very smooth and in sync, but we know you can do it. I don't know yet how good competitors you are," he said.

The couple's first performance was on a television screen in mid-July, when they had to demonstrate their skills to judges such as show producer and singer Jennifer Lopez, profit dancer Derek Hough and musician NE-YO.

However, she considers her greatest achievement to be able to travel the world, provide training and workshops and share her art. A girl from Tallinn really does it all over the world. This year she can be found in workshops and dance camps in Italy, China, Spain, Russia, Thailand.

"My main job is providing training abroad, but sometimes I also do training in Estonia. I give choreography training or so-called urban choreography, where I teach programs based on hip-hop or RnB music. My style is rather a mixture of different styles that have been most influenced by hip-hop." she explains.

Alisa TsitseronovaAs a dance coach, Alisa wants to teach people something new. Be it new steps or a new way to work with yourself in order to become a better dancer. "My most important mission, however, is for people to have fun working with me for 1-2 hours . Even if someone has a bad day, they should be able to forget it in training."

As a dancer, Alisa knows well how important clothing and footwear are. "Clothes are very important. It is extremely important to me how comfortable I feel and whether I like what I see in the mirror."

"The clothes must be comfortable, fit my body type and lifestyle. For dancing, I often choose clothes from the oversized and men's departments." says Alisa.

She adds that the right size, comfort and stability are also important for shoes, and style must not be forgotten. "I have been buying Nike shoes for 11-12 years and I do not intend to change the brand, because they are the most comfortable for dancing and wearing in my free time."

"The sole part is always designed so that the feet do not get tired or painful when wearing them. In terms of appearance, they are also super stylish."

"Unfortunately, over the last few years, the choice for me has narrowed significantly because I no longer wear anything resembling animal skin."

"However, I hope that in the future I will have even more choice and Nike will move towards a more cruelty free principle."

Alisa TsitseronovaAlisa is a happy person who can work with a loved one, which is both a hobby and a job. "Dance plays a very big role in my life. This is my favorite activity and at the same time my main job - my livlihood. This is a magic combination , for which I will be grateful for the rest of my life."

"Dance is a big part of who I am today." says Alisa. She is very pleased that, thanks to her mother, she came to the right place to start at a very young age.

For those who have not yet found their way, the dance coach advises to listen within and be patient. "We should not rush. Try to figure out what makes you happy and if you feel it's right, go all in wholeheartedly! Don't align with trends or do anything because others do. Find yourself in what you really love." suggests Alisa.

Vita Pictura’s second season of short documentary series called VP MEETS will start with Alisa Tsitseronova - a dancer, choreographer, model, vegan and Instagram star from Tallinn, Estonia.

Vita Pictura approached Alisa two months ago, and have now produced two episodes about her life. The first episode is about her dancing career you can watch below. The second episode will be about her decision for becoming vegan and passion for cooking various vegan recipes. This episode will be released a bit later in June.

Alisa Tsitseronova has a strong Instagram presence and recently has hit one hundred thousand followers. Her choreography video with her boyfriend Joseph Tsosh was shared by online platform and social media website 9GAG. Video reached over two million views and brought them new popularity.

Alisa Tsitseronova

Right now, due to the pandemic Alisa is teaching urban styles of dancing to the wide range of students in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova
Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova
Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova Alisa Tsitseronova

Alisa Tsitseronova



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