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Emily Meets World - British Nomad Teacher
Years ago, while Emily was teaching physics in the UK, she took a trip to South Africa and Botswana back in 2008 and was consumed by the travel bug on the spot. When she got back home after 3 lovely months, the travellers blues descended upon her and made her decide to live and work in Madrid for 5 months before returning to the United Kingdom to complete her teacher training. Unfortunately, it took her four more years before she worked up the courage to follow her dream of living her life permanently on the road. She finally gathered her wits about her and took the big leap of faith in February 2012 and ever since has never looked back or given it a second thought. She sold her car and all of her possessions to enable her to scrimp together every penny she could get her hands on for this trip of a lifetime.

She has visited numerous interesting countries and experienced life changing events such as diving the Great Barrier Reef to meeting wild orangutans in the Sumatran rainforest, being awed by the mighty Grand Canyon to her dream of a big 5 safari in the Serengeti. These days she divides her time between travelling the world, especially on the continent of Africa, to working at her new found job as a governess at a cattle station in Australia. Currently in Peru she has been to twenty-six countries after a short hiatus in the UK to work on her blog and catch her breath. And by the way, she speaks Spanish, not that it probably did her all that much good in Africa, but likely came in handy in Peru and will also be invaluable in Bolivia where she will be going next.

"I had crammed in more animal and plant facts than I thought possible. I learned about ecology, geology and astronomy and can now proudly say I no longer have to call for help if I get a flat tyre!"

"That beautiful corner of the Earth called Mashatu truly captured a little piece of my heart; with its uninhibited wilderness as far as the eye can see it is impossible not to love it. On our very first night we were welcomed by a stunning female leopard tucking into her most recent kill, an unfortunate impala."

"Apparently not satisfied with this, on the second day Mashatu delivered us a cheetah and her two tiny cubs, also feeding on a kill! For the next four weeks we delighted in a pride of 9 lions relaxing in the ebbing sunlight, yet more cheetahs - this time with 3 sub-adult cubs. Also numerous incredible elephant encounters and, one of my personal highlights, a family of hyena and 3 cubs playing outside their den, cheekily sneaking right underneath our car!"

"But our sightings were not confined to the activities. Because our camp is unfenced and right by the river, the elephants love to drop by for a quick drink each evening and often hang around for a tasty munch on the trees outside our tents well into the night."

"Being woken up by an enormous elephant chomping, sucking and rumbling just a few metres from your bed is such a wonderful, intimate experience that I genuinely would miss them the nights they decided not to come."

"The feeling of peace you experience when sharing just a small moment with these gentle giants is incomparable. I truly believe that immersing yourself in nature is a tonic for the soul and after an entire month without a single text message, email or Facebook notification, living in a simple bush camp amongst such incredible wildlife, my own soul was feeling totally rejuvenated."

"We had our last sundowner at Mamagwa, a spiritual place steeped in history and housing the famous Rhode's baobab on top of the hill - Cecil Rhodes famously carved his initials into the baobab on the night he camped here while trying to find a suitable route for his railway line across Africa."

"Almost a hundred years later, the initials are still clear to see, as well as the reason why he chose such a magnificent place to carve them. Tomorrow I left Botswana to begin the second phase of my professional field guide course in South Africa. This certainly was not a relaxing holiday but, so far at least, it proved to be one of the greatest experiences of my life."

For more of Emily's story head over to www.africanquiver.co.za and read about her encounter with a 5 tons of wild elephant.

Or if you are in need of professional travel services then Emily is the girl to contact - you could say she has a bit of travel experience.

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unique women of the world

unique women of the world

unique women of the world

Worldwide women are asserting themselves and taking charge of everything from the corporate boardroom to more artistic and unique positions in the world of art, design, cuisine and adventure travel. On the African continent women are raising themselves into postions of power in politics, the arts and business. Women are no longer to be kept within stereotypical confines and are no longer asking for empowerment, but are simply taking charge over their lives and the situations and events that affect them. Above are just three of these self empowered females.


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