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Carmen Soliman

Carmen SolimanCarmen Essam Suleiman (Arabic: كارمن عصام سليمان‎) born on the 7th of October 1994 in Zagazig, Al Sharqia Governorate, Egypt is an Egyptian singer and actress, better known by her stage name of Carmen Soliman.

She won the first season of Arab Idol in 2012 broadcast live on MBC, winning a recording contract with Platinum Records.

After grueling rounds of televised eliminations, and critical evaluations by celebrity judges Ragheb Alameh, Nancy Ajram, Ahlam and Egyptian music producer Hassan El Chefai, Carmen Soliman was chosen from all the other contestants to become the first winner of the hit series on March 24th , 2012 with the highest number of votes.

Her first single, “Kalam Kalam” was released on March 4th , 2013 jumping to No. 1 on the Egyptian charts, and her first album was released in January 2014.

Carmen followed with numerous hit singles, including “Akhbari” and “Azama Ala Azama” a trio with fellow Idol contestants, Dounia Batma and Youssef Arafat.

Carmen was given the award of Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt for the best voice sub-16 years old. Hani Shaker, an Egyptian singer, introduced her in his concert in Opera House in Egypt and expressed his admiration of the quality of her voice.

Although Carmen Soliman was born in a conservative family, they supported her choice to pursue her dream to become a famous singer. They allowed her enter multiple talent shows and programs such as Modern Star and Arab Idol.

Carmen SolimanHer fame has been on the rise since her participation in Arab Idol on MBC 1 when she arrived at the final stage and competed for the title against the Moroccan singer Donia Batma.

She opened for and presented Hani Shaker in his concert at the Opera House where he expressed his admiration for her voice and her ability to deliver her emotions to the audience through her voice.

When Arab Idol’s judges heard her voice on the second day of the first stage of the auditions they were blown away. Ragheb Alama said he believed that Carmen Soliman would have a definite spot in the finals of the show although she was only 17 years of age.

Carmen got the higher number of votes and was awarded the first Arab Idol title on Saturday, March 24th, 2014 with a management contract and production of her albums coming along with the title for becoming the first Arab idol.

She also got a contract to become part of Pepsi Cola’s and Chevrolet’s advertisement campaigns in the middle east. Her first video clip exceeded 2 million views in a little over a month.

Carmen Soliman performed live concert at Cairo Opera on June 18, 2019 as part of Cairo Opera House’s Summer Festival.

Carmen SolimanMagdy Saber the Egyptian Opera House head, explained that a special program has been prepared for the summer festival which is set to take place in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhur.

Soliman is a young Egyptian singer who caught the eye of her voice in the Arab Idol shows, which won the title in her first season in Arabic in 2012, also released one album entitled “Akhbari”.

Soliman does not hesitate to post new pictures with her sister Farah, who is two years younger and looks much like her. Carmen and Farah are like twins being very similar to each other - so much that many do not even differentiate between them.

Carmen and Farah are similar in looks and size, and also in voice. Farah has a good voice, but she does not have any plans to be a singer like her sister.

The young Egyptian singer Carmen Soliman expressed her disaproval of Dounia Batma’s marriage with a married man.

“If my husband decides to remarry, I will leave him immediately without hesitation or regret,” said Carmen, alluding to Dounia Batma who married with the Bahraini Mohamed Al Turk, a married man.

Carmen Soliman“I’m not for early marriage, but Dounia Batma is quite old enough (22 years). I would personally prefer to finish my university studies first,” Carmen Soliman said, according to Al Quds Al Arabi.

Stating that she is unlike Donia Batma, the young Egyptian singer added that she is very jealous and much prefers to be the only wife of her husband.

“As far as I am concerned, Donia made a mistake when she married a married person, who perhaps has children, at a time when women in her country are struggling to break with polygamy,” wrote a comment on Al Quds Al Arabi.

The Moroccan singer Donia Batma announced previously that “she is happy and proud to be the Gulf millionaire’s second wife”

Batma’s marriage with the Bahraini millionaire, which took place in one of the luxurious hotels in her home city, Casablanca, stirred a big controversy in Morocco.

Soliman herself was married to Egyptian composer Mostafa Gad in Cairo on a weekend in November of 2016.

The engagement party took place in Carmen’s house amid the attendance of their close friends and family members.

Carmen SolimanThe couple tied the knot in one of new famous Cairo hotels، on April 4th، 2017. Soliman and her husband composer، Mustafa Jad have welcomed early 2018 their first child، a baby boy they named، Zain.

To be the most beautiful of brides Carmen Soliman had decided that one wedding dress wasn't enough, and that's why she wore two gowns to celebrate her wedding day!

She first wore an off-shoulder wedding dress designed by Yousef Al-Jasmi, and then she wore a sleeveless wedding dress designed by Samo Hagras.

For both of her bridal looks, Soliman had her hair styled by Osama Darwish and her makeup done by Alaa El-Tonsy. Also, she wore an extravagant diamond jewelry set from Iram Jewelry.

Disney will release an Arabic edition of its latest animated musical fantasy film “Moana” that will feature dialogues in the Egyptian dialect.

Arab pop singer Carmen Soliman will sing songs for princess Moana in the movie while Luma Sabri will voice the character’s dialogues. Actor Abdullah Saad will dub for the legendary character Maui.

Carmen SolimanDisney’s move is the first response to Egyptian actor Mohammad Hunaidi’s recently launched campaign “Disney in Egyptian.”

Disney recently announced that Aladdin, a Middle Eastern folk tale film will be turned into a live-action feature film with a full Middle Eastern cast.

The 1992 film was set in the fictional Arabian sultanate of Agrabah, loosely based on Baghdad, Iraq.

She was also a cast member of Al Helmeya Nights in 2016 - a long running television series and in We Love Life - a video short in 2018.


Arab Idol Winner 2012
DG Best Rising Female Singer 2013
Mema Music Awards Winner 2013
DG Best Youth Female Singer 2014
Mema Best Youth Female Singer 2016
Mema Best Youth Female Singer 2017
What's Happen Best Youth Female Singer 2018
Washwsha Best Youth Female Singer 2018

Carmen Soliman Performances in Arab Idol
First casting (Cairo) : "Magadir" by Talal Maddah
Second casting (Beirut) : "Yana Yana" by Sabah
Top 10 Girls : "Meen Da Elli Nseek" by [*Nancy Ajram*]
1st Prime : "Ana Fintizarak" by Umm Kulthum
2nd Prime : "Abaad Kontom" by Mohammed Abdu
3rd Prime : "Zay El Assal" by Sabah
4th Prime : "Mathasibneesh" by Sherine
5th Prime : "Seedi Wesalak" by Angham
5th Prime : "Ya Rub" by Marwan Khoury and Carole Samaha
6th Prime : "Mostaheel" by Warda Al-Jazairia
6th Prime : "La Tebki Ya Worood El Dar" by Najwa Karam
7th Prime : "Ya Mounyati" by Abdel Mohsen El-Mohanna
7th Prime : "Adwaa El Shohra" by Carole Samaha
8th Prime : "Ana Albi Dalili" by Laila Mourad
8th Prime : "Ma Yhimmak" by Yara
8th Prime : "Alhin Ahebak" by Thekra
9th Prime : "Bala Hob" by Rouwaida Attieh
Final : "Wallah Oyonak" by Samira Said
Final : "Enta Omri" by Umm Kulthum
Final : "El Rasayel" by Mohamed Abdu
Final: :"Helwa Ya Baladi" - Dalida

Carmen Soliman Medleys in Saturdays' results Show

1st Prime's Results : "Bebasata" by Saber Rebaï
2nd Prime's Results : "Sabri Aleel" by Sherine
3rd Prime's Results : "El Hawa Tayer" by Assi El Helani
4th Prime's Results : "Ana Bdeera" by Majid al-Muhandis
5th Prime's Results : "Sho Akhbarak" by Nawal Al Zoghbi
6th Prime's Results : "Abali Habibi" by Elissa
7th Prime's Results : "Ala Rasi" by Kadhim Al-Sahir
8th Prime Results : "Ebn El Geeran" and "Mashi Haddi" by Nancy Ajram
8th Prime Results : "Sit El Habayeb" by Fayza Ahmed

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