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Melisa Aslı Pamuk

Melisa Aslı PamukMelisa Aslı Pamuk, born in April 14th, 1991 in Haarlem, a city ​​in the west of the Netherlands was selected as Miss Turkey held in the TIM Show Centre in Istanbul on June 2, 2011 and won the title of Miss Turkey 2011.

She would later became an actress and model. She was crowned Miss Turkey on Thursday the 2nd of June 2011.

As the official representative of her country, she competed in Miss Universe 2011 held in Brazil but did not place in that competition.

Pamuk accepted the crown from Gizem Memiç, Miss Turkey 2010 beauty pageant title-holder. She enrolled on a Psychology degree at University of Amsterdam but abandoned it later due to her desire to focus on her modeling career.

At the age of 18, she participated in the Best Model of Turkey modelling contest and was selected as a model for the future.

In 2011 she participated in Miss Turkey as one of the contestants and became Turkey's most beautiful daughter.

She is the daughter of a family from Iskenderun, Turkey and is fluent in the Dutch, English, German and Turkish languages.

Melisa Aslı PamukShe first started her acting career in 2012 as Diamond - a character in GDO KaraKedi.

She began her modeling career in 2005 and landed her first acting work in 2012, when she joined the series ine Yer Gök Aşk ve and gave life to the character of Sevda .

In 2015, she became known to the audiences with her 'Asu' character on the television series iyle Kara Sevda on Star TV.

Launched in 2018 on Show TV screens, Elçin Sangu, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Alperen Duymaz have starred in Lawyer Cemre Gür ekran.

Melisa Aslı Pamuk, who won the beauty contest in 2011, first started her acting career in 2012 as Diamond character in GDO KaraKedi.

She was awarded Best Supporting Actress for Kara Sevda at the Ayakli Gazete TV Stars Awards in 2017.

In being elected a beauty queen, the beautiful actress does regular exercise and does not neglect the details of daily care.

I do sports, drink plenty of water and wash my face with cold water. Sport helps my skin glow with health and water is a cleansing and moisturizing agent for the body and skin.

Melisa Aslı PamukMy mother's skin is incredibly beautiful. I've hardly ever seen her in make-up - just a mascara. I look at myself as an example.

She always tells me to wash my face with cold water and apply sunscreen to keep my skin from staining - and I listen to her. Since I have freckles, I use SPF 50 sun protection cream every day.

Every day I do sports for an hour and when I don't then I feel bad. Sports is very important for health, as well as removing sweat and toxins from the skin and is very useful for the body.

When I wake up, I wash my face with cold water and then apply moisturizing cream and sunscreen. I make a mask every two weeks with the clay I have collected from the Saklıkent Canyon down on the Antalya-Muğla border.

It is the most natural way to destroy black spots and promote soft skin.

Charlize Theron is a wonderful woman and great example! It's like she's getting younger with her age. Of course, I take my mother as an example. It's my icon with positive energy, determination, smile and love.

Reflecting her natural beauty in every photograph, Melisa Aslı Pamuk doesn't like to use makeup. Her photos are examples of different makeup styles of the famous actress who uses only mascara in her daily life.

Melisa Aslı PamukWhat three characteristics do I define as needed to be a beautiful woman? She shouldn't always have a smile on her face, she must be self-confident and clever.

My hair is very natural and there is very little makeup on my face. Light make-up brings emotion and expression to the fore in photographs.

Pamuk filed a criminal complaint in the prosecutor's office, stating that she had been threatened by her former girlfriend Elif Atbaş, whom she no longer claims friendship with, for 'being sliced ​​in her face'.

Elif Atbaş was alleged to have threatened: "We have inappropriate images. I will disgrace you." So, there was a criminal complaint filed against Atbas.

Resting witnesses, Atbas, Pamuk is constantly threatening she said. After the trial in Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance; she was sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

Atbas appealed the decision and the file was sent to the Supreme Court. The Court of Cassation sent the file back to the local court on the grounds that the parties should be asked about the settlement provisions.

Melisa Aslı PamukIn the following days, the parties were asked whether they wanted to compromise.

Pamuk was also acquitted of a complaint filed by Elif Atbaş and Yasin Duman, who had failed in their criminal complaint to prove that Pamuk had threatened them.

The matter was eventually laid to rest when both parties failed with their complaints and likely ceased to be friends any longer.

Melisa Aslı Pamuk speaks Turkish, English, Dutch (Dutch), German and intermediate French. The hobbies of Melisa Aslı Pamuk are modeling, reading books, making oil paintings and dancing.

She took basic acting lessons at Sadri Alışık Cultural Center and in 2012, she appeared in G.D.O. Kara Kedi with Şafak Sezer who was also the script writer - a film that tells us about the unnatural adventures of some people we always see but don't really know much about.

In 2014, the film Kurt Seyit ve Sura , starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Pamuk was cast as Ayse during the Istanbul period.

In 2014, she was cast with Nik Xhelilaj, Elif Atakan, Devrim Evin and Cemal Hünal in the series Her Sevda Bir Veda prepared by Tomris Giritlioğlu.

Zerrin Tekindor, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Burak Sergen and Kürşat Alnıaçık also starred in the television series Kara Sevda, starring Burak Özçivit and Neslihan Atagül in the leading roles in October 2015.

Melisa Aslı PamukMelisa Aslı Pamuk - six years ago she awoke one morning to being the most beautiful woman in Turkey. But other than the pageant crown, she had mostly fears and anxieties about what to do - with little fluent Turkish and an empty wallet.

But She did not give up; she got herself involved in the acting world.

That same six years ago there was news in the upper right column of a newspaper. The report, from out of the Netherlands, showed Pamuk in Turkey and wearing the crown with tears - the timid daughter said that her biggest dream was of acting.

Over the last six years, on the screen, people got used to her big curly hair, her characteristic face, those eyes of olive glaring and the roles she played in the television series 'Black Sevda'.

It was easy to forget that this beautiful woman had entered everyones lives from a contest. As Pamuk glanced at the pages of Esquire, she was as cold and the bit distant as she seems.

Both the growth in other lands and having arrived alone at a young age as well as the difficult efforts to adapt in Turkey, had its share of heart failure led to times when she did not feel unscathed. Even the life motto 'Trust is good, not to trust is better.

Melisa Aslı PamukShe now would like to broaden her horizons and has stated: "I want to try myself in England or America"

The beautiful actor says that her parents still live in Haarlem, the Netherlands - that her father works in the municipality and that her mother still works in a grocery store.

She was always the fearless older sister of the house who stood alone underneath things. Even as a child, she would bring her brothers, two years younger than her to school, stay home alone, or do whatever it took.

After the announcement of a contest in a magazine, "I want to be a model," she said at age 13 she wrote to an agency.

She later would do both fashion shows and step into her dream of acting; she soon took part in a few small productions.

She loves fashion magazines, clothing and the glittering worlds. She watched lots of movies like her father and she was haunted by these movies.

When she started to study psychology at University, she dreamed of a more lively and energetic life.

She put her schooling on hold, convinced her family that this was just a small break and took off to make her home in Istanbul.

Melisa Aslı PamukPamuk says: "I stayed with my aunt in Istanbul when two months before I was in university. I came to Istanbul to try something new with a little bit of luck there. I didn't know what to do."

She was 19 when she knocked on the door of the agency organizing the beauty contest and she weighed 68 kilos. One look at her and they said: "You're a nice girl, but you need to get a little thinner." Their answer cost her a year in which she didn't go out.

She made her makeup and walked from Nişantaşı to Mecidiyeköy and felt that she would step into another world at the doorway of the apartment she had entered.

"I came to apply for the beauty contest. It was three months later after she filled out the form from which one will be selected. So she returned home and began to wait.

Melisa lost three kilos in a week by starting a tight diet. The only thing that she had for a while were her worries, her fears, her little knowledge of the Turkish language, her empty wallet and her queen's crown.

It was a tough time. But, I wouldn't understand the value of today if I hadn't lived through those days, I didn't have any money and I couldn't ask for any from my family.

In the following days she improved her Turkish, took acting lessons and regained her confidence even though she was already a beauty queen. She kind of began to create herself. Her starring roles in the films Yer Gök Aşk followed Kurt Seyit and Şura and Ulan İstanbul during this time.

Melisa Aslı PamukMelisa Aslı Pamuk's performance in Kurt Seyit and Shura had revealed that she is certainly a future actress. Pamuk, for the past two years 'Asu' the evil daughter of the series Kara Sevda was on top.

A woman in the pursuit of secret accounts, dark, passionate and in love. Pamuk says she likes the roles she can overcome difficulties.

It is more important for her to give life to a person with unexpected exits rather than a character who simply lives in the same cycle all the time.

Melisa Aslı Pamuk says that she is always realistic and a bit dull: "Gaze, songs, poems ... I don't have one - I have Tolga. He's the one that normalizes me. He's thrust me into a dream world. But a little more romantic than before I am able to be."

Pamuk, says she has a crowds phobia. "Put me in the center of Taksim, I'll search for holes to escape," she says.

It was bothering her to look at his eyes with his insistent views. There is the fragility of a little girl who is afraid of being hurt under the cold woman mask: "I'm worried if he is behind my back.

I want to leave a good impression on people even though I may seem like I don't care.

They don't hate me, but they shouldn't hate me. I have been on my own for years. If I see this damage, it may be bigger than everyone else's. So, no one can see my real face, until I let it. Because I don't want to eat pile anymore. "

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Film - Television

Year Film Role Notes
Turkey 2011 (4 months) L'Oréal Paris Miss Turkey 2011 Herself - Melisa Aslı Pamuk Competitor
Netherlands 2004 Dat zit wel snor Hayal Leading role in movie">
Turkey 2011 Köpek Gülgün Leading role in movie
Turkey 2012 G.D.O. KaraKedi Elmas Supporting role, movie
Turkey 2012–2013 Yer Gök Aşk Sevda Leading role, Channel: FOX TV series
Turkey 2014 Kurt Seyit ve Şura Ayşe Leading role, Channel: Star TV series
Turkey 2014 Her Sevda Bir Veda Azade Leading role, Channel: Show TV series
Turkey 2014–2015 Ulan Istanbul Zeynep Supporting role, Channel: Kanal D TV series
Turkey 2015–2017 Kara Sevda Asu Alacahan Kozcuoğlu/ Asu Alacahan Soydere Channel: Star TV series
Turkey 2018–present Çarpışma Cemre Gür Channel: Show TV series


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