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Touriya Haoud

Touriya HaoudTouriya Haoud (Arabic: ثريا مهاود‎; Macedonian: Турија Хауд) , born in Rhenen, Utrecht, the Netherlands on October 1st, 1977 and is a Dutch actress, model, singer and entrepreneur living in the Netherlands.

Touriya Haoud is of Macedonian and Moroccan heritage - her mother is from Macedonia and father is from Marocco. She Speaks six languages; Dutch, English, German, Arabic, Yuguslavian and Spanish.

Soon after graduating the private Schoevers education with a communication diploma a friend persuaded Touriya to participate in a modeling contest which effectively launched her modeling career.

Touriya not only won, but also from that moment on, she never looked back. After winning the contest, Touriya traveled Europe for the next few years, landing European campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger and Replay.

In 2003, Touriya succeeded Naomi Campbell as one of the two new faces for the TIM campaign advertising Italy's leading telecom network.

In Fall that year Touriya also performed as the leading character in the new Campari commercial for both Italy and Germany.

In spring 2004 she starred as one of the two models who appeared in the global campaign for Replay - a campaign that lasted until Fall 2004.

Touriya HaoudAs an international model, Touriya has graced the covers of Harper's Bazaar, Donna, GQ, Max and Vogue Gioielli.

In between her modeling, Touriya took various acting classes and landed a lead role in the popular Dutch television series "Hartslag" - a sort of Dutch ER.

She also played in one episode of the Dutch television series "Costa". In the winter of 2003 she landed one of the leading roles in the highly acclaimed Dutch independent movie Shouf Shouf Habibi! (Hush Hush Baby).

This movie was accepted into the Berlin International Film Festival and honored with the Public Choice Award. The movie has been sold to more than forty countries and fifty-one festivals worldwide.

It was screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival and scored positive remarks amongst critics. She has also acted in various video clips and television programs.

Only months later, Touriya landed her biggest opportunity by being named to star opposite Laurence Fishburne, and Ryan Phillippe as his leading lady in the controversial film Five Fingers

Five Fingers was her first U.S. movie - filmed in 2006. As one of the main characters, Touriya plays Ryan Phillippe's fiancée Saadia, just before he is abducted by terrorist Laurence Fishburne.

Touriya HaoudFollowing the wrap of shooting Five Fingers in 2006, she moved to Los Angeles. She could be seen in national commercials for Budweiser Select and TAG Body Spray.

In 2004, Touriya was chosen to be one of the new faces for the prestigious TIM campaign; Italy's leading networks.

Touriya now joins the likes of world acclaimed role models Sophia Loren, Naomi Campbell, whom she followed, and since has passed it on to the newest Adriana Lima.

When she's not working Touriya enjoys, reading a good book, cooking up her favorite Moroccan-Macadonian dishes, traveling around the coast of California. She also gives of her time off to help some of her favorite organizations like Orange Babies, in South Africa.

On June 4th, 2006, she married American actor Greg Vaughan. The couple have three sons: Jathan James - born May 4th, 2007), Cavan Thomas - born January 19st, 2010, and Landan Reid - born March 5th, 2012.

On April 14th, 2014, Haoud and Vaughan announced their separation and they later divorced after 8 years of marraige.

She claims that he abused her for many years. In 2021 she moved back to the Netherlands, the children live with their father in the US,

Touriya HaoudTouriya Haoud has decided to move back to the Netherlands after her divorce from Greg Vaughaun and the lymphoma that she was diagnosed with last year.

The actress does that without her three children, who continue to live with their father in the United States.

The 43-year-old actress says that she moved with her ex-husband when he moved from Los Angeles in California to Charlotte in North Carolina - on the other side of the country.

However, she could not thrive there. Haoud thought that the city had no culture and that the differences between white and black were too great.

"I can't build anything there, but people make comments: "It's weird that you just leave your kids behind - I don't feel that way."

"The kids have a good time there. They go to a private school and can play outside, which was really not possible in Los Angeles", says Haoud, who calls her children several times a day.

"I fly to Charlotte every month for ten to twelve days and they will come here for two months in the summer. I will also show them Europe and Morocco."

Touriya Haoud"The contact with Greg is also much better. He was really sitting at my bed then I was so sick. Brought me food and was so sweet. Also to the children, who were very emotional."

The lymphoma now seems to be completely gone. She has passed the first checkup doing very well. Haoud focuses on the future, possibly with a new partner.

"I would like to meet someone who can touch me intellectually, who has both feet on the ground. I was not comfortable in my own skin for a while, not even mentally. I was too thin, I looked bad. I also had to find myself. That took time. But now I'm ready."

She also does not exclude a child. "Then I have to be quick, but why not? Preferably before I'm 45. And otherwise I don't rule out adoption."

In 2009 Touriya openend her own Public Relations agency in Los Angeles, representing International designers in the US.

She continued to manage brands until 2015, until she opened her own fashion and art gallery The Connector LA.

In 2011 Touriya won the Life achievement award due to her versatile career.

When asked about who she is and what she does, her reply was: "Who am I? I would say I am a creative beam of light…"

Touriya Haoud"I’m always trying to create and innovate new things, which is why I started The Curator LA, a fashion and art showroom and event space. It gives me the freedom to play, create and tell different stories in one beautiful space."

When asked what led her to pursue a career in fashion and design her answer was: "I started to model , which brought me into TV and film."

"After doing my first US movie, which brought me to Los Angeles, I thought I needed to be doing something different. I felt there were so many things missing in this city, that already exist in Europe."

"This is why is tarted my PR agency, bringing emerging designers from Europe to Los Angeles to create exposure for them which allowed the fashion here to become unique and daring."

"After 5 years, I then felt there was not enough creativity in PR for me. I wanted to do something on a higher level."

"Somewhere I could implement fashion, art, kids, and lifestyle all together by telling a story and creating an experience for the consumer."

When asked how does West Hollywood inspire your creativity she stated: "The whole area is full of creatives. For example “Woven Accents” constantly does installations and rotate artists for their rugs etc., which rug store does that in this city...?"

Touriya HaoudHer favorite time of year in West Hollywood she would say is January and February as it’s super cosy and perfect to have a glass of wine after work. It feels more like her home in Amsterdam during these months.

The area’s creative energy, and the fact that there is lots to see. It’s walkable too, so you can just stroll down and hop into cool cafe’s and stores, which gives it a very European vibe. In just three words - it is Creative. Raw. and Artistic.



Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud
Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud
Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud Touriya Haoud
Touriya Haoud

Selected filmography

Year Film Role Other notes
2002Oesters van Nam KeeMoroccan girl
2004Shouf Shouf HabibiLeila Bentarek
2004Florisa Bodyguard
2005Five FingersSaadia
2012Prisoners of the SunSarah



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