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Christine Dennison

Christine DennisonChristine Dennison is a fellow in the New York City Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society in London.

She is underwater and artic explorer whom empowers a new generation of young women in getting involved in adventure and exploration. She is half Spanish, born and raised in Manhattan in New York City, where she was an only child who began traveling when she was just a young girl.

She was always surrounded by excellent mentors such as her grandmother, mother and family friends. Being raised in a multi-cultural environment by these strong women empowered her to always pursue her dreams.

Christine is the co-founder and President of Mad Dog Expeditions - an internationally recognised professional technical scuba diving and exploration company based in New York City. Her company has taken her diving and exploring in some of the remotest regions of the world - she was the first woman to dive and explore beneath the Arctic Sea ice and ice caves of the Canadian High Arctic. Christine is also the first woman to dive the dangerous piranha saturated waters of the Amazon's Rio Negro and its tributaries.

Having been very active in oceanographic and wildlife conservation issues involvinging indigenous peoples, Christine is a role model for the younger generation of women around the world and passes on her expertise by mentoring, lecturing and giving presentations to student groups throughout the country. You can listen to a podcast featuring Christine at the followin URL where you'll find a short bio and at the bottom of the page a audio-clip of the podcast.

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R-12 Submarine Documentary

USS Grayback Found

Christine DennisonChristine Dennison, is an explorer who leads expeditions to the most remote corners of civilization. She swims with sharks and piranhas in the Amazon rain forest and in underwater caves in the Caribbean. She has logged over a hundred dives under the polar ice caps in the extremely harsh conditions of the High Arctic.

A true adventurer she has been honored by winning admission as a fellow into the exclusive Explorers club whose members have been first to the North Pole, first to the Summit of Mt. Everest, first to the deepest part of the ocean and first to the surface of the moon. Ms. Dennison is a founder and the president of Mad Dog Expeditions and currently producer of a documentary about a World War II American submarine that sank of the coast of Key West, Florida back in June of 1943.

Christine and her husband Tim Taylor are making a documentary about their amazing discovery of the USS R-12, a World War II submarine, that has laid in 600 feet of water in the Caribbean sending 42 sailors to their graves and has remained undiscovered for almost 70 years. Back in October of 2010, Tim Taylor searched 11 miles off the coast of Key West using a remote-controlled submarine outfitted with sonar and captured an image of an object lying 600 feet below the surface. Christine and Tim invested their own money in having a custom mini-submarine dive vessel constructed in order to film a documentary about the submarine, which they feel is their duty to tell the world about the plight of the R-12 and her crew.

Christine DennisonThroughout 2011 and 2012 to the present their journey has taken them on the road to meeting with grieving families, viewing declassified World War II government documents, building underwater robots, working with submarine experts and underwater archaeologists.

Their quest to raise awareness of the mysterious sinking of the R-12 submarine and the lost lives of its 42 crewmen has reached far beyond their initial exploratory expedition.

In working with the families and the collected data to date, they found that their story evolved into a documentary about people and the loss of the forgotten heroes that lie at the bottom of the ocean in 600 feet of water.

This being the 70th anniversary year of the R-12 sinking, they would like to honor her memory and pay tribute to her crew by finishing a story that they started when they found her 2 years ago.

To date there is no memorial to these men, nor have they been publicly acknowledged for their service. The story of these men deserves to be told and their families deserve some answers after 70 years. Christine and Tim are determined to finish this revealing documentary of the USS R-12 in order to honor the crew and shed light on the mysteries that still surround her sinking.

Christine DennisonDennison has been diving for 19 years during which time she has gained experience in many different diving environments, including various parts of the Arctic, the Amazon, the Caribbean, Europe and the East Coast of the USA. Certifications include: Technical Nitrox, Technical Wreck, Cave Diver, Technical Gas Blender, Technical Supervisor and Divemaster.

Very much an outdoors person, she enjoys many sports besides diving including climbing, hiking, cycling and walking her dog endlessly in Central Park. In addition she has made dives on numerous historic wrecks around the world in locations including Europe, the Caribbean, South America and the USA. Christine speaks fluent Spanish, has traveled in over 30 countries and was involved in the years of research and set up that preceded her co-founding Mad Dog Expeditions. Prior to Mad Dog Expeditions, Christine was Head of P.R. and Marketing for a prominent Art gallery in New York.

Christine was the first women to have dived high above the Arctic Circle and has now logged over 100 dives in this harsh environment, as well as being the first woman to dive in the Amazon rainforest amongst the giant piranhas and the pink dolphins. She has modeled and been featured in magazines that include Sports Illustrated, Cosmo, Outside and various sports and diving publications worldwide.

She is a Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club and is involved in various student outreach programs. She is a spokesperson and role model for women in exploration and adventure. When not on location New York City is home. Lately, Christine and her husband have been producing a documentary on the USS R-12 Submarine that sank off the coast of Florida on June 12, 1943. See the website at: Official USS R-12 Website

Christine DennisonMs. Dennison was an only child, raised in Manhattan by her mother, Alicia de Hernandez. Growing up, she often flew to Mexico City to visit her stepfather. She said that traveling “filled a void” left by having a tiny family because it allowed her to “experience different cultures and sometimes join them.” By 1994, she had made travel her life’s work when she founded Mad Dog Expeditions, a company that organizes trips to places normally seen only by scientists and explorers.

Creating a client base and a selection of unusual expedition destinations took her a full four years - during which time she bought out her original founding partner and cost her over a quarter of a million dollars. To keep the enterprise alive she appeared in print advertisements for Casio diving watches, selling equipment to her clients and offering technical diving lessons.

About 95% of her clients, an unusually high percentage, sign up for a second adventure to enhance their diving skills. Her adventures to the Arctic, the Amazon and to underwater caves in the Caribbean earned her so much respect that in 2003 she was made a fellow at the Explorers Club, an organization that has counted among its honorary members Theodore Roosevelt, George Bird Grinnell and Sally Ride.

It's hard to believe that her first scuba diving experience was somewhat of a disaster. On a trip to the Bahamas in 1990 she went diving and her instructor took her to a beginner unfriendly depth of 85 feet where she was stung by a jellyfish, encountered sinus pressure and ended up with a case of vertigo that caused her to miss her flight back home. But, even though she encountered all these troubles Christine knew she loved diving.

It was the following year that she became a certified diving instructor and left her day job to found Mad Dog Expeditions, offering riverboat diving along the Rio Negro in the Amazon Basin, cage diving with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa and ice diving near the North Pole. The latter trip to the high artic which Christine pioneered in 1994 was Mad Dog Expedition's first and to this day remains her favorite.

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Official USS R-12 Website - Sunken Submarine Documentary

USS Grayback Found

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