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Zdeňka Seidlová

Zdeňka SeidlováZdeňka Seidlová, born on the 2nd of April 1997 in Pardubice, Czech Republic. She is a Czech track and field athlete. She won a bronze medal at the 2021 European Athletics National Championships in the 4 × 400 meter event.

I am a strong extrovert, I will have fun with everyone, there is no secret from Czech quarterback, Zdeněk Seidlová. "But I don't just admit anyone to my body."

"More than once, I got burned,"adds the talented national team member, whose charm, coupled with speed, was enjoyed by the crowds of fans at a recent European Championships in Berlin.

As soon as she appears on the field, and kneels into the blocks, the attention of the people in the grandstand is taken care of, while her opponents can concentrate undisturbed.

At the age of twenty-one, the best is yet to come for Zdeňka. The current personal record of 53.08 on the four hundred can easily be squeezed by a whole second.

Which is already a mark of the European class, moreover, with her partners from the relay, in the near future they will be interested in getting a big medal, to follow up on the group of "Quick Girls".

Where did the charming athlete come from? Who leaves few fans cold and inflames her admirers on Instagram? The trustee of the renowned coach Dalibor Kupka will tell you her story herself.

Zdeňka SeidlováHas anyone told you that you remind him a little of Gabriela Koukalová? "Well, you're not the first, I have to say. A lot of people compare me to her, both in appearance and then in some other incidents of hers. "

Getting distracted? "Exactly. I hurry, I forget - I have to check if I take both shoes with me, because I am able to go off to races with only one. I used to come to the training hall with one shoe and would have to go back to the room and get the other. ”

"I think they compared me to Gabina more because of being easily distracted. I am also able to come to training with one shoe. Then I'm going back for the shoes, even though I know I'll need them. I'll also forget my watch - That's the characteristics of Gabina Koukalova (laughs). "

Would you be tempted to become the successor of Koukalová in the Czech sports environment? With an overlap outside the sports world. - "I don't know, Gabina is a class, a very successful athlete and for many with a sad ending."

"I know it was a very well-discussed topic. Of course, who wouldn't want to be famous and the center of attention thanks to the sport. But in addition to a lot of pleasant things, it also brings the worse ones."

"As soon as you are successful, crowds of people will pack around you, all of them will be nice and kind to you, hen it becomes difficult to recognize who is honest with you and who is calculating."

"I have been burned more than once, so I have become more careful. It takes me a long time now to start trusting someone. On the other hand, I'm a big extrovert, I have no problem having fun with everyone. It's different to admit someone to your body. I'm careful about that."

Zdeňka SeidlováYour instagram is full of nice, attractive photos. Do you enjoy participating in social networking?

"Yes, but again, I don't do everything there like some of the others - I'm not capable of that. After all, everyone who is interested in it can see you on the instagram, so I will not give something there that I do not want to show."

"But the photo in my swimsuit sounds fine to me - as an athlete I run in a jersey with an exposed belly and my ass is visible. It follows that these games will appear on Instagram." Zdeňka says with a smile.

Do you have a limit you can't go beyond? "I would not undress for the photos, I would not let myself be photographed naked. Not for anything. Although it may not seem like it to some, I'm shy. Some things have their limits. ”

Autumn is here, does the athlete enjoy training when he has after the high season? "It is true that Berlin was the top and I am very happy that I got to the championship, it was definitely at the last minute. The republic under the age of 22 is still waiting for me, where I will run sprints."

"I need to work on sprints with the coach. I have to admit that I feel a little tired, but with the coach we still manage to motivate ourselves to a good time."

"The coach is pushing me, he would very much like it. He wants me to go to every race in order to improve my maximum."

"In my best form, I practically only run on Thursdays, the sprints go sideways and the coach would just like me to improve my time on the two-hundred. Let's hope it improves."

Zdeňka Seidlová"I have high goals. Like any athlete. I just don't like to talk about them. My personal best at 400 meters is slightly over 53 seconds, I would very much like to break that limit so that my best time starts at 52. "

"That would already be a sign of quality, European time. But it is true that there were many such times in Berlin this year. It's about not resting on your laurels and keep working hard."

It occurs to me that many Czech athletes will secure personal records at domestic meetings, but rarely abroad, nota bene at key events. Is that just my impression?

"It simply came to our notice then. As a junior or teenager, I ran personally at world and European championships."

"We'll see how it goes with adults. I was in a lot of trouble last year, I couldn't do it at all, until I came back this year."

"It was probably due to too many things at once. I transferred from a small town to Prague, was under a new coach, joined a new school, had various injuries, illnesses, inflammations, sprained ankles… ”(shakes her head)

"I like athletics, I enjoy it, I don't do it just because of the need to win. And if you see that even white athletes can succeed, I believe that one day I can do it."

The closed stadiums did not stop Zdeněk Seidlová. She did not stop training even during the coronavirus crisis. "We runners don't need that much. We trained in the parks," she says.

After last year's season, when she struggled with injuries, and this winter, when she suffered from blood problems, she is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Zdeňka SeidlováParadoxically, the canceled Olympics and the shortened athletic season came in handy: she gained plenty of time for convalescence and calm preparation.

"Nothing pushes me or drives me, I don't have to push the saw," says the exquisite sportswoman, who is sometimes compared to biathlete Gabriela Koukalová.

"It will probably be my distraction, I will often come to training with only one shoe," laughs Zdenka Seidlova.

During the coronavirus crisis, the sport slowed and even stopped a bit. Are you already in full training?

"My coach (Dalibor Kupka) and I actually tried to keep the quarantine and at the same time not stop training. We couldn't go to the stadium, but we ran through the parks."

"In Hvězda we already have measured sections on the trees, so we know how to orient ourselves, in Stromovka too. We run normally in these parks when there is no quarantine. And I also practiced at home."

So you didn't even mind if you couldn't go to Juliska? "It was probably much harder for other athletes than for us runners. In fact, it was worse for athletes from other disciplines, they need balls, spears… I run a smooth race."

"I don't need much, the parks were really enough for me. The only annoying thing was that we had to wear scarves over our faces outside."

"I tried not to think about it, but it was uncomfortable for long stretches. One cannot breathe normally. Therefore, as soon as the measures began to be relaxed, we put scarves around our necks and put them on only when someone was walking around."

Zdeňka SeidlováSo the quarantine did not affect your form in any way? "It was most obvious that at that time we had been going to camps in other years, now we would be coming back. So we would normally be warm, and now we're training in the winter."

"We knew the most about that. But the truth is that the whole season is different, we don't have championships, we don't meet the limits. It came in handy for me.”

"I was actually injured all season last year. And now I've been given extra time to be ready for next year. I'm finally healed and healthy, which is probably the most important thing for me."

"I'm going back step by step, so I hope to make the most of what has happened and be one hundred percent for next year."

Zdenka Seidlova showed the fans on Instagram how she performs lunges. She also made the lunges more difficult with the use of resistance bands.

"It is said that a person injures one part of the body, and that the consequences then appear somewhere completely different. I struggled with one thing, and as I went through it, another problem arose."

"And no one could figure out what was the cause. We kept it to the original injury, but it turned out that I had a problem with blood, with hematopoiesis. That's a big problem for an athlete."

"I was supposed to start racing, but it got worse and worse. Nobody understood. At the same time, I tried really hard. I think I'm pretty careful and honest. And it was getting worse and worse, instead of getting better. Just a vicious circle, I didn't even know what would happen."

Zdeňka Seidlová"It turned out that I had a virus in my body that does not show any effect. Just by taking red blood cells. I went through it for a long time - I thought I was just tired. But the coach couldn't sleep, he was still trying to find some experts when it came to that. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me."

What did you think when you learned from the coach that you would run the relay at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Prague?

"I first learned the composition of the relay on Saturday night from Denisa Rosolova, but it wasn't 100% sure yet. Even so, I was a little happy."

"On the morning of the day of the race, coach Martina Blažková confirmed it to me, and I was already very happy."

"I called it right away and I was really looking forward to it. It was my dream and the goal of this season to get to run this relay."

"Denisa Rosolová started the relay very well. Down on the track , the roar of the grandstands could be heard, it was an incredibly great atmosphere, and it gave me strength and energy. I was a little afraid of being shamed, but as I said, I felt good, so I believed."

"Then it was Helena Jiranová's turn and the summit was approaching. Helča handed me the pin in sixth place, so I just thought in my head that I had to keep it and not make a mistake."

"And in the end it worked out, and I even passed the pin in fifth place. I was surprised where so much strength came from me. I guess I was very impressed by the unique atmosphere. And yes, it was a great experience!"

It looks like you could become a stable member of the relay team now, and you're still only seventeen. That's pretty amazing.

Zdeňka Seidlová
"I'd love to be a relay team member. This European Indoor Championship is probably the biggest success for me and at the same time a huge motivation for the future."

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Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová

Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová

Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová Zdeňka Seidlová

Zdeňka Seidlová



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