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Ljupka Gojić-Mikić

Ljupka Gojic-MikićLjupka Gojić-Mikić, born on the 4th of June, 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia has modeled internationally for many years. When she was just 11 years of age she persuaded her mother to take her to a model agency where she learned the basic steps of being a model.

Ljupka became a Midiken's model when she was 10 years old and appeared for the first time on the cover of TEEN Croatia Magazine in 1995, shot by Dusko Vlaovic. She was only 12 years old at the time, and shortly thereafter, accompanied by her parents and her Midiken agent, she visited Milan, New York, and Los Angeles where she made her breakthrough in modeling for the large Pantene Pro-V campaign.

After that followed TV commercials and covers of Croatian and other international magazines. At the age of 13 she became the youngest Croatian model to appear on the cover of ELLE Holland shot by photographer Jonathan Muller and also featured in an eight-page editorial inside the magazine.

Ever since she became a model, Ljupka has worked with almost every leading photographer and appeared in almost every popular international magazine. She was also in a Croatian beauty contest in 1996, where she was selected runner up. In 1997, she gladly accepted an invitation from MILA to be photographed for their cover. Her first shoot for the magazine was taken with her mother Zeljka. Journalist Sonja Braut wrote the article, while the photographer for the shoot is one of the most renowned Croatian female photographers, Berislava Picek, more commonly known by her nickname Beri.

Ljupka Gojić-MikićLjupka has done a fashion shows for Issey Miyake, Christian Dior, Cacharel, Kenzo, Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, and Enrico Coveri. In April of 2001 she was on front cover of Croatian issue of COSMOPOLITAN, and the editorial published in the US April issue, photos shot by Marc Baptiste. She's also been featured on the cover of COSMOPOLITAN Czech for May 2001 and has appeared on the cover of the prestigious French magazine Madame Figaro.

Ljupka was photographed by Rasmus Mogensen and been featured in advertisements such as Anna Molinari, Chanel, Gianfranco Ferre, Heruc Galeria, Chaumet Spirit, Absolut Pisces, Esprit, Georges Rech, Gemey Paris, IKKS, Armani, Mango, Naf Naf, Pantene Pro V, Sweet Dreamer, GAP, Esprit, J. Crew, Lord & Taylor Swimwear, Roberto Cavalli, Kiss Me Pssy, Rumiko and VIPnet.

Ljupka is adored by Spanish men and has modeled four times for the prestigious Spanish company MANGO, and in January 2000 she appeared on the cover of the second issue of the MNG Magazine. The early age at which she started her career didn't interfere with her personality. Ljupka remains a simple, fair, good, and in one word charming girl which is the meaning of her name in Croatian. In every correspondence I ever had with her she was always a no-nonsense down-to-earth girl with a tremendous work ethic. Midiken is understandably proud to be her principle agency, and she works abroad for the following network agencies: NEXT in London, Paris, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Ljupka Gojić-MikićShe also works with: FASHION - Milan, AMT - Vienna, and NEW GROUP - Madrid & Barcelona. Ljupka loves traveling to different modeling locations. She finds modeling an exciting and rewarding experience. She enjoys every aspect of her modeling career and looks forward to new opportunities. In June, July and August 2005, she was featured in several editorials for Glamor Poland with photography by Robby Cyron. In 2006, she was featured in the advertisements for the Givenchy beauty product No Surgetics - Wrinkle Defy at a photo shoot that was shot in Paris, France. I was featured on the cover of DIVA Magazine in Germany where she was photographed by Markus Pummer, as well as being featured on the cover of GLOSS Magazine in Croatia. She traveled to Cape Town, South Africa in 2007 where she was featured in an Otto catalog for Werner Otto shot by photographer Gary Engel.

Ljupka is married to Mihael Mikić, a professional soccer player and their daughter Jana was born in 2009. She has walked the runway in fashion shows for Issey Miyake, Christian Dior, Cacharel, Kenzo, Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, and Enrico Coveri. In April of 2001 she was on front cover of the Croatian and Turkish issue of COSMOPOLITAN Magazine, and the editorial published in US in the April issue with photos shot by Marc Baptiste, as well as featured on the cover of COSMOPOLITAN Czech May 2001. I have appeared on the cover of the prestigious French magazine Madame Figaro. I was photographed by Rasmus Mogensen. I have been featured in advertisements such as Absolut 'Pisces' & 'Sweet Dreamer', Anna Molinari, Armani, Chanel, Chaumet Spirit, Esprit, GAP, Gemey Paris, Georges Rech, Gianfranco Ferre, Heruc Galeria, IKKS, J. Crew, Lord & Taylor Swimwear, Mango, Maria Grazia Severi, Naf Naf, Palmers lingerie, Via Spiga, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Kiss Me Pssy, and Rumiko.

Ljupka Gojić-MikićLjupka is simply adored by Spanish men and four times has modeled for the prestigious Spanish company MANGO, and in January 2000 she appeared on the cover of the second issue of the MNG Magazine. She has been interviewed for Jutarnji list. Her mother agency is Midiken in Croatia and she works abroad for the following network agencies: Traffic Models in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, Marilyn Agency in New York City and Paris, France, MT Models in Vienna, Austria, E Models Management in Düsseldorf, Germany, Modelwerk Management in Hamburg, Germany, Why Not Model Agency in Milan, Italy, FM Model Agency in London and Michele Pommier Management in Miami Beach, Florida, in the USA.

Ljupka Gojić, one of the most beautiful women in Croatia, who in her long career worked with the world's biggest fashion names, spoke about her difficult beginnings in modeling. She tells the following story primarily to encourage young people in their early stages that their self confidence is crucial for success. Her career began with round glasses on her nose, with gaps in her teeth and walking with bent shoulders - not at all very feminine. She was a kid in the park when she'd see the girls from school there practicing choreography. She wondered what they were doing, so she asked them. When they explained to her, she asked if she could join them. But they told her that it was not for her. Later when she passed through the park on her way home from school she would usually hear them teasing her:

"Ljupka, the plane landed on your forehead, because of her high forehead, and watch the train go through your teeth, because of the gap in her front teeth."

Ljupka Gojić-Mikić"My Mick Jagger lips were still the biggest reason for their derision and they always taunted me. Children really can be cruel, even though most of my friends joked."

Gojić had posters of models in her room covering the wall, but every time she saw them on television somehow she got the desire to deal with the matter. Her desire was growing and her mothers friend, Aunt Lily took her hand and led her to one of the agencies where they had something like an audition and they had a not so good reaction when they saw her. But her Aunt Lily after a few days sent her Midiken and there it all began.

Their companionship, the warm family environment, their teaching them how to behave on the runway, etiquette and to examine where they had to show what they had learned. Her attitude changed and somehow she felt safer walking through the park and the comments ceased. This is what is known as "poetic justice" that the girl who was tormented by other school children, should now be acknowledged as being one of the most beautiful women in her country, married to a popular football player and have her own line of fashions. Ljupka Gojić-MikićIn 2009 she started her own fashion line named "Jolie Petite".

Her first boutique was opened in Zagreb and is situated in exactly the same building where she had grown up as a child.

Now Ljupka Gojić Mikić celebrates over 13 years of the Jolie Petite brand, and lately she revealed what was the most challenging of her work so far and how today she harmonizes all her obligations.

It's been over 13 years since Ljupka Gojić Mikić launched her brand Jolie Petite. Ever Since then, she has been working tirelessly on it, while taking care of her three girls at the same time.

Now she is opening not one, but two pastry shops in Zagreb, Croatia.

No doubt the same talent and hardwork that made her an international model will be evident in the success of her latest venture.

Ljupka Gojić-MikićIn the seven years of her marriage to footballer Mihael Mikic she has given birth and raised three children, but at the same time did not neglect her career. Ljupka has found that balance of owning a business and maintaining a personal life while struggling with her fashion brand Jolie Petite, even while residing in Japan, where her husband played for a Japanese football team could be challenging. Her family is her priority and then follows fashion, because it is the world that she met as a kid and became highly successful in. According to Ljupka:

"It is hard to get out of...it gets under your skin."

Ljupka is a truly amazing woman. She retains the same beauty that she became a highly successful model with - actually often looking even better in her late 30's and early 40's than when she was younger.

"She retains the same tireless spirit that made her a sought after international model, a talented entrepreneur and a great wife and mother.

Although she has her hands full with her own fashion business, pastry shops and the over-sight of the education of the children, she says she really enjoys motherhood.

"Towards the end of the pregnancy it got complicated and I had an emergency Caesarean to ease the situation further, but then I was so scared - but it still was not anything difficult," said Ljupka.

Ljupka Gojić-Mikić

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Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić
Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić
Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić Ljupka Gojić

Ljupka Gojić



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