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Comanche Indians

Comanche Tribe - Best Horsemen on the Texas Plains
For hundreds of years the Comanche ruled the great plains of Texas. The Comanche were a plains tribe whose historic territory, known as Comancheria, consisted of present day eastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, and most of northwest Texas. They were predominently buffalo hunters whose prowess was enhanced by being one of the first horse cultures, known for their abilities on horseback. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of as many as 45,000 Comanches in the late 18th century. They were the dominant tribe on the southern plains and often took captives from weaker tribes during battle, selling them as slaves to the Spanish and later to Mexican settlers. Of these captives the most famous being the white female settler named Cynthia Ann Parker. The story of Cynthia Ann Parker, her son Quanah and the struggles of these buffalo hunting Native Americans is chronicled in the Pulitzer nominated book by S.C. Gwynne called Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches - the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History.

Cynthia Ann Parker - A White Woman Comanche
Kidnapped at the age of nine she was raised by the Comanches and eventually married tribe chief Peta Nocona. They had several children - the most famous of which was Quanah Parker who would later lead the powerful Quahadi band of the Comanche nation. Much of the history of the Comanches struggles with the white man occurred on the northern Texas plains near Amarillo, Texas along McClellan Creek and the north branch of McClellan Creek which run less than a hundred yards from the ranch bunkhouse in which I currently reside. I have awoken to the sound of Coyotes howling and have seen a Bobcat walking down the road past the house. From this ranch you can see what a beautiful existence the Comanche enjoyed prior to the white mans incursion, but also what a rough and difficult life it must have been.

It never ceases to amaze me that I have had the good fortune to have spent the last 10 years living amidst remarkable historical sites. Four years living within walking distance of the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos on the south coast of Turkey , and almost 5 years in northern France near battlefields from both world wars and the headquarters of Hitler in Bruly-de-Pesche, Belgium - and then to spend time on McClellan Creek in Texas to experience the home of the Comanches.

Traveling brings you to these remarkable places where history was made and in visiting them - it will change how you think of the world - past, present and the future...

More about Quanah Parker and the Comanche Tribe can be found on Wikipedia.

The book by S.C. Gwynne called Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History can be purchased at Amazon.com

Original Adventure Travellers

A different traveller has emerged in the current generation that are looking for more than just merely going sight-seeing. The new travelers are using their journeys to find where they belong in the world both physically and spiritually by immersing themselves in different cultures. Some use it to change their own perspectives and yet others use it as an opportunity to effect positive changes in the cultures they visit. But you do not need to have a mission to embark on your own journey. The following stories will provide a glimpse at what some of these new travelers are doing when they travel. Travelling is no longer limited to a matter of weeks spent away from a job, but has to many replaced the job with an occupation more interesting and fulfilling. Many of the reasons why people travel today are similar to the reasons why both men and women embarked on extensive journeys at the turn of the 19th century. One of the main reasons is that they want firsthand knowledge and experience of the world in which they live.

Often the modern day adventure traveller more than likely carries a pocket-sized digital camera, a credit card, cell phone and even a laptop computer. Travels on commercial airlines, on buses, by train or in a car. Sleeps in hotels, pensions or hostels occasionally if not camping out in a high-tech tent with a wind-proof stove, goose-down sleeping bag and Perrier water from a super-lightweight titanium flask. Gets up in the morning and puts on a pair of Addidas Cuzco hiking boots after pulling on an Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt and slipping on a Helly Hansen Helly Tech waterproof, breathable textile jacket with several high-energy bars in the pockets. Most of the travellers adventure has been in waiting for UPS to show up at the door with the latest must have travel gear, so when its time to travel, it is a wonder that this traveller has not run out of cash and been forced to just stay home by the telly and watch the Discovery Channel. But that is not to say that all modern day adventure travellers fit this description. Many take on tough challenges, although not as extreme as their counterparts near the turn of the century. Arnold Henry Savage Landor, Isabella Lucy Bird and Thomas Stevens were not modern day adventure travellers, but saw and recorded more people and their customs on more continents than most modern day travellers - and did the majority of their travels on steamships, horseback or on foot. Read their travel books that are free e-book downloads in a choice of formats at the bottom of each of their pages.

Thomas Stevens
Thomas Stevens
Isabella Lucy Bird
Isabella Lucy Bird
A. Henry Savage Landor
A. Henry Savage Landor



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